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Crew of Deep Space 285


Lt. Commander James
  • Mission: Shore Leave, Ishkaria
  • Ship: USS Drake
  • Started: ???
  • Ended: 239003.06

Excitement, Adventure and really wild things.

((USS Drake, Main Engineering))

:: James hovered over the stations in Engineering, checking that the severity of
the damage on Engineering. It didn't look good, although it could have been a
whole lot worse. Suddenlly, he was roused from his own world by someone
approaching. ::
Khan: Ensign? Anything immediately in danger of exploding?
James: Umm, no not as far as I can tell... 0o Although the balance is fine...
Khan: ::grinning:: Well, the chef is probably out looking for either something
to fix or someone to object to about the state the ship's in, but *I* am merely
on the hunt for something to do.
James: Excuse me, but I don't think we've been introduced.
Khan: Oh, right. ::offering a hand:: Crewman Alicia Khan, Damage Control
:: As she finished speaking, she frowned a little::
Khan: Have I met you before?
James: I don't think so. I've only recently arrived on the Drake... I'm not new
to Starfleet, so you might have seen me at some other point?
Khan: [Tag}

((OOC: Will Backsim)

James: Anyway, you mentioned you wanted something to do? Any assistance you
could offer, helping me to repair the Phase Inverter would be appreciated. It is
in dire need.

Catching up

((USS Drake, Engineering))
Khan: Have I met you before?
James: I don't think so. I've only recently arrived on the Drake... I'm not new
to Starfleet, so you might have seen me at some other point?
Khan: Possible. ::shrugging with a smile:: Not that it matters all *that* much.
If we have bumped into each other before, it obviously didn't leave *that* big
an impression.

0o Odd, I seem to remember that that is not exactly correct social protocol...
James: Yes I suppose it didn't...
:: Khan started to blink rapidly. ::

0o Just how long has she been awake, I imagine a lot with the amount of damage.
Its possible she may be nearing caffeine overdose... 0o
Khan: Sorry, sir. Been a little... hopped on adrenaline, lately. I should
probably have remembered that before opening my mouth...

0o Ah, adrenaline. This is why I did not pursue a career in Starfleet medical...
:: Though he'd not jumped on her for it - yet - so she might just have managed
to avoid screwing things up as badly as she might have.::
James: Anyway, you mentioned you wanted something to do? Any assistance you
could offer, helping me to repair the Phase Inverter would be appreciated. It is
in dire need.
Khan: ::nodding:: Let me take a look and I'll see what I...
:: She trailed off as she shifted to get a look at the item in question. ::
Khan: Okay, why has that thing not exploded yet?
James: ::With a slight nod.:: It state appears to have deteriorated.
Khan: Just tell me what you want me to do, sir. Though, if I may suggest...?
James: The inverter is now in critical condition, it may be faster if I acted
the necessary repairs. Besides a detonation could still harm me.
Khan: If something looks like it's about to go bang, let me handle it. This...
::tapping the chest of her EVA suit:: tougher than your uniform. Sir.
James: True, but illogical in this case.
Pandora: An accurate assessment, Crewman.
:: A strong voice emanated from behind. Its owner, a relatively short individual
with long brown hair, and perhaps most importantly to her identification the
sleeve stripe marking her as a chief officer. ::
James: Ah, Lt. Pandora, Sir. The primary Phase Inverter is in critical
condition. I am about to enact repairs.
Pandora: Indeed, though I recommend you concentrate more on business instead of
:: And that seemed to be about all she had to say on that, as she walked right
past the pair and over toward the warp core to start fiddling with something
over there.::
:: After a moment, Alicia held up her toolkit, offering it to James, and gave
him a crooked smile.::
Khan: Yeah, not so much with the people skills - so at least *she's* still
working normally.
James: I see. 0o I often forget that efficiency in social situations is rarely
appreciated. 0o

:: As the Drake had made it's way, albeit somewhat painfully - back to the
Ishkarian system, James got stuck into repairing the Phase Inverter. What first
seemed like a simple operation before it hit critical gradually became more and
more complex. Still, by the time it was finished it probably wouldn't need a
service for awhile. ::
:: After the work was complete James took a minute  to look at the ships
progress. While it was far from ideal, it seemed serviceable if haggered. ::

0o Less for technicians to break trying to fix. 0o
Rogers: =/= All crew please be advised that we have docked at the repair
facilities on the Ishkarian Prime Shard. With the exception of your allocated
time on the repair roster you are free to enjoy shore leave. Rogers out. =/=

:: Lt. Pandora turned to him, suddenly. If he didn't have slightly better
control on his emotions, he may have show signs of worry. ::
James: Yes, Sir.
Pandora: I believe we are in a stable enough condition, Ensign. If you wish to
take a break, I have no objection. ::pausing a moment:: I would request one
thing, however.
James: What is that, Sir?
:: Raising a hand, she pointed toward her office, and the humanoid lump curled
up in the corner of it.::
Pandora: Remind Crewman Khan that she has a bed, and that she may wish to use
it. There are reasons remaining on duty for extended periods without rest is not

:: James took in her slightly dishevelled look, not unlike that of himself and
nearly all those around him. ::

0o Based on previous engagements, I believe social protocol may be ignored...
James: Sir, perhaps you should follow your own advice. While I understand sleep
deprivation may not be as much of a issue, everything needs scheduled downtime.
:: Lifting her gaze, she met the Ensign's look and put a faintly amused
expression into place on her features.::
Pandora: I will attend to myself once the dock crews that are no doubt coming
our way have been given *explicit* instructions to do only what they have been
told - for a change. ::turning her attention back to the console in front of
her:: Go.
James: Thank you, Sir.

((OOC: I intend to head to my quarters next, where I will Sim a description then
'sleep' until I see a suitable point to join the action!))

First visit to the shard

((OOC: Sorry for the lack of simming, been bogged down with schoolwork for most
of the last week! Still, I think my teachers must have run out of essay titles
by now - right? :D))

((Deck 6 Section 3 Compartment 141, USS Drake))

:: James walked into his quarters, relived to finally relax after a day of
preventing worse damage to the drake. The room wasn't much but it was home. He
quickly passed past the vast mounds of books and electronic components, to get
to the replicator. ::

0o I think I'll replicate some more comfortable clothing take a shower and then
go see the ship... I haven't really had much of a chance since arriving. 0o

((Corridor Near Docking Port, USS Drake))
:: Feeling refreshed - finally - after his shower, James headed out for a walk
around the ship. After reaching the pathway to the umbilical, a dark haired
Vulcan approached him.  ::
Valis: Greetings, Ensign.
James: :: Noting the pips on her uniform. :: Hello, Sir. I do not believe we
have met. I am Ensign James, Engineering.
Valis: I am Commander Valis, Chief Diplomatic Officer. Are you occupied, or
would you perhaps be free for some recreational activities on shore?

0o It would be a good way to familiarise myself with the crew... 0o
James: I am indeed free, what sort of gathering is this?
Valis: A group of officers are gathering at a place called the Chamadar Falls
and all are invited. Perhaps you would like to join us.
James: Yes, I think I would, Sir.

((Chamadar Falls, Iskadarsta Shard))
:: James approached the falls with the Commander. A number of people where
around the waters' edge enjoying one of the most spectacular sights James had
seen. ::
0o The change in density in the fall creates some spectacular Young's Fringes...
I shall have to find a holodeck program of this place, it would be most
relaxing. 0o
Valis: Have I missed the musical portion of the outing?
Anyone: ((Response))
Valis: Indeed. I play the violin.
James: Ah, I had noticed you where carrying one. 0o This may be a good point for
small talk... 0o Out of interest, Sir, why did you start playing?
Valis: When I was an Ensign, I was curious about the mathematical qualities of
music and Commander Brice suggested I acquire an instrument of my own. The
seller claimed it was, and I quote,"an exact replica of the one used by Mister
Sherlock Holmes." The logic of that claim escapes me even to this day.

James: ::Nodding slightlly::  I started playing the Thermin for similar reasons,
although mine where less mathematical and more aimed towards engineering
pursuits. The violin you have with you now, does not appear at all like Mr.
Holmes', so unless the seller was as blind as he was illogical, I take it you
have had a different violin since then?
Valis: Unfortunately, my quarters were all but destroyed by the Cosmozoan, and I
have not been allowed into them, so I do not yet know whether that violin
James: I offer my condolences. Rebuilding a personal space is always fraught
with frustration.