SIM:Lael Rosek - Bruised Egos Part I (Gorkon)

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
Starbase 118
USS Gorkon NCC 82293
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((Holodeck 3, USS Gorkon))

::The pain meds she’d gotten from Sickbay meant she was feeling drastically better. However, she still needed a way to combat the insomnia. She decided a good workout was in order. Thus the martial arts program she was currently running. While the pre-programmed Klingons provided adequate challenge, she longed for the unpredictability of a sentient opponent.::

:: Chythar came in a few moments later, wearing black sweatpants and a tank top. He was curious to try martial arts beyond the basics they taught at the academy, and had never actually participated in a holodeck program to learn them. ::

::Lael hesitated when she heard the holodeck doors open and was so distracted that she just barely managed to avoid her opponent’s attack.::

ROSEK: Computer, freeze program.

::The computer chirped obediently and her opponent became statue-still.::

ROSEK: ::to Skyfire:: Commander. What an unexpected surprise.

::Chythar chuckled a bit at her reaction. He couldn’t help but be amused that his expected presence would cause such a distraction. ::

Skyfire: I don’t see how it should be, since you invited me. I mean, you were going to teach me more than the basics, right?

ROSEK: Oh, yes. ::smiles:: I must have gotten so caught up that time got away from me. ::pauses:: Computer, remove hologram.

::Within moments, the hologram disappeared.::

:: CD nodded and smiled. He’d at least read up on the basics of the many styles. So, he faced her, put his feet together and bowed in greeting. Beyond that, he didn’t have much of a clue what style he was learning. ::

Skyfire: Teach me, oh wise sensei. :: He paused thoughtfully. :: I wanted to thank you for joining me on the rescue mission, by the way. You’re a good pilot.

Rosek: ::nods:: Thank you. ::gets into position:: Why don’t we start with you showing me what you know from basic training?

::He dropped into a basic horse stance and attempted to recount a few moves. Very basic, and very out of practice. He tried punching a few times, though the positioning of his thumbs slowly starts to correct after the first three punches when he realizes he was doing it wrong. ::

Skyfire: It’s been a while…

Rosek: ::smirks:: I’ll take it easy on you.

:: The doc-turned-XO chuckled again. ::

Skyfire: Only if you want to. I mean, I am a doctor, after all.

::She started with a series of simple moves that could easily be countered by any amateur.::

:: As he blocked, he felt the burn of his muscles from the workout. CD normally did running on treadmills, but this was a new experience. He threw a few punches, growing more confident in his subsequent strikes and using a bit more follow through than he did while getting the hang of it. ::

::She arched an eyebrow, impressed with his skill. He was a fast learner. This was going to be interesting.::

:: Cory needed a good workout to get his head cleared. There was still no word from Petra. While he was sure there was no problem, the nagging thoughts in the back of his head kept coming up. So he decided to go for a run on the holodeck. Somewhere outside and in the so called fresh. As he arrived and saw who had he holodeck occupied, it piqued his interest, so he went in. ::

Stoyer: oO The XO and Lieutenant Rosek fighting. I should have brought popcorn. Oo

:: They were to involved in their sparring to notice him. So he leaned against the wall and crossed his arms and watched. Cory silently tried to place a wager on who would win. ::

::Out of the corner of her eye, Lael noticed Stoyer enter. A smirk slid across her face as she upped her game a little, sweeping Skyfire’s legs out from under him with a semi-advanced move.::

:: Chythar winced as he landed on his back, having done fairly well up until that moment. It winded him, slightly. ::

Skyfire: What was that for?

::She offered her hand to help him to his feet.::

:: CD took her hand and tried regaining his breath as he climbed to his feet. A few moments of pain was nothing compared to learning a few new tricks. ::

ROSEK: ::shrugs:: Showing off a bit for our audience. ::nods toward Stoyer::

STOYER: :: Clapping. :: Nice fall, XO. Miss Rosek, nice takedown.

Skyfire: Hi, Cory.

Stoyer: Hey XO. You guys look like you are having fun, I can come back later.

Rosek: No worries. If you’re up for it, I can teach you a few moves after I mop the floor with...I mean, introduce our XO to a couple tricks.

:: CD still wasn’t used to being called XO. He liked it better when people used his name instead of his post. “Doc” would have been preferable to “XO,” or even “CD” because at least then it was obvious if he was being spoken to. The chief had broken rule 14, which stated “Preferred nicknames get better reactions.” ::

Skyfire: :: thwaps Cory on the back of the head. :: Rule 14, Chief.

:: Cory rubbed the back of his head and started laughing. He had spent enough time with Chythar to remember that rule. But it was fun to watch the reaction. ::

Rosek: What’s rule 14?



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