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PNPC Jarod Kolk - "Ronin Ruckus"
((Near Docking Port 7, USS Ronin - Stardate 238505.19))

::The corridors of the Ronin were a hive of activity: technicians from the station were everywhere, wall panels lay on the floor, conduits were exposed and power cables snaked across the carpet. Everywhere he looked men and women were busy. Jarod Kolk had only managed to push his way about five feet past the docking ramp before a crewman in a Security man's colors gave him a hard time. He was sick and tired of Security people. Ever since his cat had gone missing a few months ago, they'd been nothing but patronizing. And the more time he spent on that bloody station, with the unreliable turbolifts and the parents who were too busy to take part in their children's education... He missed Earth. Each day he stayed on Deep Space 17, he remembered another piece of that last day with Dad on Starbase 211...::

((Torpedo Maintenance Room, Starbase 211 - Stardate 236210.24))

::Little 11-year-old Jarod watched his father's hands as the man told him and his 6-year-old sister how he re-routed power with these buttons here and switched from high-yield to low-yield photon torpedoes with those. Samantha, of course, was fascinated despite the fact that she probably didn't have a clue what her father was talking about. Jarod, on the other hand, was just glad to be able to spend time with his father. The man was always working, especially since the raids started about six months ago. Mum was scared, and Dad was always at work, which meant that Jarod was left to try and keep her from crying as much as baby Jack did. There hadn't been a raid in over a week, though, so things were getting better. To give Mum and the Baby some peace, Dad had decided to take Sam and Jarod to work with him. There wasn't likely to be another Cardassian raid, "the Commodore had sorted that all out with their government" ...whatever that meant. Of course, when the station shook softly and Samantha screamed, Jarod knew his father had been wrong.::

R. Kolk: Take your sister home, Jarod. It's not safe anymore.

J. Kolk: But...

::Lt. Robert Kolk tried to keep his eye on the power flow to the torpedo tubes a deck below as another hit shook the station. This time it was closer to their position.::

R. Kolk: No buts, Jarod. Go!

::The young boy took his sister's small hand in his and tried to lead her toward the door. She was crying fearfully and reaching out toward their father, but Jarod paid no attention to that. The last few months had forced him to grow up a lot.::

((Near Docking Port 7, USS Ronin - Stardate 238505.19))

::He had to get back to Earth, before he lost his mind. When he heard that the Roninwas going to stop in at DS17 before heading back to Earth itself, he knew the time had come to go home. Seeing the mess that was his brother's starship, Jarod was enraged. How could his own brother, who'd suffered the loss of a father through this same foolhardy adventure-seeking "Star Fleet", volunteer to take part in "missions" that were clearly more wasteful and dangerous than they were worth!? And this Security man... Jarod was about ready to strangle him.::

Jarod Kolk: What do you expect I'm gonna do? Put a hole in a wall?? You people are doing a fine job of that without me!

::Crewman 2nd Class Thomas Eldfrick was doing his best to remain calm, but his voice didn't much show it.::

Eldfrick: Look, I don't know who your are, and I don't care what you do, as long as you do it off this ship!

Thelev: It's alright, Mister, let him through.

::The enlisted man looked sullen as Lt. Thelev spoke and reluctantly moved out of the way. Jarod gave Eldfrick a dirty look, then stepped around the mess on the floor and Alandra Devereaux with her head stuck in it, to get to where he could shake the Andorian's hand.::

Thelev: Mr. Kolk, what brings you on board?

Jarod Kolk: Lt. Thelev, it's certainly nice to see someone who isn't getting ready to yell at me.

Thelev: Good to see you, too. Sorry about the mess, we usually tidy up a bit for visitors. You've probably heard this is only a fleeting visit?

Jarod Kolk: Yes, I did, and I hear you're off to Earth after, which is actually why I came aboard. Have you seen my brother?

Thelev: Jack's in the crew lounge. I'd take you there but I'm a bit pressed for time. If anyone else tries to stop you just tell them I let you on.

Jarod Kolk: Thanks. Maybe when I find him, Jack can help me arrange a lift back to the old home planet...

::The last bit came off a tad more turse than he'd meant it to, but he couldn't hide the fact that he was bitter.::

Thelev: A lift to Earth? Well I imagine we could stretch to that. Let me see what I can arrange for you.

::To put it mildly, Jarod was surprised that someone he hardly knew was actually willing to help. His tone softened a bit and his righteous anger began to drift away.::

Jarod Kolk: What you can arrange for me? I thought I'd have to twist Jack's arm to get him to find someone to okay it. Do you think I'd be able to get guest quarters and have my things beamed in before you disembark?

Thelev: Not a problem. If you're going to be around for the trip I'll catch up with you a bit later.

Jarod Kolk: ::smiling genuinely:: That sounds wonderful. Speaking of my things, you haven't seen a black Earth cat on your ship, have you?

Thelev: A cat? I'm pretty sure there's no cats on board, no. Why do you ask?

Jarod Kolk: Mine disappeared around the same time you people last stopped in at the station and I'm beginning to think he snuck on board... At least I hope it was your ship and not one of the hundreds of other that've been in and out since...

Thelev: Oh? Well, try asking around. You never know...

::As the two began heading in opposite directions, Jarod nodded and called out to the brightly hued Lt.::

Jarod Kolk: Thanks. I will.

::Making his way through the cluttered corridors that looked as if they'd been blasted from the inside, Jarod's mind brought him back to that horrid day...::

((Torpedo Maintenance Room, Starbase 211 - Stardate 236210.24))

::Samantha was crying fearfully and reaching out toward their father, but Jarod paid no attention to that. The last few months had forced him to grow up a lot. But his little sister was too desperate to get to her Daddy, to be held in his loving arms, the only place where she could feel safe. She pulled loose of Jarod's hand and ran to the tall man in his gold and black uniform, pulling at his pant leg.::

S. Kolk: Daddy!

::As the man looked down at the little girl and began to lean down toward her, the entire wall and console burst into flames. From the doorway several feet away, Jarod could do nothing but watch as his father and sister died...::



PNPC Jarod Kolk
Math Teacher
Anywhere but DS17

simmed by

Lieutenant Jackford B. Kolk
Assistant Chief Engineer & Flight Ops Deck Officer
USS Ronin - NCC-34523