SIM:Lael Rosek - Homecoming Part II (Gorkon)

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
Starbase 118
USS Gorkon NCC 82293
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((Mini-Time Jump, Next Morning--Cedar Springs, Michigan))

::Lael grimaced, struggling to carry the bag while using the forearm crutches, wishing she’d packed lighter.::

::Jansen took Lael’s bag and put it on his shoulder adjust the strap of his messenger bag, he still had some of the nanite research in his bag but he wasn't quite ready to work on Lael personally yet.::

Orrey: Happy to be home?

Rosek: Mmm Hmm. ::pauses:: Have a told you about Liam?

Orrey: A little I think.

Rosek: ::shakes her head:: My brother's girlfriend got pregnant I guess and never told him.

Orrey: Yeah I don't get that part. Good or bad she should have told him.

Rosek: ::nods:: I would have told you.

::Jansen nodded some and looked around.::

Orrey: Well...what about from here to there? Are we going along or should we be looking for someone to meet us?

Rosek: My brother and Liam are meeting us near security.

Orrey: Good, it will be good to see them. I like kids.

Rosek: ::grins:: Mmmhmm. I remember.

Orrey: ::Jansen started to walk with her guiding her with his hand in the small of her back.:: Children are amazing.

Rosek: ::smiles softly and murmurs:: Are you trying to tell me something?

Orrey: Well I think it has been more on my mind since we met our counterparts.

Rosek: ::nods and pauses:: I’d like to be a mother someday. ::smiles:: You’d make a wonderful father.

Orrey: ::He smiled at her.:: What makes you think so?

Rosek: ::smiles nostalgically and murmurs:: The way you were with Jax.

Orrey: You had a hand in that too you know. ::He hugs her to his side.:: Who else would I trust than someone who can be so perfect in so many ways?

::Lael fought back a grimace. Trust. Right. Why had she ever agreed to go anywhere with Jensar? If she’d just stayed at the hotel, it wouldn’t have happened.::

Orrey: ::Jansen smiled at her and guided them along the route with the other passengers, through the checkpoint and out into the shuttle port proper.:: Now let's see….

::Lael was thinking about what she was going to tell Jansen about Jensar when her brother came out of nowhere. She smiled wanly and waved to get his attention.::

::A huge grinned crossed Kellan’s face as he rushed forward and hugged Lael tightly, squeezing so hard she almost couldn’t breathe.::

L. Rosek: ::squeaks breathily:: Kell, I can’t breathe.

::He pulled back, his features contorted in emotion that Lael couldn’t quite make sense out of.::

K. Rosek: ::rasps:: Thank God you’re okay. ::gaze falls to her crutches and his eyes widen:: What the hell happened to you out there?

L. Rosek: ::murmurs:: It’s fine. Just the nanites. They’re giving out faster than I can replace them.

Orrey: But luckily we are close to a breakthrough, on that front.

::Kellan’s eyes flew to Orrey in that moment and he couldn’t decide if he wanted to kill him or to kiss him.::

K. Rosek: You were supposed to watch out for her!

Orrey: ::Jansen narrowed his eyes at the boy.:: She is breathing. That is more than can be said for more than three-quarters of the people we used to know. That includes bringing her back from the dead, personally, at least twice.

::Kellan sputtered.::

L. Rosek: ::grimaces:: Relax, baby brother. I’m fine. A bit beat-up, but fine. Where’s Liam? I thought he was coming with you.

E. Kincade: We had tae see ye fer ourselves, lassie. ::jerks her thumb at Rebecca:: This one wouldnae settle ‘til we did.

::Lael froze at the familiar voice, a grin breaking across her face as she turned to find Elina and Rebecca waiting nearby with Liam. She dropped the crutches and hobbled at a near run toward her friends, hugging them each tightly, tears breaking free against her will.::

L. Rosek: ::sobs:: Oh, God! I thought I’d never see either of you again!

::Jansen gathered the crutches and followed her toward the other group of people now.::

R. Hollendale: ::grins:: Well, here we are. ::nods at Jansen:: This him then?

L. Rosek: ::turns to Jansen and murmurs:: Yes. This is my Jansen.

Orrey: ::Jansen smiled his way through the piece of cargo style introduction.:: Jansen Orrey, pleasure to meet you.

E. Kincade: ::snickers:: Dunnae think he liked that, lassie.

::Rebecca scowled and elbowed Elina in the ribs.::

E. Kincade: ::scowls and rubs her side:: If we werenae in a public place…

R. Hollendale: ::pokes her tongue out:: What? You’d scowl me to death.

L. Rosek: ::rolls her eyes:: Quit it, you two. You’re acting like an old married couple.

::Elina and Rebecca blush.::

::Lael blinks and gapes.::

L. Rosek: That was fast.

Orrey: Congratulations to you both.

L. Rosek: Just how long have we been gone again? I didn’t even know you two were into girls, much less dating, much less engaged.

E. Kincade: ::blushes:: ‘Twas a drunk night in Vegas an’ it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Orrey: ::He smirks.:: Usually does in the beginning.

L. Rosek: How long has this been going on?

R. Hollendale: ::murmurs:: Since last Christmas.

L. Rosek: ::eyes widen:: You mean...just before you called me, you two had been… ::shakes her head vehemently:: God, I’m gonna need some serious bleach.

E. Kincade: ::scowls:: Dunnae be such a prude.

Orrey: They have a point. Consider..::Jansen leans in and whispers in Lael’s ear before leaning back.:: Hmm?

L. Rosek: ::gasps in outrage and bats at him:: Jansen!

Orrey: Well it is the truth.

E. Kincade: ::smirks:: Care tae share wit’ the class, Lael, dearie?

L. Rosek: ::scowls:: I most certainly do not. ::narrows her eyes at Jansen:: And you’d better keep your mouth shut, too.

Orrey: I am only ever honest. ::He smiled at her.::

::Lael grumbled, taking her crutches from Jansen, then narrowing her eyes at him before turning and heading toward the exit onto the street.::

::Jansen watched her head off for a moment as the others spoke.::

Liam: ::tugs on Kellan’s sleeve:: Daddy...why’s Aunt Lael upset at Jansen?

K. Rosek: ::shakes his head:: I don’t know, buddy.

R. Hollendale: ::frowns:: Something’s going on with her, but I can’t put my finger on it.

E. Kincade: ::murmurs:: She’s upset, obviously. Only reminds her of how much she’s missed.

R. Hollendale: ::sighs:: She’s too observant for her own good.

Orrey: part of it...something else as well. Haven't put my finger on it yet…

::Rebecca frowned when Lael went through the open doors. Whatever had happened out there, Lael wasn’t the same.::

Orrey: ::Jansen turned down to the smallest person nearby.:: Hello there. You must be Liam.

::Liam smiled shyly.::

Liam: Yeah.

Orrey: ::Jansen knelt down.:: and how old are you Liam?

Liam: ::shyly:: Four and three-quarters.

Orrey: ::He smiled.:: That's awesome. You know what?

::Liam fidgets.::

Orrey: Lael and I happen to have a couple gifts for you.

Liam: ::eyes widen:: Really? Can I have them?

Orrey: ::Jansen nodded his head.:: You sure can but we have to go find her first so why don't you gather up these other grown-ups first, to get them moving and me and you will lead the way to go hunt her down eh?

Liam: ::nods enthusiastically:: Yeah! Come on, daddy! ::tugs on Kellan’s arm:: I want my presents! We need to find Aunt Lael!

::They all moved toward the exit.::

((Meanwhile, Outside the Shuttleport…))

::Lael kicked at a pebble with her shoe, a deep frown etching itself into her features. This was turning out to be almost worse than being stuck in a Dominion-ruled universe. She closed her eyes and shook the thought from her head, her stomach twisting. No. That wasn’t fair to the many, many people who’d been killed trying to get home.::

::Jansen slipped up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist kissing her cheek as he hugs her from behind just holding her for a moment.::

::Lael started when she felt his arms wrap around her and she tensed. She turned to chastise him, but the look in his eyes stopped her. Instead, she relaxed, burying her face in his shoulder as she sobbed.::

L. Rosek: ::chokes:: I don’t know what’s real anymore. I’m scared to death that this is all a dream and I’m going to wake up in that hell hole.

Orrey: But you are forgetting the best part. ::His hand slid up her back to hold her head.::

L. Rosek: ::rasps:: What’s that?

Orrey: Even if it was a dream, which it isn't, at least we are dreaming together.

::Lael’s face crumbled, the tears streaming down her cheeks as she choked back a sob, her throat tight with emotion.::

L. Rosek: ::rasps:: It wouldn’t be a dream without you.

::Elina and Rebecca stood back, watching Jansen comfort their friend, both of them on the verge of tears themselves.::

R. Hollendale: ::rasps:: God have mercy, she’s a wreck.

K. Rosek: ::nods solemnly:: I told you… ::shakes his head:: When she first contacted me a week or so ago, she was smiling...but it was fake. There was a deadness in her eyes that scared the hell out of me.

Orrey: ::Jansen cradled Lael against him and held her.:: We are together that's all that matters.

::Exhaling heavily, Lael nodded and stood up straight.::

L. Rosek: ::rasps:: I’m good. ::murmurs:: Thank you.

Orrey: No you aren't. ::Reaching down he interlaces their fingers.:: but we have each other.

::Elina rushed forward and hugged her friend.::

E. Kincade: ::chokes:: Oh, Lael. We had no idea!

::Lael closed her eyes and sighed.::

L. Rosek: I’ll be okay. I’m seeing a counselor and he’s been helping me through it. That and a friend or two on my ship.

Orrey: ::Jansen nodded his head some another long day traveling had apparently left him with little patience for things. Especially considering she didn't come to him for counseling but he smiled still.:: We have some gifts to give out. He helped us track you down.

::Lael’s gaze turned to Liam and she hugged him with one arm.::

L. Rosek: Oh, Liam, sweetie...I’m so sorry I ran off without saying hello.

Liam: ::hugs her back:: It’s okay. You were sad.

L. Rosek: ::smiles wanly:: You’re sweet. Thank you.

Orrey: Now it's time to make everyone much happier.


L​t​JG Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
USS Gorkon


Lieutenant Junior Grade Jansen Orrey M.D.
USS Gorkon