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Lieutenant Junior Grade Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
Starbase 118
USS Gorkon NCC 82293
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((Casa Madrona Hotel & Golden Gates Hotel--Sausalito & San Fransisco, California, Earth))

::Lael had managed to do a halfway decent splint with Anjar’s help, but she needed a doctor. She didn't want to go to Starfleet Medical if she didn't have to. She didn't particularly want to explain that she'd punched a colleague in a fit of rage. They might just ground her pending a full psych eval. Thus why she'd called Chythar.::

::CD glanced at his chronometer. It was 0230. He felt the familiar sensation of doggie drool as Devlin placed his badge in his hand. With a bleary-eyed groan, he tapped it.::

Skyfire: =/\= Any idea what time it is, lassie? =/\=

::Lael glanced at her chronometer and grimaced.::

Rosek: =/\=Sorry. But it’s swelling pretty bad and I really don't want the Brass to catch wind of how it happened just yet. Could get me grounded.=/\=

::With a sigh, he got up and took his badge with him to the replicator. He needed coffee, since it sounded like work.::

Skyfire: =/\= Need me to make a house call?=/\=

Rosek: =/\=If it's not too much to ask. I’ll cover your fare if you need a hovercab.=/\=

Skyfire: =/\= Give me a bit to get coffee and my stuff. Ah’ll be right over. =/\=

Rosek: =/\=Thanks. I owe you.=/\=

::He nodded faintly, though she couldn’t see it, and rang off. He needed to get dressed too, and since therapy was typically best achieved with canine companions for whatever medical emergency happened to get him out of bed at this ungodly hour, he decided to bring Devlin. Fortunately, he had enough on his chit card to cover fare to her place.::

((Casa Madrona Hotel--Later))

::After about an hour and some, CD and Devlin arrived at her place. Being a proper gentleman, he knocked on the door. Devlin sat down on his hind legs, wearing his therapy dog vest with a communicator on it.::

::Lael got up to answer but Anjar gave her a stern look.::

Thoran: I'll get it. You just keep that hand elevated.

::He opened the door for Chythar and motioned him inside.::

::Chythar came inside, Devlin close on his heels. The little canine jumped on the couch and into Lael’s lap. CD nodded hello to Anjar and raised a quizzical brow.:: .::

::Lael smiled, scratching Devlin behind the ear with her uninjured hand.::

Rosek: ::murmurs:: Hey boy.

Skyfire: We’ve met before, ‘aven’t we, lad?

Thoran: ::shrugs:: At the memorial. I work down in the bowels, so…

::It made sense. CD nodded faintly and moved to the couch. Devlin continued licking Lael’s hand as he comforted her while Chythar had a seat and pulled out his tricorder.::

Skyfire: So how about a story? Ah’m guessing you called me because you didn’t want anyone else finding out about it.

Rosek: ::nods and murmurs:: I only hope Jansen had the sense to fix it himself or both our backsides will be in a sling.

Skyfire: Go on. Tell me what happened, darlin’.

Rosek: Long story short...Jansen broke it off and I broke his nose.

::CD nodded and began to patch up the hand, the coffee kicking in as he began to treat it.::

Skyfire: We still have a few days before we ship out, Ah think. You’ll be wanting to keep it braced for a while afterward.

Rosek: ::nods:: I can live with that. ::smiles wanly:: At least I wasn't the only one to leave that situation with something broken.

::He picked up the dermal regenerator and worked on regenerating the bone once the inflammation had subsided enough for treatment as he worked in silence, not entirely sure what to say.::

Rosek: You don't seem surprised. Did he say something to you after?

Skyfire: No. Ah just don’t have anything to respond with.

Rosek: ::gaze drops to Devlin:: Oh.

Devlin: Raff?

::The little puppy tilted his head up at her and placed his paws on her chest, giving her facelicks.::

Skyfire: Ah think Devlin likes you. ::He paused thoughtfully.:: Mind if Ah ask why it’s off?

Rosek: ::sighs:: Guess he would have explained if I’d have stuck around long enough. But at the time I wasn't in the mood to hear him out.

Skyfire: And…?

Rosek: ::grimaced:: He'd met my dad the night before. I thought we were on track for a long engagement.

Skyfire: He flipped out, Ah take it.

::He waited for her response as he repaired the splint, fixing it up with the expertise of a trained professional, since he wasn’t allowed to work on his own broken wrists anymore.::

Rosek: Jansen? No. Just watched me leave.

::CD nodded faintly and contemplated his next words, taking a moment to breathe and try to read through Lael’s emotions. If there was anything he could do to help, he wanted to be that support.::

Skyfire: Ah see. Anything Ah can do to help, apart from this? ::nodded toward her injured hand.::

Rosek: ::murmurs:: I don't know. I don't even know what I'm going to do yet. ::pauses:: I'm considering requesting a transfer to another ship.

::He nodded again. He didn’t know anyone who wanted to transfer because of a bad breakup, but then again...Carter transferred because he was asked to the same day CD’s to the Columbia went through, so there was that.::

Rosek: ::murmurs:: You can have the bed. I did drag you out of yours in the wee hours...It's the least I can do.

Skyfire: You sure?

Rosek: I just don't want to be alone. Anjar has given up 2 days with his daughter already.

Skyfire: A’right, lass. Ah’ll stay. ::He gave her a gentle hug and Devlin nuzzled close to her.::

Rosek: Thank you.

Thoran: I’d best be off then. I can still catch a late shuttle. ::hugs her and kisses her on the cheek:: It'll be okay, Lae. You'll see.

Rosek: Mmmhmm. Thanks for staying.

Thoran: ::smiles:: Always. See you around missy. ::to Chythar:: Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

Rosek: ::smiles wanly:: Smartass.

Thoran: ::grins:: Brat.

:: He then turned to exit, leaving just Chythar, Lael and Devlin.::

::CD held her for a few minutes after Thoran left. Friends were helpful, and he was here to help. Devlin continued licking her face, and Chythar asked softly.::

Skyfire: So, what comes after coffee?

Rosek: ::murmurs:: I need a sedative and a good night's sleep. Haven't slept in a bed for two nights.

::He took a look in his trauma kit and decided on a mild one for her. He knew what “off the record” meant, and he was easily able to restock the kit while nobody was looking. He filled the hypospray with the mild sedative and injected it into her neck, and Devlin curled up alongside her. He didn’t blame the little beagle for wanting to help a patient, so CD stayed on the couch and held her until she fell asleep before he headed off to the bedroom.::

--- LtJG Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
USS Gorkon

Ensign Anjar Thoran
Engineering Officer
USS Gorkon
As simmed by LtJG Lael Rosek


Lieutenant Commander Chythar Skyfire
Chief Medical Officer
USS Gorkon, NCC-82293
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