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Lieutenant Lael Rosek
Engineering Officer
Starbase 118
USS Veritas NCC 95035
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(( Crew Cabin, Runabout Yahtzee ))
​[[Time Index: En Route to Antor II]]

:: Chythar was resting quietly, Devlin once again on his chest. The doc was trying to sleep off the after-effects of the cure, was to wiped out to do much else. He could lie still and silent for hours without anyone noticing, and maybe, if he got lucky, he’d fall asleep and not be interrupted by nightmares. ::

:: Lael glanced in Chythar’s direction, a sympathetic grimace crossing her features as she sipped her mug of tea. She’d be grateful for the reprieve from nightmares, too, given that their connection meant that she often shared his. She’d sought sleep in the sweet oblivion that was a bottle of brandy. While she was sure it wasn’t completely wise given the pain meds she was on for her recovery from the Hocktin virus, she couldn’t bring herself to care. She needed sleep and brandy aided with that. ::

:: Alex sat silently in a chair at the back of the crew cabin. He held a PADD in hands in an attempt to read through massive number of project details that came with his new role as SCE liaison, but his attempts were in vain. Despite his best efforts to make his time productive, more often than not Alex found his eyes drifting from Chythar lying around and Rosek who seemed to be looking for answers in a bottle brandy.  ::

:: Dassa was scanning the PADD mostly out of boredom when she saw the communication. A chuckle passed her lips. ::

Alexander: :: murmurs :: Chythar, Lael, and I have been invited to a conference to speak on Lael’s dissertation.

:: Drat. His efforts at sleep were interrupted. Still, he could be social, since he didn’t really want to move. ::

Skyfire: Aye. An’ a damn good paper it was.

Rosek: :: grins :: You’re biased.

Skyfire: Only because it worked…

:: Alex decided to give up on his attempts to read and set the PADD on the table beside him. ::

Blair: It couldn’t be too biased if you’ve being invited to discuss it.

:: Chythar picked up Devlin and sat up, setting the dozing canine in his lap. This was probably the first chance he and Alex have had to actually speak since Chythar dropped the bombshell about his connection with Lael. ::

Skyfire: Ah agree with Alex on that point, lasses.

:: Alex looked across the room at his partner as Chythar sat up. Alex fought the temptation to move over and embrace the man, so as not to push Rosek’s comfort level, instead choosing to smile. ::

Blair: See, two against one means no bias.

Alexander: :: scoffs :: Aye. We’re the ones who did the bloody surgery. We understand the science better than anyone.

:: Skyfire kept quiet at this juncture, mostly because he didn’t have words to add to the conversation. His gaze drifted between his companions, occasionally down to the canine in his lap. ::

:: As they chatted, Alex took another longing look at his companions. They were all going to be cooped up in this runabout for a while yet, and Alex couldn’t stand the uncomfortableness and quietness any more.::

Blair: oO I’ve got to do something. Oo

:: Alex stood up and took a step closer to Chythar.::

Blair: Chythar, can we step into the other room for a moment?

:: CD nodded and picked up the little beagle before moving him off his lap and onto the bunk. Once free of the canine, he followed Alex into the other room. ::

Skyfire: What up, Alex? :: His words were still somewhat affected by the after effects of the aphasia, so his sentences may not have been perfect. ::

:: Alex took a moment to allow the door into the other room to close before looking Chythar squarely in the face. ::

Blair: I owe you an apology Chythar. The whole mess with Lael...I let it drag on too long and let it put a wedge between us. ::Alex shook his head.:: I let it grow into more of a mess than it should have been, and even made the huge mistake of letting distance grow between us.

::Alex started to get emotional and fought to hold back tears.::

Blair: I’m sorry Chythar, I’m so sorry.

:: CD nodded slightly as he recognized the words, though instead of replying with any of his own he pulled Alex into a gentle embrace. There wasn’t any need for him to speak at the moment; if Alex needed to cry, then he was free to do so. ::

:: Alex felt a huge sense of relief as Chythar brought him into a gentle embrace. After a moment, he pulled himself back. ::

Blair: Chythar, I don’t like this distance that I’ve let grow. I don’t like it at all. I can’t stand the thought of being away from you, so I was thinking...I was hoping…

:: Alex quickly felt a small wave of nausea rising up as he spoke. For a split second, he feared that the virus wasn’t completely gone, but he quickly pushed the thought aside. ::

Blair: Chythar, I was hoping you’d be open to asking the captain if we could share quarters when we got to the Veritas?

:: Again, CD was silent for a long moment. This time it was on account of processing the gravity of the request and at the same time attempting to form a coherent enough answer that would make sense since his words were still not coming out at all like he hoped. After slowly releasing the embrace, he locked his gaze with Alex and nodded, attempting to form a sentence. ::

Skyfire: :: smiling. :: Thought you’d nae ask.

:: Chythar’s comment brought a smile to Alex’s face as he pulled Chythar into another embrace. ::

Blair: :: still smiling :: Well you know, I can’t go about being all predictable.

:: Chythar merely chuckled and nodded again, giving Alex’s cheek a gentle kiss in reply. ::

Blair: You have no idea how happy that makes me Chythar. :: pause :: But now I need to go back and have a few words with Lael. I’ve done her a lot of wrong that I need to make up for.

:: CD nodded again, following close behind and getting himself a plate of carrots to snack on. As they rejoined the ladies and the dog, Devlin woke up and ran toward the bowl of kibble. ::

​Lieutenant Lael Rosek, Eng.D.
Engineering Officer
USS Veritas
Training Team/Podcast Team

Lieutenant Chythar Skyfire, MD
Medical Officer
USS Veritas NCC-95035


Devlin the Beagle
Therapy Dog


Commander Alex Blair
SCE Liaison
USS Veritas


PNPC Lieutenant Dassa Alexander, PD, PDS
Medical Officer
USS Veritas