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Lieutenant Junior Grade Lael Rosek
Operations Officer
Starbase 118
USS Victory NCC 362447
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((USS Victory - Deck 5 - Counseling))


Kaji: How do you think having those feelings affected your imprisonment?

:: Janel glanced up with a wrinkled brow and pinched his ear, rubbing the back of it with his thumb. This was something he’d not given any thought to at all. He didn’t know what to say and remain silent for some time as he mulled it over. Unfortunately his mind was drawing blanks and was completely devoid of thought or input into the matter. As he sat there he began to realise if he had the answer in him it wasn’t going to come easily. ::

Tarna: I don’t know. I hadn’t considered it.

Kaji: Were you able to help each other or was it more of a distraction?

:: She wished she’d had a companion for that first agonizing week and a half. Once she was released into the group she’d been able to find 27 and then Shiarrael, but those first days… Alone in the dark, days and hours in that cell. She hadn’t even had her memory to comfort her as they’d stripped it all away like her life, her family…::

:: She stood up suddenly, then realized what she was doing and tried to make it look more natural. Walking quietly over to the coffee table, she refilled her mug and returned to her seat. Now, what had he been saying?::

:: Kaji stood up suddenly which knocked Janel off his train of thought. It seemed as if something was wrong at first but then she went to refill her mug. He was probably boring her. He’d been starting to get the impression her attention was starting to drift but couldn’t be sure of it. Maybe he was paranoid on top of everything else. If there was caffeine in there maybe it would help her concentrate. He stared at her expectantly, holding off the urge to ask if she was okay. ::

Kaji: Um, I’m sorry, a bit of a headache. But go ahead, I’m listening!


Rosek: ::pauses:: It was peace in a world of strange as that sounds. We built our own world and it helped us hold on. Kept us sane.

Kaji: Were you able to help each other or was it more of a distraction?

Rosek: For my part, it made me stronger. Gave me something to fight for. Sure, there were moments of emotional extremes. But overall, we made a good team. ::gaze drops to her hands:: We watched each other's backs...soothed each other's hurts...drew each other back from the brink more times than I can count. He was my anchor and I was his. ::swallows roughly:: I owe him my life and my sanity.


:: Finally he picked up that previous notion and told the counsellor his own thoughts about how they helped each other. They had been a distraction to each other at times and at one point there had been a moment in which he’d nearly taken things too far. The memory which was still fresh in his mind brought back all the emotions associated with it for better and worse. ::

Tarna: Well with what little we did get - water, food, extremely basic medical kit at one point, we looked after each other, tended each other’s wounds. Provided moral support. I think the companionship helped. She was comforting and reassuring. I wanted to protect her and it gave me something to live for where I’d otherwise have given up.

Kaji: That’s really good! Sometimes having something or someone to live for is all that gets you through the day, hmm?

Tarna: Heh… yeah I guess so. ::A little nervously::

:: She blushed a bit and kicked herself mentally for letting her professionalism slip. Thankfully her dark skin hid the color. Talia braced herself for the next round of questions, ones she had just had to deal with herself recently in her own psych eval on the station. She tried to keep her tone and emotions under control.::


Kaji: Can you tell me more about what drew you to him?

Rosek: ::smiles and nods:: I just wish that he wouldn't be so hard on himself. ::shrugs:: I guess it's a cultural thing. The Joining is really important to him. He thinks it'll make him better. ::sighs:: I can't imagine him being any better than his is when he's himself. ::smiles sadly:: It scares me to think that any part of who he is will be lost during the Joining. I love him for who he is, not who everyone expects him to be.

Kaji: :: A bit of her envied the bond they seemed to share. It had been a long time since she’d felt that way about anyone.:: How well do you know him if you’ve only been together this short time?

Rosek: I have no delusions that he's perfect. He's made choices that I don't agree with and think he's stupid for making. But it's his life and they're his choices to make. All I can do is stand up next him and be there when he needs comfort and encouragement or be his silent strength when he doesn't have the courage to ask.

:: Kaji smiled at the younger woman. She admired the strength and determination she saw in her, the way she’d come out of this horror pretty well intact.::

Kaji: All right, well let’s talk about you some more, ok? I’m really pleased with how well you seem to be doing emotionally. Can you tell me more about your attempts to escape?

TBC in Part III.5


JP by

Lt Talia Kaji
Chief Counselor
USS Victory


LtJG Lael Rosek
Operations Officer
USS Victory


LtJG Janel Tarna
Medical Officer
USS Victory