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Lieutenant Lael Rosek
Engineering Officer
Starbase 118
USS Veritas NCC 95035
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(( Conference Room, USS Veritas ))

::They were in the midst of a briefing after rescuing both Lieutenant Thoran and Commander Walker from a cave-in. Just moments ago, they'd pinpointed a suspect: a Klingon pirate leader named Jilor who clearly had extensive resources and power in the region.::

Rahman: Commander Blair, Lieutenant Rosek, what happened at the mines?

Rosek: ::shakes her head:: I'm not sure, ma'am. One minute we were walking out to greet Kelrod's team for the antimatter. The next thing we knew, the roof was coming down on our heads.

Blair: Rosek’s right Captain, we really aren’t sure. We hadn’t had a chance to reinforce the walls and ceiling yet, but that doesn’t necessarily mean what happened was natural either.

Rahman: Any evidence of foul play?

Blair: Evidence? No, but we have an eyewitness statement.

Rosek: ::pauses:: Lieutenant Thoran, who was also trapped down there, mentioned hearing voices whispering and feeling the presence of other minds besides the Starfleet personnel down there. He mentioned something about sensing anxiety from them.

Mei’konda: Thaat sounds a little circumstaantial, Lieutenant. Is there a possibiility that it could have been a colonist nearby, or is there more to it thaan that?

Rosek: ::pauses:: It's possible, I suppose. But what would they have been doing down in the mines? To my knowledge, those mines haven't been used in some time because they were a hazard.

Blair: Response

Mei’konda: Mmh, I see. Interestiing.




Rahman: All right, then we move on to the most pressing if not disturbing matter thus far--Mister Sepek's findings. How did the Kos'karii get their hands on a Starfleet tricobalt device?

Mei'konda: There are several possibilities, Captain. They could haave been part of the weapons saalvage that included those old photon torpedoes that Jilor’s group took, if you’ll recall. However, another possibility at this point, Captain, seems to be that someone supplied the terroriists on Antor II with these weapons. They could have been stolen...And we must acknowledge the possibiility that a current member of Starfleet gaave them these weapons. But I consiider that a very, very dim possibility.

Delano: I’m not sure I’m willing to consider the possibility of someone from Starfleet supplying such weapons to a terrorist group. There is a black market for these kinds of restricted weapons, but it would be much easier for Jilor, or anyone else for that matter, to obtain much more powerful explosives if he had those kinds of resources. I know it’s not exactly scientific, but I believe the only way he could have obtained a Starfleet tricobolt device would be to salvage it. I know Starfleet’s lost a few ships out here over the last 20 years. Any of them could have been carrying such a device.

Mei’konda: Agreed. Ensign Sepek, can you add any further detaails?

Sepek: The compound varied only slightly from starfleet's version, but not enough to make it anyone elses. As Delano said it was probably salvaged.



::Lael had opened her mouth to comment when the swish of the doors interrupted her. She arched an eyebrow as Luna Walker entered the briefing, casually as though she hadn't been buried under tons of rock a mere couple of hours before, and took a seat. She highly suspected that the Commander had snuck out.::

::Opening a communique on her PADD, she addressed it to both Chythar and Ryan. The message simply read: ::

To: Chythar Skyfire, Nikki Ryan
From: Lael Rosek
Subject: ?

Are you missing a patient down there? I'm pretty sure Commander Walker wouldn't be cleared for active duty this soon after being under a pile of crushing rocks.


::She sent the message, refocusing her attention on the meeting.::

Rahman: ...political situation seems quite volatile based on your own government's reports. I fear that with only the limited information we have right now, it could stir up even greater problems based on only rumor and suspicion.

Blackhurst: I’ll keep that little gem in my pocket, Captain. As best I can, anyway. I can’t see how it can help anyone down here anyway.

Rosek: ::pauses:: No offense intended, Governor, but from what I've read in the reports, there is a particular faction on Antor II that is dissatisfied with your handling of the situation. You know more about this faction than we do. Do you believe they would target the Veritas itself to prove a point?

Blackhurst: I’m not afraid of my low approval ratings, Lieutenant, though I fail to see the relevance to your question. At this point, I’m willing to believe these people are capable of anything.

Rosek: ::to Rahman:: It's a possibility, ma'am. From what I understand, the tricobalt evidence was found on the body of one of the victims. I find it curious that we haven't found similar evidence on other victims.


Delano: Frankly, most of the other bodies in the vicinity were probably vaporized in the first explosion. I wouldn't be too quick to jump to conclusions about those particular findings. What is it you’re getting at?


Rosek: ::nods:: As disturbing as it is, we might have unwittingly played right into Jilor's hands.

Blackhurst: To what end?

::Sepek leaned forward and raised an eyebrow. He was intrigued. ::


Blair: If someone is doing that, we have a bigger problem than we thought.

Rosek: ::nods:: The Veritas itself could be a target because of how closely we've been working with the Governor and her staff.


Blair: We need to get a firm hold on any and all tricobalt in the region Captain. It doesn’t take that much to find on sensors so I suggest that we start tracking it all down NOW. We can’t let another attack like this one happen again.


Mei’konda: It’s a possibility. Dependiing on how prevalaant tricobaalt is in the area, it could taake a very long time, though. Perhaps the science depaartment can help to narrow down the source of this particulaar… brand, for lack of a better term. If we use Commander Blair’s suggestion to get an idea of how much tricobalt is in this region, and then further naarrow the search with Ensign Sepek’s data, we maay have something we can act on quiickly.

Sepek: I'm sure if there is any storage housing tricobalt outside of the Shadows we will find it.

Rosek: ::pauses:: I might be able to make a few minor modifications to the scanners to increase their sensitivity to the particular mixture of tricobalt found on the victim's clothing.

Anyone: Responses

Mei’konda: I believe that apparently abandoned listening post is worth followiing up on, as well. Jilor is clever, and I cannot believe that he has an agent on that staation simply sendiing messages. It was liikely a relay point. Perhaps our engineering teams could traack the true location of the signals, though.

Walker: I think one place to check is further into the mine we'd entered.

::Lael tensed. She didn't like the idea of going back there. They'd just barely made it out the last time.::

Anyone: Responses

Walker: They had these ready for me, and no one was suggesting I stay. :: She cleared her throat and tried to continue:: More to the point, the air remained fresh where I was, and while down there two individuals spoke about our accidentally stumbling onto their base. And the roof where I was remained stable until the explosive went off.

Anyone: Responses.

Walker: I'm willing to bet there was a lot of media around when you pulled me out, right? And I'll go double or nothing that their slant was something about the Governor and Starfleet being ineffective...

Anyone: Responses.

Walker: Once in the mines, it should be as easy as tracking fresh air. Even if they have them sealed with force fields, people moving in and out would pull traces of environmentals. And once we got closer, power sources would give us a solid lock.

Sepek: It wouldn't be too hard to configure a tricorder to find fresh air. We would have to get through the forcefields though, and once we start doing that they would know we were there.

Rosek: Respectfully, it's way too dangerous. Both Lieutenant Thoran and Commander Walker nearly got killed. There has to be another way to find what we're looking for without entering those mines again. I can make those modifications to the scanners aboard a couple of shuttlecraft and those combined with people topside using modified tricorders will be just as effective without risking more lives in that deathtrap.




Rosek: Granted, it's not ideal. But it's the safest way. Sickbay has enough on their hands dealing with the victims of the bombings without adding Starfleet Officers to that list. We need to be smart about this. Who knows...their might be more of those bombs down there set to go off.





Lieutenant Lael Rosek, Eng.D.
Engineering Officer
USS Veritas NCC-95035
Podcast Team Facilitator
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