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((USS Challenger-A: Dr. Reid's Office - Mediplex))

:: When Aanyr and Vojana entered Dr Reid’s office it was crowded. Even before Jerry could say anything Vojana smiled widely, leaving Aanyr behind approached his desk. ::

Satscher: Professor, it’s great to see you again. :: She offered her hand to him. ::

Reid: Dr. Satscher, How are you today. Boy, it sure seems like a long time ago, when we first met. oO I'm not that old am I? Oo Why, I still remember you as the shy, quiet type, sitting in the front of the class and never saying anything unless called upon.

Satscher: Oh, whole life passed since. There’s so much to catch up, but it is not why I’m here, so why don’t you offer me a coffee and start with bad news first?

:: She accepted a chair Any pulled for her to sit, while Reid ordered a coffee, black with just a little sugar. Vojana was surprised with his memory. After all she was just one of hundreds of students. ::

Reid: You will have to forgive me for the intrusion, Dr. Satscher. I called you here today for a reason. ::Meanwhile, Reid was going over in his mind, oO Just how am I going to do this without giving her the real reasons why I asked her to come? Oo, thought Reid::

Satscher: Why expect bad news? Because my faithful student, Any here had a need to call for help to say something. He was never so reluctant before. :: She winked. :: So what is it?

Aare: Why it should be bad news, ma’am. We just want to discuss something with you what... well, what.. require more expertise then I have.

Reid: Let's skip to the chase, Doctor, I called you here so that we may discuss he upcoming operation that I am going to be doing on you within the next few weeks.

Satscher: Now I’m afraid! Why are you asking me how I feel? Is there something wrong with my health? You found something I should know about?

Reid: Not Really, I am just concerned that you are missing some of the treatment plans that I have written for you to help in the healing process.

Avae: We would like all to know how you feel personally, we’re worried because of the way you behave lately, being late or avoiding therapy and being too weak to do it right.

Satscher: I feel fine, there’s nothing really wrong with me, as I can feel. I’m not eating well and don’t sleep enough or as good as should. I credited how weak I feel to that.

Reid: You need both nourishment and sleep, if you wish to undergo the surgery. You start messing up now, I won't be able to perform the surgery as scheduled. I can write an order for a medic to be with you a meals. As for the sleep, I can prescribe something that will help you sleep. Lat, if you have some problems that are bothering you, I can set you up with the ship's acting counselor. ::Reid was stalling for time, and it didn't look good for his plan to tell her about Lt. Dickens. He knew that he was failing miserably, and it did look like he was trying to hid something.:

Satscher: So if there’s nothing wrong with me what is it you’re so reluctant to tell me?

:: Just then the Captain's voice came over the ship wide comm system. ::

T'Pen:=/\= Lt. Brakur, Dr. Reid, Col. deMarc, Cmdr Dickens, Ens. Thomas - My ready room =/\=

:: Vojana froze, her eyes widened. And finally when managed to take a breath she screamed. She then covered mouth with her palm. She was trembling like a leaf on a strong wind unable to talk, only tears formed in both eyes and when she blinked slowly fell down her cheeks.::

Aare: Oh no. That’s what I wanted to avoid. We wanted to avoid it.

Avae: Yes, we all wanted to avoid this. I'm sorry, ma'am.

::They both backed away, leaving their superior to approach and comfort her. When Reid waived them to leave that’s exactly what they did. ::

Reid: So, now you know. I have been fumbling around waiting to see if you could handle the news. Now, I guess the cat's out of the bag.

Satscher: I know, thank you. :: She looked at him. :: Go to the meeting. It’s not something you postpone at will. I’ll cry here a little and will join kids for a therapy. :: A breath, maybe few. :: You talk to Marcus after the meeting. If end with rehab I’ll be in my quarters.

Reid: You sure about it. I am sure the Captain would understand if I filled her in on your history with Lt. Dickens.

Satscher: I’ll be fine. Believe it or not I’m happy. Happier than was for a long, long time, just need to go through the emotions and collect. Tell boys to wait outside, I’ll join them when ready.

Reid: Nurse Aare, I want you to stay outside my office, just in case Dr. Satscher needs help. You are to notify me immediately, if she needs anything.

:: When Reid left Vojana curled in a chair in his office and cried like a baby for quite some time. All the fears, all the pain and loneliness fell on her chest and off it. When finally calmed enough she washed her face in Reid’s bathroom and get out of his office to face, now for her, much happier life. ::

Jerry Reid, Lt. Cmdr. CMO

SAR/Forensics/Flt. Surgeon

USS Challenger - A NCC 12886



Vojana Minerva Satscher - Civilian


PO1C Any Aare - Nurse Practitioner/Medical Intern


Amime Aanyr Avae - Medical Officer/Massage therapist

as simmed by

Ensign Mailea Labria