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This post was written on Stardate 238404.07 (Jan 7, 2006). It is Kel's first and only surgery thusfar, it was written before Kel was transfered to the Ursa Major and took up his role as Counselor.


((Sickbay - Deck 3 - USS Aurora))

Kel carefully monitored Ensign Shiozaki's various biological readings, the neural chemical overdose was having unusual effects on Shiozaki's mind. Kel fiddled with the various ratios attempting to reduce the overdose's impact on the relatively fragile neural tissues of the human mind.

CALHAN: Report!

MAGE: ::Kel swung around and faced the Doctor, he had been focusing so much on the readings that he hadn't sensed the doctors arrival:: Doctor, Ensign Shiozaki is carrying about 200 neural parasites in her frontal lobes, concentrated in her left. I've increased her neiro-chemical saturation to 20% over norm to prevent immediate damage by the parasites, I've varied the neural chemistry and incapacitated the Ensign to prevent psychosis.

CALHAN: Heavens! We need to operate! Kel, get the equipment, you'll assist.

MAGE: ::Kel gaped.:: What? But I...

CALHAN: =/\= Calhan to Hort and Brimm. Code red in medlab 2. Get prepared and join me ASAP. Mr. Hort, bring the A-label. =/\=

HORT: =/\= Understood, Sir. =/\=

BRIMM: =/\= Coming. =/\=

MAGE: Sir, I haven't operated since med school, I... ::Kel saw the blank look on Calhan's face and felt his exaustion, there was no time for hesitation on this one.:: ...nevermind, I'm with you. What do you suggest for treatment?

CALHAN: Nanites. I think they're just what she needs. ::Jo gestures towards Aki.::

Kel turned to Aki, this was going to be tricky at best. He quickly shrugged on a operating smock and a mask, this operation would have to be quick Kel's treatment was beginning to loose effect.

CALHAN: Gentlemen, we are performing a very sophisticated operation here. I need your maximum cooperation. Any questions?

Brimm and Hort shook their heads as negative.

MAGE: No, lets begin.

CALHAN: Right. Activate forcefield.

They heard a thump and a glimmery shield surrounded them, sterilizing the interior. Calhan could hear his own heart beat in the sudden quietness. They were sealed.

CALHAN: Let's do it. Mr. Hort, cut the chemical stream and put patient into anestheze. Monitor the readouts and inform us of any changes. Mr. Brimm, you handle the instruments and clamshell. Mr. Mage, you assist.

MAGE: ::Kel nodded:: Understood.

Kel watched as the neural stimulators were removed, Shiozaki's neural chemistry quickly began to stabilize at normal neural output, safer for her neurons but not enough to keep the parasites happy. Kel peered at the display there appeared to be no increase in the parasites they had apparently eaten their fill, for now.

CALHAN: Exoscalpel.

MAGE: ::Kel frowned, the Doctors mind seemed filled with doubt.::

CALHAN: oO They're good. It's me who shouldn't do this. The stress... Kill the silence. You need it. They need it. Oo

MAGE: ::Kel gave a slight smirk, the reassurance seemed hollow compared to the doctors previous doubt, but Kel did not broach the issue.::

CALHAN: Mr. Brimm, how's your study in the genetics?

Brimm frowned.

CALHAN: Relax, you're not on parole. I'm quite interested in your results.

Kel smiled at the Doctors attempt to make chit-chat thought it was not readily apparent it was having the desired effect.

BRIMM: I... I will fill you in on that, Sir.

CALHAN: Can't wait to that. ::Calhan made a steady incision on Shiozaki's head. Now they were going to reach the brain through the skull.::

MAGE: Sir, may I? ::Kel sensed the Doctors exhaustion, they could ill afford to loose him during the finer portions of the operation to take this minor role would be to save his concentration for later::


MAGE: Thank you, Sir. ::Kel took the scalpel and followed the Doctors incision gently teasing the tissue apart, blood poured from the wound:: Mr. Brimm if you could get that.:: Kel waited until the blood was cleared and then proceeded with the incision. Kel pulled back the section of skin and performed a slightly deeper cut on the skull removing a small portion of bone.::

CALHAN: Pity you've left the department, Kel. You do like a pro.

MAGE: Sorry sir, I was never in it for the surgery ::Kel smirked:: I was always a science man myself, but I'm always around if you need me. ::Kel pealed back the meninges leaving the neural tissue exposed, deep in that tissue parasites threatened to devour Aki's mind.::

CALHAN: Thank you, Mr. Mage. Hort?

Kel nodded taking a step back to allow the Doctor access to the incision, he rounded the table and observed

HORT: She's fine, Doctor. All reads normal.

CALHAN: Screen neural pathways. Continue checking the brain readouts. ::to Brimm:: Delta-wave inducer, please.

MAGE: ::Kel's eyes flicked up:: Is that necessary?

CALHAN: ::Using the inducer.:: Never too cautious about patient's sleep.

Kel nodded and promptly dropped the issue, the extraction was all that mattered not the precise details as to how it was accomplished. With the neural tissue exposed it was best not to have the procedure take longer than an hour at most.

CALHAN: A-label, Mr. Brimm.

Brimm carefully opened a metal box and retrieved a kind of hypospray. Jophry took it in steady grasp and closed to the brain.

CALHAN: I'm releasing the nanites into neural system.

He stopped, exhaled very slowly and then put the microscopic beings to work.

CALHAN:oO I really hope it works. Oo

MAGE: ::Kel eyed the Doctor:: oOI hope so too...Oo

HORT: Nanites in the pathways. They're working their way through parasites.

MAGE: Cortical responses are normal ::Kel glanced at the readouts:: The treatment appears to be working.

Calhan gave out a pitiful smile of a tired man. It was going to work. Now they patch her up and he can take his deserved sleep. The vision triggered back the exhaustion.

HORT: Brain wave increase. The parasite launch activity! Metaphasic shock!

MAGE: Increase the amplitude of the Delta wave simulator! ::Kel glanced at the readout screen, the neural chemical levels had dropped below the parasites tolerable limit, they needed food, now.:: We need to up the neural chemical levels.

CALHAN: Neural stimulators. ::Brimm tried to hand him the instruments, but Calhan had already started floating away, his eyes fluttering.::

MAGE: Doctor! ::Kel watched in horror at the Doctors shoulders slumped and in a final effort he stepped out of the way, the gap around the table seemed suddenly a very large place to fill.::

HORT: Sir, I...

MAGE: ::Kel snapped into action.:: No time, he's fine, he's just asleep.:: Kel snatched the neural stimulator and applied it to Shiozaki's temples.:: Neural chemical levels at 110% over normal. ::Hort nodded, Kel watched the readouts.::

HORT: Parasite activity has decreased... stopped.

MAGE: ::Kel nodded.:: Very good, what's the progress of the nanites?

BRIMM: 80% complete

MAGE: ::Kel sighed into the mask:: How long?

BRIMM: Their just clearing up the last parasites now.

MAGE: Fine, after their complete send the deactivation signal ::Brimm nodded, Kel replaced the meningies layer over the cortex archatecture. He picked up a tissue regenerator and sealed the layer to the rest of the surrounding meningies layers.:: Are they finished?

BRIMM: Yes sir, they have been deactivated.

MAGE: ::Kel nodded:: Good ::Kel smiled the operation had been a success with only minor complications:: All right, lets close and get this over with...

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