SIM:Labwork 101-alot a nanobots

(experimental lab 3 Duronis II)

::Lab 3 was built under water to study the effects of the binary stars orbits on the fish and aquatic life forms. We have been able seed a school of goldfish like fish named Plient native to this part of the Ocean called Ikebana. Its balanced and symmetrical shape here made it the perfect place to study the fish. The Plient fish we have seeded travel in schools shaped like perfect parallelograms the Til'Han have called d'nowewon'd. Xoet looked up from the lab table of data streams analysis and scratched the ridges of its nose. The nanobots had been working fine as they had sent the data right into the mainframe computer. The labs mainframe was working overtime and this could not be explained to easily. 12 knew it was time to cut the data feed and let the computer cool off for a bit.::

xoet 12: !zabbo shut down the computers and put the nanobots on standby.

!zabbo: Ok xoet but I think we are nearing a break through. The nanobots data analyses are beginning to form a pattern.

xoet 12: Pattern or no pattern the mainframe is overloading and its circuits might be making improper connections. We need a rest too.

!zabbo: I disagree sir. (pausing)

::Xoet looked at !zabbo and raised its center eyebrow lowering the two outer eyebrows at the same time. This was the look xoet gave when it was serious about things. 12 glanced back at the readout and then looked back to !zabbo as it almost frowned at the dissension to its logic.::

!zabbo: (annoyed) By your word it will be done.

::!zabbo had never talked like this before but xoet dismissed the interaction as just stress related, moved on leaving !zabbo in charge of lab 3. Xoet beamed itself back to its cottage by the shore. Once there 12 ate and rested for a bit until a signal came through to its intercom. There was an announcement of a new mission and the briefing notes were just downloaded to 12's online PADD. Twelve read the Pollution situation as a result of industrialization. Xoet thought back to its history lessons when other Federation Planets went through similar types of problems. Some were solved some were not. It thought of the best solution it remembered. The Planet Tenild and its scientists had genetically designed a new kind of animal plant who's waste product was pure synthetic energy compounds in a kind of fruit that was edible This plant called "Osieru" feed on pollution. This could be a possible solution here but Gab would have to figure out the protein unfolding equations making it possible. 12 grabbed a few outfits to wear and a portable pollution shield it had synthesized. The shield was a basic model VC6741 used on planets that had problems areas like this. Although it would have to be adapted to meet the needs of this particular planet. The settings could be made in route as the atmospheric compounds became know in detail. Xoet took the local transport to the shuttle bay. 12 Placed the items that would be need into the cargo hold of the Runabout.::


Ensign xoet twelve

Duronis II Embassy

Science Officer

!zabbo niouby!

Lab Assistant

Experimental Lab 3