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Lieutenant Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
Starbase 118
USS Za NCC 65305
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OOC: Takes place after Lael & Chythar’s “Complicated Doesn’t Even Begin to Cover It”

((Holodeck 2, USS Za))

Alex had volunteered to barbeque so Lael had felt it was only appropriate to use her lakehouse program. Her feet dangled off the edge of the pier, her toes gracing the surface of the water as she gazed at it longingly. She longed for the high cliffs of the coastlines on Earth, missing the thrill of falling a hundred feet before her body sliced through the chilly water, goosebumps prickling her skin at the sensation of hot meeting cold.::
CD had heard about the transfer only a few hours after he got word of his own. While everything was still freshly anointed and confused in his head, his defenses were at half strength for the moment as an experiment. The last party had too many people for his liking, but this time it was only the four of them. ::
Alex stepped into the holodeck smiling widely. Not only had his transition back to Engineering been a great change for him, but hearing the news that Lael and Dassa had been transferred too was the icing on the cake. After hearing the news, the foursome naturally had to meet up and the first thing that had come to Alex’s mind was a barbeque. Seeing the picturesque setting that had been chosen was an added bonus.::

Blair: Command transfers me to a ship on the other side of the galaxy and what do you know, Lael Rosek and Dassa Alexander show up. I think you guys are stalking me.

Chythar had followed his partner into the holodeck and had his hands in his pockets, the rock being in his quarters. He had the tags under his shirt but didn’t want to start fidgeting. Not yet, anyway. ::

Skyfire: So it wouldnae make yeh feel better if ah told yeh ah found out about it and decided against sharing, aye?

Alex turned around briefly to look at Chythar.::

Blair: So you’re conspiring with them huh. ::Alex laughed.:: This is going to be a long day then. ::Alex paused as he turned to the two ladies that were present.:: Lael, Dassa, I’m so glad you guys are here.

Lael smiled what she hoped was a reassuring smile, one that hid her discomfort. She’d raised her shields as high as they could go to protect Chythar from the emotional backlash and to keep Dassa from finding out her secret. They were all four friends...close friends. She wasn’t about to ruin that.::

Alexander: ::grins:: You have no idea. I thought we’d be split up.

Alex returned the grin as he quickly remembered the first time he had met Dassa and ended up with a tray of food spilled on his tunic.::

Blair: It seems that the universe had bigger plans for the four of us, we’re destined to stay together.

Alexander: ::laughs:: Poor Captain Rhani. She seemed so confused when both Lael and I arrived on that transporter pad.

Skyfire: Ah think Devlin’s presence confused the first officer a bit too. He wasn’t expecting a beagle.

Alex chuckled a bit before turning to one of his favorite subjects.::

Blair: So who’s hungry? I seem to remember hearing something about barbeque…

Alexander: ::grins:: It was sort of your idea.

Skyfire: Burgers for everyone, aye Alex?

He smiled, and couldn’t help but notice the telepathic climate. Since talking out everything with Alex, his mind was quieter. He could sense Lael’s heightened barriers, and cast a somewhat worried glance in her direction. Dassa, he couldn’t get a solid read on at the moment. ::

Blair: Burgers yeah I can do them, unless somebody want’s something else. I’ve been told I can grill a pretty good steak or some chicken. Maybe even ‘vegetarian’ options if need be, though I’d rather not. Just point me towards the grill.

Alexander: ::snorts:: Vegetarian? Seriously? I don’t think a one of use prefers rabbit food over a good steak.

Alex laughed.::

Blair: I’m glad to hear that, just pretend I didn’t say anything about it. ::Alex whistled quietly and looked around for a moment.:: So what does everybody want?

Alexander: ::shrugs:: I’m good with whatever.

Rosek: ::shrugs and murmurs:: Whatever is fine with me.

Skyfire: Whatever meat yeh got over there is fine by me, darlin’.

Alex nodded at everyone’s responses and mentally noted Lael’s quietness.::

Blair: So the chef’s special for everyone it is. Just give me a bit and I’ll get everything ready.

Alex walked over and started the grill. While it warmed up, he spotted a cooler nearby and opened it up. Inside was everything he needed to prepare some burger for his friends. He quickly grabbed the ingredients and stepped to a prepstation that was built into the patio.::

Blair: So Lael, Dassa, how was your trip out here?

Alexander: ::shrugs:: Boring. I did paperwork and Lael finished her dissertation.

Blair: ::grinning:: Boring...gon’t get me started on boring. The ensign they sent along with us to fly the runabout back to 118 was the exact definition of boring. You know I think it actually offended him whenever I tried to talk to him!

Alexander: ::chuckles:: Aye? This one… ::jerks her thumb at Lael:: ...couldn’t pull herself away from her PADD for more than a couple minutes at a time. Wouldn’t have eaten if I hadn’t threatened to keep her off duty longer.

Rosek: ::scowls:: I was working, thank you. I’m sorry I had better things to do than be your entertainment.

Alex smiled.::

Blair: ::motioning towards Chythar:: At least she didn’t spend most of the journey asleep like this one.

Skyfire: You spend two days patching holes in the Za, then come yell at me about marathon shifts and missed meals, laddie. :: He stuck his tongue out at Alex and made raspberries at him. :: Then ah can whine at yeh about sleepin’ most of the trip.

Alex laughed again as he walked back towards the now warmed up grill to place the burgers on it.::

Blair: You’d better not joke about that too much. It’s likely to happen, and when it does, I’m blaming you.

Lael turned away from the two, taking in the view. It was all she could do to keep her irritation and frustration under wraps. She mentally built her walls higher. The last thing she needed was for any of them to catch her thoughts or feelings.::
CD was silent, and noted the tension. He too diverted his gaze to the beautiful panoramic view, but was more specifically trying not to give into the demon known as curiosity. Most of it was from Lael. In fact, all of it was. Yet, nobody seemed to want to talk about any of it. ::

Skyfire: Ah’ll take all the blame for it when it does.

Alex smiled. Instead of responding, he tended to the grill, watching as the burgers slowly cooked and getting ready to flip each one when the right time came.::

Alexander: ::to Lael:: Oh, lighten up, will you? ::grins:: I’d think you’d be more thrilled. The damned surgery is done with and you’re fine. Not only that, you’re in the company of good friends.

Lael’s gaze flickered to Chythar’s, locking briefly with his eyes before looking away.::

Rosek: ::murmurs:: I’m going to have a look around.

Before anyone could respond, she was heading in the direction of the nearby treeline.::

Alexander: ::grunts in frustration:: What the bloody hell is with her?

CD sighed and this time did not follow. He knew, based on their conversation the other night. He wasn’t sure if he should talk about the specifics, but did decide to sum it up in brief because keeping it to himself would make it worse. ::

Skyfire: It’s my fault, really. Ah’m too damn attractive for me own good. Ain’t ah, Alex?

Dassa frowned, his meaning taking a moment to sink in.::

Alexander: What are you…? ::eyes widen:: You’ve got to be kidding!

If it was hilarious, CD wasn’t laughing. He was mostly oblivious to his own hotness factor, but in this case, it was not something he would joke about. Serious like a heart attack. ::
Alex shook his head and smiled.::

Blair: I agree completely, too damn attractive.

Dassa frowned. Obviously, Alex didn’t understand what Chythar was implying. It had taken a moment for Dassa to catch on herself. It was a conversation she wanted to have with Chythar, but certainly not in front of Alex. From the look on Lael’s face when she’d left and the look on Chythar’s face now, this was anything but a joke.::
He glanced over at Alex, who he’d explain it to later. Now didn’t seem like the right time, as things were already tense enough around Lael. ::
Alex looked around as everyone suddenly got quiet. Instead of thinking that it was something he had said, Alex simply donned a grin.::

Blair: Well, if everyone’s ready, these burgers are just about done. ::pause:: Oh I forgot to ask, does anyone have a problem with cheese?

Skyfire: Cheese is good. Cheddar, right?

Alexander: ::shakes her head:: No issues with cheese here either. ::pauses:: I’m going to check on Lael. I’ll be right back.

Alex nodded as Dassa walked off after Lael. He then grabbed a plate and started plating a burger for Chythar.::

Blair: I’m glad you’re all good with cheese, especially considering I made these as ‘inside out’ burgers. The cheese is in the middle of the meat. Here you go.

He put a bit of ketchup and mustard on it before putting the bread back on, then taking a bite or two. ::

Skyfire: Delicious, love.

Alex grabbed a burger of his own before sitting down.::

Blair: Anytime.


Lieutenant Lael Rosek HCO Officer USS Za I238110RH0


Lieutenant Chythar Skyfire Medical Officer USS Za O293002CS0


Commander Alex Blair Chief Engineer USS Za T238906AB0


PNPC Lieutenant Junior Grade Dassa Alexander, PD, PDS Medical Officer USS Za As simmed by Lael Rosek