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Lieutenant Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
Starbase 118
USS Za NCC 65305
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OOC: Takes place after Lael & Chythar’s “Complicated Doesn’t Even Begin to Cover It”

((Holodeck, USS Za))

Alex watched as Chythar got up to grab another burger. Smiling he called out.:

Blair: Grab one for me too would ya?

Chythar plated a burger for himself and one for Alex, coming back to the table and once again wordlessly sitting down next to his partner. This was just getting too weird for him, but talking about it here wouldn’t help. ::

Blair: Thanks.

Alex quickly took a bit of his new burger forgetting about the hot cheese inside. As his teeth tore into the beef, cheese started pouring out.::

Blair: Oooohhh, that’s hot!!!

He couldn’t help but chuckle as he got up and grabbed the first aid kit. ::

Skyfire: Take all that time tae warn us, then forget when yeh bite into it hon?

Alex laughed.::

Blair: Yeah, I guess I got caught up in all this vibrant conversation we aren’t having and forgot.

He helped Alex remove the cheese-covered shirt, examining the point of contact with a tricorder and giving a smile. ::

Skyfire: Does nae look serious, darlin’.

Alex grinned as he waited for the burning sensation to fade.::

Blair: Well guess I’ll live then...and look it wasn’t Dassa who spilled lunch on my shirt this time!

Alexander: ::glares at him playfully:: Watch it, Blair. I know where you work.

Skyfire: :: smirked. :: Just a little self-inflicted clumsiness. Nothin’ tae worry about.

Alex laughed at his own mistake and looked at Chythar with a mischievous grin..::

Blair: Don’t think I missed how quick you were to get my shirt off Chythar. Good thing I’ve gotten back on my morning gym routine.

Lael’s gaze dropped to her plate, not wanting the image her head.::
Was he really that easy to read? He supposed so. After all, his shields were dialed back to half strength so it was likely. ::

Skyfire: After a fully balanced breakfast, aye Alex?

Blair: Of course, how else am I going to make sure you’re eating?

Rosek: ::nods sagely:: Damn right. ::to Chythar:: There you have it...three people to make sure you don’t skip meals.

Being a workaholic had its advantages, sometimes. Not always, but in this case….people to make sure he ate seemed like a good thing. Words failed him as he quietly applied a bit of dermaline gel to the surface burn inflicted by the cheesy filling. ::
Alex audibly sighed as the gel took hold and began to relieve the pain.::

Blair: Ooh, that’s cool, but it’s working. Thanks!

Lael’s cheeks flushed as she again dropped her gaze to her plate.::
Once the kit was closed, he walked over to the prep station to wash his hands before rejoining the group and eating his burger, contemplating going for a walk just to get away from the tension he could feel building around him.  ::
As Chythar went to the sink, Alex looked around the group. He knew that something was going on but really had no idea what it was.::

Blair: So...I’m suddenly feeling a little self conscious sitting here only half dressed.

Rosek: ::shrugs:: Didn’t notice. O0 Although I have to admit, I’m not complaining. 0o

Alex forced a laugh and finished his second burger.::

Blair: That was a great meal if I do say so myself. So what’s next?

Chythar raised a brow as he glanced to Lael. He didn’t comment on it, but the wordless look on his face spoke volumes. ::

Rosek: ~What? I can find a man attractive. Never said I had a problem with Alex’s looks.~

Skyfire: We like games, right? What kind were you thinking, darling?

Rosek: ::arches an eyebrow:: ~Don’t tell me you’re getting territorial. I just said that he’s attractive. Not that I have the intention of doing something about it.~ Sure. But I can’t really do anything high stress with my surgical site still healing.

Blair: A game, but nothing high stress...what about a board game?

Skyfire: Ah’m not opposed to board games. :: He had to take a couple breaths and turned to glance out at the water to avoid making a reply of sharp words he’d probably regret later. He wasn’t sure it’d help, but snapped his defenses back into place. He was a bit high-strung, even for this fun little group in light of all the activity. ::

Rosek: ~Quit being such a stick in the mud.~ ::shrugs:: Fine by me. Dassa?

Alexander: ::grins:: We could always change the scenery so you can show off those fancy fingers and pipes of yours.

Rosek: ::blushes:: Please, no. You know I hate performing in public. The only reason I’m any good is because my mom made me take lessons.

Blair: Well, I wouldn’t consider this as being in public, but if you don’t want to do it I can’t blame you.

As tempting as it was to pull out Skyfire beach and slink into meditation, it wouldn’t help him here. Lael had challenged him to stop being a stick in the mud, so he took a few more calming breaths, and fidgeted with the tags around his neck for a few moments more before returning his gaze to the group. ::

Skyfire: Any games in particular?

Alexander: ::shrugs:: I’m a decent hand at poker.

Alex nodded. Poker wasn’t really his game, but he would never admit it.::

Blair: Poker works for me, any objections?

Rosek: ::shrugs:: I’m good with poker.

He didn’t remember if he was good at it or not. Chythar shrugged in semi-cluelessness. ::

Skyfire: Ah can try. Nae sure of my abilities anymore. May be a bit rusty.

Alex looked at Chythar and grinned.::

Blair: That’s okay, you’ll be easier to beat then.

Rosek: ::smiles:: It’s all in good fun.

CD made no reply and took another breath as the cards were shuffled. Things just seemed so complicated all of a sudden. ::

Rosek: ::sighs:: ~Just tell him. It’s only making you miserable. I can if it’ll really be too much for you. Or I can leave you three to it. It’s killing me how much this is stressing you out.~

CD opened his mouth as if to say something, then quickly closed it. He was definitely not good in social situations. Finally, he managed words through his indecisiveness. ::

Skyfire: Alex...can we take a walk for a moment or so?

Alex looked across to Chythar and nodded.::

Blair: Sure...I don’t want to be rude to everyone else, but I’m open to going for a walk.

Looking to the two ladies, he smiled softly. ::

Skyfire: If you’ll pardon us for a few moments… :: and got up, walking a ways down the dock out of earshot of the lasses. ::

As Chythar started walking, Alex rose from the table and started following. It didn’t take long to catch up and as he did so, Alex took hold of Chythar’s hand.::

Blair: So what’s up? Everything okay?

Skyfire: It’’s crazy complicated, hon. Ah’ve been thinking on it for a few days because ah didnae have words to explain it, and still don’t. :: He paused and took a breath. :: Remember our connection, and the limited telepathy ah was talkin’ about before?

Alex nodded as Chythar spoke. The connection wasn’t something he was entirely comfortable with, but Alex had been growing to accept and enjoy it.::

Blair: Yeah, it’s a bit of a different experience for me but it’s a part of this thing between us and I’m starting to appreciate it.

Skyfire: Ah’ve only had this happen before with my siblings. Now there’’s a new complication. Ah discovered a new link which formed during the… :: He couldn’t finish the sentence, only nod back toward the table in Lael’s direction. He hoped Alex caught his meaning. ::

Alex looked at his partner and for the briefest of moments could feel Chythar’s discomfort. As Chythar nodded back to the table, specifically Lael, the pieces started to connect in Alex’s mind. For the first time in a long time, Alex was entirely confused.::

Blair: Okay...but I thought...what are you trying to tell me Chythar? I thought that this link formed between us because of how close we have become.

He was still extremely bad with words, and nodded again. ::

Skyfire: Right. Ah’m now connected to her in a similar fashion.

Alex nodded as an uncharacteristic twinge of jealousy crept out from deep within him. As he tried to think through what Chythar had just said, Alex stood there silently.::

Skyfire: Happened during the surgery as an after effect of her abilities when ah did the Lazarus thing, and for the last couple days ah’ve been tryin’ to come up with a way tae explain it.

Alex nodded as he took yet another moment to gather his thoughts.::

Blair: I don’t know what to say Chythar…

CD ran a hand along his face as he attempted to find a response to Alex’s lack of one. Uncharacteristic moments of wordlessness were defined by such a loss of words as this. ::

Skyfire: You don’t have tae say anything if nothin’ comes tae mind. Ah just want yeh to be aware of it.

Alex looked Chythar in the eyes as he started to speak.::

Blair: Well, I appreciate you being open about this. It certainly helps explain some of why I’ve been getting weird vibes from her today. ::pause:: Does it make me a bad person if I say that this sucks? I thought that this was something special that we shared.

Skyfire: Alex… :: He took the man’s hand in his, placing it over his own heart and meeting the engineer’s gaze with an equally serious calm. :: You are the most important person in the world to me. The best thing that’s happened to me in my life. If you walk away now, both of us will suffer for it. :: He paused again, thoughtfully as he contemplated additional words. His accent faded as his voice grew more serious. :: This link she and I have. It’s the type of link I only have with my siblings, Ris and Sal. The type I have with you is the one I value most because I love you.

As Chythar spoke, the jealousy faded from inside him. Feeling better, Alex pulled his partner in for a kiss.::

Blair: I love you too Chythar, and don’t worry about anyone walking away. I’m with you for more than just your dashingly handsome looks. ::Alex allowed a moment to pass as he donned a smile.:: Without you, I wouldn’t have access to Devlin!

A wave of relief washed over Skyfire in that moment, the difficult conversation done with. He gave a soft smirk at the mention of the dog. ::

Skyfire: You can thank Alora for that when we have dinner. She’s an old friend of mine, and one of the two responsible for his being in my life.

Blair: ::still smiling:: Well, I’ll have to keep that in mind. But for now we’d better get back, who knows what Lael and Dassa have gotten up to while we were over here talking.

Skyfire: Good point. C’mon. :: He followed Alex back to the table and returned to his second burger, careful to bite into the cheese without spilling it. ::

Alex watched Chythar slowly bite into his burger as he sat down.::

Blair: Careful, you wouldn’t want to join me in the burn a hole through your tongue club. But then again if you get cheese on your shirt, it would be nice to have another member in the shirtless dinner club.

Lael blushed profusely, worrying her lower lip.::

Alexander: ::grins:: One shirtless man around here is enough, thanks. Don’t want to have a patient to treat on my time off. ::jerks her head toward Lael::

Lael lifted her eyes to meet Alex’s. Her heart missed a beat as she realized that he knew.::

Rosek: ::blurts:: Alex, I’m so sorry. I had no idea this could happen...that this would happen. I--I have no intentions of letting it interfere with your and Chythar’s relationship. If it bothers you, I can request a transfer or--

Alex looked at Lael feeling confused again.::

Blair: Wait a second...wait a second. Why are we talking about transfers? Chythar told me all about it and nothing's your fault. You didn’t intend for this to happen and I can live with my boyfriend sharing a link with someone else.

Rosek: ::blushes:: I--I don’t--You shouldn’t have to. I’d be uncomfortable if I were in your position. If it helps any, Chythar and I are going to look into options to get the link broken. It might take some time, but I’m confident that there has to be a way.

CD had left out the part in the conversation about the link that it might involve dealing with Somlen again, because he just wasn’t ready to deal with that can of worms. ::
Alex simply nodded. He liked to think of himself as an intelligent and perceptive man and the more he thought about it things weren’t lining up. Alex had a feeling that there was something else going on that he hadn’t been told about, but didn’t want to bring it up just yet.::

Blair: Well, if I can help let me know. But until then, weren’t we going to play a game?


Lieutenant Lael Rosek HCO Officer USS Za I238110RH0


Lieutenant Chythar Skyfire Medical Officer USS Za O293002CS0


Commander Alex Blair Chief Engineer USS Za T238906AB0


PNPC Lieutenant Junior Grade Dassa Alexander, PD, PDS Medical Officer USS Za As simmed by Lael Rosek