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Lieutenant Lael Rosek
Engineering Officer
Starbase 118
USS Veritas NCC 95035
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((Sickbay, USS Veritas))

Walker: Then how *dare* you think I’d put the safety of any of the crew above my ego?!?  When I saw there was a bad situation in the mines.. The *first* thing I did was order the rest of you away in the best way I knew how without raising suspicion.  Because if I was right, the only person I wanted to put at risk was me.  This ship, the people on it, they are all MY responsibility.  Question what I’m doing, point out other options that may work better.. That’s your duty, and I expect nothing less.  But as to “foolishly putting people at risk”?  If you think that’s true of me, you need to go to the Captain and FO right now and have me removed.  

::Lael flinched, the wound still raw. Under any other circumstances, she would have stood toe to toe with the woman, the fire in her eyes raging just as bright and hot. Again, a lump formed in her throat as she refused to let the tears form behind her eyes. That decision had her turning from the hurt coiling in her chest like a loaded spring, she turned to the woman, barely restraining herself from glaring as she looked the woman dead in the eye. For several long moments, she said nothing..::

:: Having vented her anger, Luna felt more calm.. If also more drained and frustrated.  She knew losing her temper wasn’t going to help.. But couldn’t help it.  And how was she supposed to expect better from someone who reported to her than she could do?  :: 

Walker: I believe that completely, passionately.  Our duty as engineers means the ship and crew come first. :: She let loose a weak chuckle:: Which sometimes has me leaving sickbay when I shouldn’t.  I can’t easily put down that responsibility.  

Rosek: ::nods sagely:: Then you and I are alike in that respect. I’m not sure how much of my file you have access to with your security clearance. But I promise you if you’re able to look at anything about what happened Over There, you’ll learn that my passion for what I do is second only to my belief that no one gets left behind. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve died three times during surgeries--two of those surgeries necessary because I refused to leave a crewmate behind even when I knew it would get me killed going back. Down in that mine, I saw you the same. I wasn’t going to leave you or Anjar behind even if it meant I got killed in the process. 

:: She considered mentioning the months of torture she’d endured at the hands of the Tal’Shiar, but realized immediately that it wasn’t a contest of “who had worse events in their life”, it was her trying to explain to Luna why she was how she was. :: 

Walker: And I’d expect nothing less from one of my people.  The situation reversed, I’d have been there finding a way to get you out no matter the personal cost.  

Rosek: I’m sorry that we got off to such a rough start. : pauses : After what happened on the Za, I swore to myself that I would never again let my rank stop me from doing what was right. I see now that I let my own issues get the better of me and that I overstepped my bounds. You’re right. You’re the Chief on this boat and have the rank to match. But respectfully...while I’ll be more careful about the location and the choice of words, I need you to understand that I won’t ever hold back from voicing my protests if I feel like there’s a better option.

:: She nodded, considering. There was a lot of history they didn’t share, but they appeared to have similar goals and mentality.  The important part was making sure they were working in the same direction. :: 

Walker: When you entered engineering, I said call me Luna.  Because in engineering, rank doesn’t matter.  I meant, and mean that.  But, everyone there knows that they, that we, are all working toward the same goal.  All of us have gone through things that are simply insane, and that sometimes means doing things that are risky.. Sometimes even foolhardy.

::Lael wasn’t quite sure how to react in this situation. Maybe Dassa was right and she’d become a recluse, forgetting how to interact with others outside of their tight-knit little circle. She protected her other crewmates because it was her job...not out of any particular affinity for them. Alex, Dassa, and Chythar took priority...always. It wasn’t even a choice.::  

Rosek: ::mutters:: I’ve had enough of foolish choices and plans for a lifetime thanks.

Walker: I expect you, and them, to question my insane plans.  Not because I am willingly choosing to put the crew at risk.  Or because I feel my plans are inherently awesome, which they obviously are. :: She snorted softly in amusement:: But because sometimes that’s the only thing left.  The sane and safe aren’t options anymore.  

::Lael tensed. She paused thoughtfully, afraid that she might say something that would reignite the argument when all she wanted was to move past this incident so she could do her job. As much as she’d have liked a counseling session to talk things out, she didn’t have that luxury right now. She just had to get through this mission and then she could confront her issues.::

Rosek: ::grins wryly:: I hadn’t intended for the situation in the conference room to escalate as it did. But as I’ve explained, I’m coming off a rough mission. I’m dealing with it and promise I won’t let it affect my professionalism in the future.

Walker: Yeah, getting into a debate in front of the Captain is always kind of a no-no.. But the part that really bothered me?  :: She shook her head:: No, let’s speak plainly, that hurt?  Was the sense I got that you didn’t think I’d even looked into my option before raising it.   Lieutenant, I’m not perfect, and never claim to be, but I’ll always choose plans that CAN work.  At least give me the credit for knowing what I’m doing, you know?

Rosek: ::nods:: I understand.

:: Luna hoped she did, but still didn’t know enough about her.  Even so, she could tell she was holding some parts back.  Definitely not a crime, but she wished she knew what was going on enough to help or at least better understand. ::

Walker: By the way.. If it helps to talk about it more…  Well I’m personally not a huge fan of counselors. So I’m willing to be a shoulder if you want one.  

::She’d come here for a fresh start and so far was encountering even more issues than she had aboard the Za. As much as she wanted Commander Walker to understand, the last thing she needed was the woman knowing any more details about how much Over There had messed her up. She was barely hanging on to her commission as it was.::

Rosek: ::nods:: Understood. ::pauses:: If I might be dismissed, ma’am? I need to check in with Lieutenant Delano and the others.

Walker: I’ll be along as soon as I’m allowed out.  Which I’m hoping will be soon with good behavior.  :: She smirked as she said it, the odds of Luna Walker showing good behavior were not great. :: 

::Lael nodded and exited Sickbay.::

:: She sighed softly as she watched the other woman leave.  There was baggage there that needed to be dealt with.  As soon as the thought ran through her head, it was immediately followed by the phrase “are you the pot or the kettle”.  Hopefully things would stabilize for them both, which likely meant there was going to be a new crisis any time now. :: 



Lt. Commander Luna Walker
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USS Veritas NCC-95035

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