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Lieutenant Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
Starbase 118
USS Gorkon NCC 82293
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OOC: Takes place after Lael’s “Awake...Finally Part II” OOC2: For CD in order: Family Reunion of Sorts > The Surgery > Awake...Finally > Now

((Recovery Room, Main Sickbay, USS Gorkon))

Rosek: ::mutters:: Just when one nightmare is over, another one starts.

Skyfire: Come again?

Rosek: ::sighs:: As you might have guessed, I’m not good at letting go of the past.

He nodded, but didn’t say anything to that. He had to deal with his own issues and wasn’t sure how to help her through hers other than healing hugs. ::

Skyfire: Would yeh like another hug?

Rosek: ::smiles wanly:: If you think it would help.

He got up and closed the distance between them, wrapping her in another one of his brotherly healing hugs. He had given lots of these over the last few days. ::

Rosek: ::sighs:: I suppose it could have been worse. ::grimaces:: I could have followed through with what I was thinking of doing.

Skyfire: Aye. It could have. oO You could’ve stayed dead… or in a coma forever. Oo

Rosek: ::grimaces:: Not quite what I was thinking...but I suppose so, yes.

He blinked and realized he’d once again forgotten to keep his thoughts to himself. Since he was behind her, she couldn’t see the grimace which found his features. ::

Rosek: ::rolls her eyes:: Oh, quit beating yourself up over it. I’m fine.

Skyfire: Yeh ken how much ah hate that phrase, right?

:: He was referring to the brief two words at the end of her last statement, but then again, he hated using it and getting it as an answer. He’d heard it often enough. ::

Rosek: ::snorts:: Yep. But I’m being serious. ::pauses:: Are you shielding right now, Chythar?

Skyfire: Nope. Why?

He figured this probably had something to do with his slip-up a few moments ago regarding the comment about Lazarus, but it may’ve also had something to do with his slip-up of her being able to read his thoughts so easily since he wasn’t actually shielding at the moment. ::

Rosek: ::shakes her head:: Never mind. Maybe I’m crazy. I just--even with Dassa, I could never hear her thoughts. Weird.

Skyfire: She told me she felt your bond break. :: He almost choked on his words. :: You asked if something serious happened. You died.

Rosek: ::nods solemnly:: I vaguely remember that, yes. It was...I don’t even know how to describe it. ::pauses:: There was a strange light and something telling me...telling me that I was still needed here. ::shakes her head:: I’m still not sure what to make of it.

He had his own brush with death, and was silent. He didn’t know if he wanted to compare notes, so he just settled for giving her a hug. ::

Rosek: ::smiles wanly:: Stop being so morbid, Chythar. I’m awake and I’m breathing. I’m fine.

Skyfire: Aye. :: He kissed the top of her head and attempted to relax a bit. ::

Rosek: ::chuckles:: You’re more dramatic than Dassa.

He shrugged and didn’t know if that was a compliment, observation, or insult. Whatever it was, he didn’t react. She needed a friend because she was recovering. He needed a friend to calm down because the last week had just been super stressful. ::

Rosek: ::pauses:: Do me a favor and let’s keep that little moment in the forest to ourselves?

Skyfire: Ah willnae say a word.

Rosek: ::nods:: Good. I don’t care to see the angry side of Alex. ::shudders:: Not sure I wouldn’t live to regret it.

He wasn’t planning on mentioning it again, in fact he’d already forgotten about it, mostly. Some nights were just too damn depressing to remember. That was one of them. ::

Rosek: ::smiles wanly:: So...when do I get out of this dungeon and back to my own quarters?

Skyfire: That’s up to Dassa. Ah’ll let her know to drop by and talk it over with you.

Rosek: ::grimaces:: Knowing her, she’ll keep me in here as long as she can get away with to punish me for the little stunt I pulled before the surgery.

He couldn’t comment. That stunt was pretty stupid, yes. Despite his recent Lazarus-ing, he was terrible at guessing how people would react. ::

Rosek: ::snorts:: At the rate I’m going, I’ll need AA more than Anjar or Dassa.

Skyfire: Ah’ll see if there’s a meeting coming up for you.

Rosek: ::arches an eyebrow:: I was joking, Chythar.

Skyfire: Sorry. Sense of humor is shot.

Whether due to the stress of the last few days or the loss of Alex it was difficult for him to discern. He had nothing more to offer, so maintained the healing hug as long as he could get away with. ::

Fin --- A JP By

Lieutenant Lael Rosek Engineering Officer USS Gorkon I28110RH0


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