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(( Captain's Quarters, USS Victory ))

:: Tressa stirred lightly, but didn't wake; she was comfortable and warm, a sense of calm and ease wrapped around her. It took her a moment to realised she could hear music, it was soft gentle, and of Gideon origins. It was another moment before she realised there was someone with her. As she awoke fully, her eyes fell upon Jaxx. She smiled as she realised she had fallen asleep with him, and on the couch no less. She was curled up beside him, her arms wrapped around his body, her head had been resting on his chest, there was a blanket draped over their bodies. If it weren't for Jaxx's arms around her she may have risen, but she didn't want to leave the comfort of his touch or risk waking him; he looked very peaceful as he slept. ::

::The sleep cycle was relaxing. Jaxx was very comfortable, even more so with Tressa in his arms. As he awoke, he could sense her strongly. She was awake, and he let his eyes open as he felt her in his arms. His eyes met hers and Jaxx smiled.::

:: She watched for a moment, before he began to stir. Smiling as he woke, she stroked his face softly. ::

Tressa: Good morning... sorry if I woke you.

Jaxx: I am sure it is time to get up anyway.

Tressa: :: Kissing him lightly :: You're look very cute when you're sleeping.

Jaxx: ::smirking:: I think you look better on me, than my uniform. ::giggles::

Tressa: :: Echoing his giggle :: I don't know... I like your clothes better when they're holographic.

:: She smirked to cover the blush appearing on her face, it was a very flirtatious comment, coming from her. ::

Jaxx: ::yawning:: What time do you go on duty?

Tressa: Uh, well, I suppose that would be whenever I'm cleared...

Jaxx: Computer, time?

Computer: The time is 0530.

::It took a second for Jaxx to calculate the time. He figured he would skip his workout and have breakfast with Tressa. It occurred to him that she stayed with him that night. The first thought was, he hoped nobody seen them leave his quarters. A few seconds later, he realized he did not care. The next thought was how much better they would have slept in his bed. It was a mental note for the next time there was a sleepover, although he did acknowledge this one was not planned.::

:: It was early, but Tressa was normally up around this hour. No doubt she would need to see Kali first thing; she could wander around as much as she liked but she needed clearance before she could really return to work. There was, however the Science Department waiting for her. No doubt the word would have gotten around about the shift in Chiefs... she was suppose to tell the enlisted crewman what was happening, and what they needed to do... ::

Jaxx: We can have breakfast...and today before you put on that uniform, will you at least get cleared for restricted duty? For me?

Tressa: :: Smirking:: Well, if it's for you... :: She kissed him again, lingering a bit longer than her earlier peck. :: I'll need to commandeer your shower, of that's alright?

Jaxx: Yes, quite.

:: She smiled at him as she reluctantly removed herself from the warmth of his arms, replicated some and clothes headed for the bathroom. As she neared the door she paused and looked back over to him. ::

::His first thoughts were in the shower with her. As he let her up to go, he hesitated, but let her go. He watched her move to the replicator and then toward his room. As she paused, he glanced up.::

Tressa: No peeking now, Andrus. :: She held up a hand smiling flirtatiously :: And don't try to assure me you're a gentleman... I may have believed you before you lured me to you quarters under false pretenses, gotten me drunk, broke into my quarters and taken my tribble. :: She winked at him. :: I won't be long.

Jaxx: ::holding his hands up:: You got me. ::laughing:: Take your time.

:: Tressa giggled as she disappeared into the bathroom. Turning on the shower as she entered, she placed her items on the the counter and slipped out of the dress she had slept in. As she stepped into the shower, she noticed the lack of pain on her arms as the water hit them. She observed their appearance as the warm water trickled over her body, they looked better, everyday they looked better. Again she found herself thankful for her Gideon system, if she were any other species, she would probably still be in constant pain. ::

::Jaxx managed to get off of the couch. He took his time getting up and moving around. He heard the shower running, and was tempted to take a peak. It took him a moment before he realized that he was some sort of gentleman, because he really did want to. Once he fought off the urge, he began to start replicating breakfast. He wanted to have it ready by the time she got out of the shower.::

:: Tressa finished her shower quickly, drying herself and dressing in the clothing she had chosen to start the day. She was still not cleared for duty, so she simply jumped in a pair of jeans and a singlet, very much like yesterday, except today she wore a vest over the top, it was long, and extended down to just past her waist, like a sleeveless coat. Content with her appearance, she stepped out into the living area, placing her clothing from the previous day back into the replicator. ::

::His attention turned to the doorway as she came back through it. Breakfast was already on the table and he smiled at the Gideon.::

Jaxx: It took some will power, but I managed to keep my eyes in this room.

Tressa: :: Giggling :: Perhaps you can behave.

Jaxx: So, food is here. ::starting to make his plate:: Bunch of different stuff, take your pick.

::Jaxx placed some of the crapes on his plate. It was one of his usual foods. He looked over to Tressa as she sat down and started to maker hers. He smiled lightly as they enjoyed breakfast. As he neared the end of his food, he took a look at what she was wearing. It was normal for him to take in the view.::

:: Tressa picked at the various items on offer, she recognised the uttaberry crepes and happily pulled one onto her plate, the rest of her meal was mainly fruits; her favourite breakfast item. As the food on her plate disappeared she glanced up at Jaxx, his eyes were wandering again, and she couldn't help but smile, as they caught each others eyes. ::

Jaxx: So, now I have to shower. Will you be here when I get out? ::smirking:: That is assuming you do not need another shower? ::raising his eyebrows a couple of times::

:: Temptation. Tressa had never felt it like she had with Jaxx. The idea of sharing the shower with him was alluring, and for a moment she would have readily followed him. There was of course, the concern. Concern for what would happen if she allowed herself to follow through with her desires... and recently they were growing. She wanted to join him, but at the same time there was an uncertainty. ::

Tressa: :: Grinning :: I'll be here.

:: She smiled as he made his way back to the bathroom. As he disappeared from view she began putting the dishes away. Her thoughts began to wander, so far she had the upper hand, she had seen Jaxx's form naked; admittedly by accident, but still, she smirked to herself. Judging by Jaxx's mannerism, no doubt the man was interested in her unclothed form. He was probably use to unclothed people, but for Tressa it was different, the idea of being completely exposed in front of someone made her nervous, and it was something she had never done before. But Jaxx wasn't just anyone. She wondered how bad could it be? If Betazoids attending weddings naked than it was probably something that took some getting use to, but not so bad. ::

::Jaxx stepped into the bathroom and activated the shower. Disrobing, he got into the shower and let the water bead off of him. Reaching forward, he turned the hot water down a bit, making the water a bit cooler. He didn't quite need a cold shower, but a cool one would do the trick. When he was finished, he dried off. He put on most of his uniform, leaving the vest and jacket until he was ready to leave. Stepping back out he grabbed his pips off of the dresser and placed them on his collar. He stepped back out and looked at Tressa.::

:: As she placed the last of the dishes back into the replicator she could hear Jaxx returning, she turned to him as he entered the living area. ::

Tressa: Another long day?

Jaxx: Not sure, hopefully routine.

Tressa: :: Nodding :: I'll see Kali first thing this morning. Hopefully she's let me back on duty, I am feeling much better.

Jaxx: Good, but I do not want you to push yourself. We still have close to six days before we reach Romulus.

Tressa: Fair enough. I certainly won't do anything to impede my recovery.

:: It was the truth. Despite her eagerness to be back in the labs, she couldn't risk injuring herself, she had come so far in her recovery. ::

::Jaxx threw on his vest and fastened it. He picked up his commbadge, and stuck it to his jacket before putting it on. Once his uniform was set, he gave it a tug, and pulled at his collar. He did not like such restricting clothes, but for the most part had gotten used to it.::

Jaxx: I am all set, can I walk you to the turbolift?

Tressa: :: Smiling :: Of course.

::The one saving grace, was that she would not be seen leaving his quarters in the dress she showed up in. If they crew had seen her in that, the rumors would have been worse than he assumed they already were. In all honesty, he did not care. She would not get special treatment, and if they thought she was immune to a chewing out, if one was needed, they were mistaken. They had an understanding, and if he did something wrong, he was sure it would not show while they were on duty. On the other hand, if he did something as CO that she did not may not be as easy to leave it on the Bridge. He kept his arm around her back as they walked toward the turbolift. The deck was pretty close to empty, it was not that busy, with only a few officers quarters.::

Jaxx: If you do get cleared, have fun at work. And if you do not, have fun doing nothing. ::winks::

Tressa: I'm sure I can keep myself occupied.

:: In honesty, Tressa would probably have her head stuck in a PADD whither she was on duty or not. There was so much at stake on this mission... of all the times for her to be promoted to CSO. She was determined to do her best though...hopefully that would be enough. ::

Jaxx: I will let you go first. I am going up to the Bridge. ::smiles:: I will see you later.

Tressa: :: Nodding :: See you later.

::He was certain nobody was watching, so he wrapped his arms around her once more and kissed her. As the doors opened he stood as she got in. Glued to one spot as the doors closed and she was gone from his sight. A few moments passed and he was on the Bridge. a half a day away from Romulan space.::

:: Tressa was smiling as she stepped into the turbolift. Their kiss had been shorter than usual, no doubt because of how it might appear to the other officers for the Commander to be with his CSO. She didn't mind, it was just another way they separated their time together from when they were on duty. As the doors closed she called out her destination. It was for the Science Labs. She had meant what she said about seeing Kali, but if the ex-marine was displeased with her wandering around in uniform she might confine her to quarters... in which case Tressa wanted to make sure the Science Department knew what they were doing... ::


Lt.(JG) Tressa
Chief Science Officer
USS Victory


Commander Andrus Jaxx
Commanding Officer
USS Victory

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