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Lieutenant Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
Starbase 118
USS Gorkon NCC 82293
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((USS Gorkon/Mak’ala, Trill Subspace Call))

Lael sighed as she sat down in front of the monitor. With the craziness of the mission behind her, she would finally have the time to contact Janel’s mother and brother. She was still absorbing the details, but she wouldn’t have time like this until after the coming mission...if then. She was possibly going into spinal surgery within the next couple months. God knew how long her recovery would take.::

Rosek: Computer ::chirps:: Contact the Trill homeworld, Lukita Dalis.

Computer: ::chirps:: Confirmed. Connecting…

The Federation symbol eventually stopped spinning to be replaced with a slim, pale face marked with the distinctive leopard like spots of a Trill. Her dark, slightly graying hair was scraped back into a tight bun. Her eyes were sharp and her expression severe. Those who didn’t know her would be kind to assume she was having a bad day but this was the natural expression of one of Trill’s most ambitious diplomats. With a mere glance she had already formed an opinion of the young woman before her. She didn’t like to be interrupted from her work and especially not by some nobody she’d never heard of. Lukita was old enough and wise enough to hold her tongue, at least until she had the facts. Perhaps this call would be important and worthy or her attention. For the caller’s sake, it had better be.::

Dalis: =/\= ::Pompously:: Good day ma’am. You have reached Ambassador Lukita Dalis. Who do I have the pleasure of greeting today? =/\=

Rosek: ::smiles wanly:: =/\= Hello, Mrs. Dalis. I’m not certain if you know me, but your son Janel and I dated for a brief period. =/\=

The only reaction the older woman gave to indicate she’d heard the news was a slight flaring of nostrils. Janel Tarna. There was a name she had not heard in a very long time. After he had brought deep shame and embarrassment to the family she had made it clear he was to stay away from them, to stay away from Trill. Sometimes she wondered if the boy had been dropped on his head as a child but deep down she knew what the problem really was. Too much of his father in him. They were both unambitious wasters. She stared at the woman on the other screen for some time unable to fathom what she could possibly want from her.::

Dalis: =/\= ::Curtly:: He never mentioned you. =/\=

Lael was well aware of the issues Janel had had with his mother, so it was no great surprise that he hadn’t told his mother about them. From what she understood, Janel avoided talking to her about anything too personal.::

Rosek: =/\= We weren’t together long. I’m sure he didn’t feel a need to mention it.=/\= ::pauses:: =/\=I’m sure you’ve heard the news about Janel.=/\=

Her son was dead. What more could there be to say of it. She had told her friends and family of his passing some months before it had come true. Despite being non-superstitious by nature, she had lain awake in bed some night wondering if she had cursed him. She had been angry with him and disappointed by his reckless behaviour but only because he refused to become the great Trill she knew he could be - if only he would apply himself and listen to her advice. Instead he had been stuck on a path of laziness and mediocrity. It was no wonder he’d got himself killed in barely a year. His rise to the rank of Lieutenant meant little to her. He wasn’t Starfleet material and look where his stubbornness had got him? Murdered. As far as anyone else knew, he was already dead and had expired a hero. After his well publicised antics on Trill with the symbiosis commission it had taken quite a bit of spinning to erase the ugly stain he’d left. She had no desire for anything else to emerge now.::

Dalis: =/\= I’m sure I have but why don’t you tell me again anyway. =/\=

She hated to think she might be out of the loop on something. She was the greatest diplomat and negotiator on Trill. If something was worthy knowing - she was the first to hear of it and not through some no-name ex-girlfriend whose motives were still unclear.::

Rosek: ::murmurs:: =/\=His passing of course.=/\= ::pauses:: =/\=I’m contacting you to express my condolences. Janel was a good man. In fact, I owe him my life--a few times over.=/\=

Dalis: =/\= Yes well he might still have his life had he spent a little more time listening to good advice and a little less galavanting off on some fool’s mission. ::With an edge in her voice:: =/\=

This was the woman she’d heard about. The woman who found fault in Janel no matter how hard he tried, no matter what he did. She was almost grateful to have that knowledge. It helped her keep a level head and give the impression that she wasn’t affected by the woman’s harsh words.::

Rosek: ::smiles wanly:: =/\= He was very brave. =/\=

This had to be the most awkward conversation she’d ever had. But, for the sake of honoring Janel’s memory, she had to stick it out.::
Lukita looked down her nose in disdain at this ex-girlfriend. Starfleet types were all the same. Constantly patting each other’s backs regardless of whether or not they’d actually achieved something worth celebrating. She had little time for them and little time for her, she was in the middle of preparing a speech for Ashana Kazor, mayor of Trill’s capital city Mak’ala. Since all this woman wanted to do was make herself feel better by expressing her sorrow it seemed there was no reason to further the conversation. All the feelings in the world, whether love or anger or sorrow, no matter how strong they were they could not bring her boy back. She didn’t know this woman and her opinion was irrelevant. Her index finger extended slightly as she prepared to end the conversation.::

Dalis: =/\= Well. Thank you for calling... =/\=

Her response lacked much sincerity and her face did not once crack even the faintest of smiles. She leaned forward towards the screen to disconnect the call but paused mid action at the sound of a deep voice close by.::

Hermis: =/\= Mom, who’s calling? =/\=

Dalis: =/\= No one, dear. =/\=

Amazingly, her voice showed some emotion for the first time. There was warmth and respect in the way she addressed Neron Hermis, her first son, who unlike Janel, was successfully joined. A taller Trill, more heavily built and with a beard came into view and looked at the screen to see who was calling. A warm smile immediately crossed his face, making his eyes crease.::

Hermis: =/\= Well it sure doesn’t look like no one. =/\=

Lael smiled kindly at the newcomer. She could instantly see the resemblance.::

Rosek: =/\= You must be Neron. =/\=

Hermis: =/\= I am indeed. Have we met? I’m usually very good with faces but you don’t seem familiar to me. Forgive me. =/\=

Rosek: =/\= No, I’m afraid we haven’t. I’m Lael. A friend of your brother’s. We served together aboard the Victory. He talked a great deal about you. =/\=

Hermis: =/\= Oh did he now? =/\=

Rosek: ::grins:: =/\= That surprises you? =/\=

The larger Trill folded his arms, leaned back slightly and let out a great big belly ache of a laugh. He was delighted to meet someone who had served with Janel on the Victory. For a while he’d begun to wonder if his younger brother had made any friends there at all. Janel was warm and had a heart of gold but he wasn’t the loudest character around. Hermis had been as surprised as anyone to learn Janel had successfully made it through the Academy and not only that but rise through the ranks at some rate. He had been doing something right.::

Hermis: =/\= Oh I’m sure he had some interesting tales to tell but he never spoke much of what he’d been up to. =/\=

Rosek: ::smile falters:: =/\= I’m sure you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.=/\= ::pauses:: =/\=As I was telling your mother, I owe Janel my life...a few times over. Got me out of quite a few rough spots.=/\= ::smiles warmly:: =/\=He was a good man with a good heart. I was sorry to hear about his passing.=/\=

Hermis: =/\= After all he did for the Victory crew, I’m surprised that we haven’t heard from more of you and that it’s taken this long for anyone to get in touch. Mind you, given the scandal behind it I’m sure you’re breaking protocol just by getting in touch today at all. =/\=

Lael paused. She hadn’t considered protocol at all. Yes, she was a Starfleet officer, but she was first and foremost an individual.::

Rosek: =/\= I’m not certain if you’d heard, but my ship was trapped in an alternate universe for a year. I didn’t hear of your brother’s disappearance until just before that mission and didn’t hear of his passing until shortly after returning. =/\= ::pauses:: =/\= If I can be honest, Neron, Janel was so much more to me than just a friend. I loved your brother very much. When Starfleet separated us, I strongly considered transferring to the Darwin to be with him. =/\= ::sighs:: =/\=But as tends to happen, things got complicated. There are days where I still wonder what might have been if I’d resigned from Starfleet and followed him--transfer or no transfer. =/\=

Neron’s expression dropped. The corners of his mouth twitched down in sadness. He missed Janel and regretted that he’d never kept in contact as much as he’d wanted to all these years. The worst thing was, he knew Janel never really wanted to be a doctor - at least that was to say it wasn’t where his heart truly lay. He often wondered what might have come of Janel had he followed his heart, rather than running and hiding in Starfleet. Their mother could be tough to deal with but beneath that stone cold exterior was a mother who only wanted the very best for her sons - a bit too passionately sometimes. Janel had just never quite learned how to push back against her. He let out a long sigh and glanced down as Lukita, who was as stiff and motionless as a statue. He was sure her heart was breaking inside and her way of dealing with it was to shut everyone out and pretend that everything was normal.::
In some small way it was nice to hear that Janel had touched someone’s heart so deeply but it pained him that another had to feel his loss as much as they did.::

Hermis: =/\= I understand. =/\=

He glanced towards Lukita and thought the better of saying anything more about it.::

Rosek: =/\= I only hope you and your mother can find some peace in all this. It was an absolute pleasure speaking with you both and it was an honor to serve with Janel and to be able to call him my friend. =/\=

Lukita: =/\= Goodbye Lael. =/\=

Hermis: =/\= If you ever visit Trill please feel free to visit. My home is your home. I would be honoured to swap stories with you. Thanks for calling. I hope you can find some peace as well. =/\=

PNPCs Lukita Dalis and Neron Hermis Simmed by:- Fleet Captain Renos - Commanding Officer, USS Darwin NCC-99312-A* Executive Council & Captain's Council Member

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