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((Sickbay, USS Apollo))

::After finishing up with Sidney, Jaxx moved out of the CMO’s office. The next thing for him to do was have a chat with Jalana. Time was not too important, as the next thing he had after talking to her was to breathe down the necks of his engineering department. He was still curious how they found the fissure without the bridge knowing, but it would be something he addressed later. The man he spoke to did not sound happy. Jaxx was not familiar with the man, but he was confident it would be fixed soon. After Elya left, Ethan had taken over her duties. He had a new officer joining the department and though he did not meet him yet, he figured he would as soon as he was finished in Sickbay. As he rounded the corner, he spotted the spotted woman. She was not working with a patient, so he knew she had time for another chit chat. This time they could walk and talk at the same time. He would be on his way to engineering, and she could tag along.::

Jaxx: Lieutenant...

:: Jalana stood in front of a terminal. She made some necessary updates to files of her patients she had seen lately and was just done as she heard the voice and raised her head to give the man a smile ::

Laxyn: Captain, did you miss me already?

::Jaxx smirked at the comment. He found it funny because if he were not the captain, it would appear slightly stalker-ish. At the same time, she did have eyes that lit up the room. But it was far from the reason he stopped by. Had it not been for his meeting with Sid, he would not have really had to say more than hello to Jalana. Either way, it was always a pleasure to see her.::

Jaxx: You busy?

Laxyn: ::shaking her head she now turned fully to him:: No, Sir. I am just done here.

Jaxx: I am heading down to engineering to surgically install my boot...walk with me.

::The Trill looked at him for a moment. Of course she wondered again if she had done anything wrong but pushed that thought away. Instead curiosity took over: She wanted to know why he wanted to talk with her and why it apparently took enough time to not be able to have it done here. ::

Laxyn: Of course, Sir.

((En Route, USS Apollo))

::As the two officers left Sickbay, Jaxx headed straight for the turbolift. Jaxx found himself walking and talking a lot these days. He was always going somewhere or doing something, and it was the best use of his time to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. This would be another one of those unexpected conversations. Just that morning he moved Jalana into the role as Assistant Chief Medical Officer, he bet she never thought that by lunchtime she would be moved to Chief. It would be as unexpected to her as his entire conversation with Sidney was. He made a mental note to talk to Liam about the duty post switch, and to pick his brain about Sid. She was a unique woman, but one that never really seemed happy. It was almost as if she had so much on her mind she forgot to feel anything. At the same time, he was aware she grew up in a place that did not verbalize their feelings, or thoughts most of the time. It was different for Sid than it would have been if Jaxx had been raised on Earth. He would still have been able to use his words, as well as feel what those around him felt...and at times know what they were thinking. Sid was stuck guess her entire childhood. He could only imagine what that was like. Turning his attention to Jalana, he started with his small talk, before dropping the bomb on her.::

Jaxx: How are things going?

:: The Trill slightly raised her brows, a habit she had from her father, who - not surprisingly - had it from a vulcan diplomat he had worked with quite often. She did not even notice anymore when she did it until her forehead relaxed again. A habit she would love to just get rid of. So did he ask her to come with him for some talk or did he just want to make sure she was in a good mood before throwing her out of the air lock? ::

Laxyn: Not much different than it had been the last time we met. :: She smirked slightly and stepped into the Lift as the doors finally opened ::

Jaxx: I have meeting after meeting, a micro fissure in the starboard nacelle that has delayed warp travel, and two new officers to seek out and introduce myself to...

Laxyn: Yes, one of them has been with me for his physical. Williams was his name. Seemed a bit nervous but I have not seen many people not being nervous on their first day and with a doctor.

Jaxx: You think new people are nervous around the doctor...just wait until you see them clam up when they meet the captain! ::smirking:: It is two types of nervous, around me it is because I have an intimidating job...around you guys because they are convinced you like to harvest organs. ::chuckling slightly::

Laxyn: :: smirked :: Yes I heard the rumors about that. I wonder why people would not want to come to us all the time and ensure their health. ::her brow twitched up wards, just like the corner of her mouth, knowing the Captain was none of these people visiting sick bay whenever he could.: Would you know why, Sir?

Jaxx: Honestly, I avoid you guys like the plague. For me it is because I have more lives that I am responsible for that I can fathom sometimes, mine seems so insignificant. For others...there may be some underlying fear.

:: The trill listened to the words of the man, it worried her a bit that he did not see himself just as important as the others, but she knew that phenomenon just too well. She had seen it more than enough times so she knew that saying anything to contradict would not help in the least. She would just have to knock him out and pull him over the hallways to sick bay if needed. Well or order him to come. But where would be the fun in that. ::

Laxyn: Mhm, I understand.

::As the turbolift doors opened, Jaxx and Jalana stepped out and started down the corridor. He glanced over at the Trill woman and continued.::

Jaxx: are you adjusting to the role of Assistant Chief?

Laxyn: :: smiling :: You have not given me much time yet to adjust to it. But I did not feel much different when I did the physical. I'm sure the big realisation will still come at a later point. But so far it went all rather well.

::In true Jaxx fashion, his goal was to catch her off guard. You could tell a lot about a person when they did not have time to think, and even more when you were Betazoid. He remembered meeting with Sid and Liam, swooping in just long enough to drop the news on them about his medical condition. Just as fast as he walked in the room, he walked out, leaving both of them as off guard as they could be.::

Jaxx: Good, get with Sid and get up to speed as of 0800 tomorrow, you are the Chief Medical Officer of the USS Apollo. Sidney is returning to her roots as the ship’s counselor.

:: Jalana nodded to a passing officer, but kept her attention on the Captain. At least she thought she did, because after his last words her brain suddenly lost every train of thought, it was wiped out.. completely empty. She halted in her steps next to him and stared into the air in front of her, or rather into a wall, there was not much unreconstructed way on a starship unless one peeked out of a window. It took her several moments until she finally found the speech center of her brain and whispered::

Laxyn: What?

Jaxx: ::smirking:: Did I develop a speech impediment?

Laxyn: ::shaking her head:: That must be a mistake. I just got promoted to Assistant. A few hours ago if even that much. ::she turned her head and her eyes found his:: Are you sure you are not mistaking me for someone else? oO Sidney just told me that she wants us to get to know each other so we can be a great team, why would she leave now? That must be an error Oo

Jaxx: You are Jalana Laxyn, the bright green eyed Trill that is standing in front of me, right?

:: Jalana swallowed hard. She had not expected to get to a point in her career where she would be in that position for another few years. She felt like a Klingon had given her a hug, totally speechless and overwhelmed. From his words she was sure that he was sure he was doing the right thing, just her brain could not process it. So she could not do more than just nod. ::

Jaxx: ::pointing to the door:: I am going to go in here and shake an engineer...if you need anything, I know a thing or two about adaptation...and you know where my ready room is located. ::pausing for a moment:: Earlier, I commented on my responsibility to the lives on this are now just as invested as I am. Good luck. ::winking::

::Without another word, Jaxx turned and headed into Engineering. As soon as the door closed behind him, he smiled as he was quite pleased with himself. If there was one thing he loved, it was misdirection. He could start a conversation on one topic, get the average brain deep in thought and then change direction faster than a the helmsman of a shuttlecraft. Without time to think, they were running on pure emotion, and in that moment he could learn more about them than in any conversation. He had no doubt Jalana would make a great CMO, he just hoped she would be just as confident in herself. She was so close to actually being a doctor, that he did not care about the specifics as much as she did. To her it was a goal to show her father, to him, it was someone else saying she was ready to do what he already knew she could.::

:: The Trill stared at the closed door. What in the spotted heaven's name did just happen here? She tried to grasp it, tried to make sense of it but her head was full of hot air and no thoughts to hold on to. She was not sure for how long she stood there and tried to penetrate the metal of the door with her eyes but at some point even the person with the best persistence needed to see that this did not work.::

:: Like in Trance or an Android who had lost their consciousness chip she turned around and headed back to the lift and wished for a moment she would have a big bottle of this burning liquid she had tried on the Holodeck to bring her back to being able to think. ::


Lieutenant JG Jalana Laxyn
Chief Medical Officer
USS Apollo, NCC-71669


Captain Andrus Jaxx
Commanding Officer
USS Apollo, NCC-71669
Captains Council Magistrate

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