SIM:JP LtJG Ukinix, Ensigns MacKenzie, Xerix and Monroe: Terror

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((The Celestial - en route to rendezvous with the Veritas))

:: The trip to Betazed was behind them. Choupette’s funeral was behind them. And Victoire, Ghant couldn’t think about her right now. Leaving her behind nearly killed him. But according to people more experienced than he, this was the surest way to gain custody of the girl. A loss of one battle might win the war. The crew had again elected to take shifts - and blessedly Ukinix had suggested he and MacKenzie take one shift, while Andy and Ghant take the other. Things with the good doctor were awkward and uncomfortable. The one bright spot in all this was Andy. A strong comforting presence that Ghant was quickly becoming dependent upon. Turning to the man in question<nowiki>::

Xerix: I can’t thank you enough for joining me on this trip. Hopefully you got to see little bit of beauty in my home planet. Maybe next time, we can visit Risa and catch some sun.

Monroe: It wasn’t a problem, I had a good time even though there were some sad moments. It’s a beautiful place. But I’d like that a lot.

Xerix: We use to spend a month there every year when I was little. It’s absolutely beautiful. After the war, our trips became more sporadic, but I still love it.

Monroe: Makes sense. I’ve always heard Risa was lovely. Not difficult to love it.

Computer: Incoming distress signal

Xerix: Put it through

Unknown: =/\= This is the cargo vessel Altair X, we are experiencing system-wide power failures. Propulsion and guidance are offline, and comm and life support are on their way out. =/\=

Xerix: Are there any starfleet vessels nearby?

::Andy took a moment to check before shaking his head.::

Monroe: Doesn’t look like it, they’re pretty far from here.

Xerix: =/\= This is the Celestial, we’ve received your distress signal Altair X. What is your current status? =/\=

Unknown: =/\= This is C’dar, ship’s acting captain. Life support has been intermittent. A few casualties needing treatment and we need to get main power back online =/\=

Xerix: Damn...Let’s wake Ukinix. He’s the ranking officer aboard and while this is my ship, I certainly don’t want to ruffle his feathers. Gods know I need one friendly face in engineering...And Doctor MacKenzie in case there are casualties ::Hitting the rarely used intercom key::

Xerix: =/\= Lieutenant Ukinix, Dr MacKenzie, Sorry to wake you. You’re needed in the cockpit area =/\=

::Wil was sitting opposite the female interviewer from the FNS, on a white couch with his right elbow resting on the high armrest. He continued on with his answer to the interviewer’s question.::

Ukinix: I said to Teller, “are you sure you want to blow it up?”

::Wil pressed his fingers on the armrest to simulate using a console.::

Ukinix: Next thing I know he’s tapping on the console, and then boom! ::gesturing annihilation:: It was gone.

::As Wil rested back on the couch, the interviewer nodded and smiled before asking the next question.::

Interviewer: =/\= Lieutenant Ukinix, Dr MacKenzie, Sorry to wake you. You’re needed in the cockpit area =/\=

::Puzzled, Wil furrowed his brow, before…::

::... he sat up quickly as his dream ended. He rubbed his eyes, before reality hit him and the message he had heard sunk into his half awake brain. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed Addison already leaving the doorway.::

Ukinix: =/\= On my way mate. =/\=

::Snapping into motion, Wil spun his legs on to the floor from the bottom bunk, and stood in his fleecy grey pyjama boxers and matching top to briskly walk out of the shared quarters - only to trip over his shoes he had casually left next to his bed hours before. He fell to the floor with a “thud”, bumped his knee, and let out a delayed “owwww!”::

::Addison, slightly annoyed and agitated, made her way to the cockpit, slowly followed by a grimacing, slightly limping Wil.::

MacKenzie: What’s going on?

Xerix: Apologies, but we’ve received a distress signal from a Ulysses-class freighter, claiming to have severe ship-wide system power failures. At maximum warp, we are approximately 35 minutes away, while the nearest Starfleet ship is a couple hours from here.

::Wil had placed his tongue in his cheek, when he realised that the other three were looking at him. That’s when it hit him… that whole “Lieutenant Junior Grade” thing. He was ranking officer. He crossed his arms, before he raised one of his arms and cradled his chin in his fingers.::

Ukinix: There’s four of us, in a small ship. How severe is it? Maybe we should let the Starfleet ship handle this.

MacKenzie: ::concerned:: Wil, if they have any injured, we’ve got to go help them...

::Wil sensed Addison’s concern. He placed his tongue between his lips, and nodded. She was right.::

Ukinix: ::To Monroe:: Can you replay the distress call?

::They listened again to the distress call.::

Ukinix: oO What would Roshy do... Oo

Ukinix: Andy, perform long range scans, see what you can determine about the ship. Give me any preliminary damage reports so I can assess them.

Monroe: You got it, boss

::Andy gave a quick snap of a finger gun in Wil’s direction before getting to the scan. There was definitely something odd about it, but he didn’t know what it was. Just that it didn’t make him feel great.::

Ukinix: Ghant, set an intercept course, but cautiously. Notify the Altair we’re on the way.

Xerix: ::Trying to keep sarcasm out of his tone:: Aye, Sir. Setting a cautious course.

::Wil turned to Addison::

Ukinix: Doc, contact the Altair and see if they can send through any casualty reports. Start assessing what medical assistance they might need.

MacKenzie: ::sitting down at one of the consoles:: I’m on it.

::Wil sat down at the nearby console, and checked over the engineering status of the Celestial. As he did, the distress call replayed in his mind.::

Ukinix: Is it just me, or did the Captain of the Altair sound… ::rolling hand while thinking:: not overly distressed?

::Wil returned his focus back to the console as the others spoke.::

MacKenzie: ::turning in Wil’s direction:: They say they’ve got three crewmen who are seriously injured, and that they don’t have a doctor on board...

Ukinix: ::To Ghant:: Oh, ::clicking fingers:: Can you notify that nearest Starfleet vessel to us of the situation, and request their assistance. Let them know we’re Starfleet officers. What’s the name of that ship?

Xerix: Yes, Sir. The USS Fesoan, a Freedom class is the nearest vessel.

MacKenzie: I’ve got an emergency medkit, and that’s about it. This ship isn’t equipped for any kind of medical response, and I can’t imagine theirs is either...

Monroe: Hm… well it seems their systems are down or at least not working like he said? They do look to have some issues in their propulsion and guidance systems. Shields down. Looks like there’s some weapons damage to the outside of it. Maybe they were attacked by someone, hard to say who or what. Or even how old the damage is. It could account for the system problems. But…

::Andy paused, scrunching his face as he tried to think how to explain what about it he couldn’t quite place. But it definitely worked with the thought that this C’dar guy didn’t sound overly concerned for someone who’s life support system was supposedly having some real issues.::

Monroe: I may need you to come over here and look at this. There’s something not right about it. Something’s inconsistent, and I need a second opinion to be sure I’m not just reading it wrong.

::It looked decidedly less accidental than it all should.::

::Wil walked over to Andy, and leaned over to look at his console. He furrowed his brow as he thought for a second, taking in the information in front of him.::

Ukinix: For system wide power failures, we’re still able to get a good fix on them thanks to their warp core. You’d think that’d be looking sicker than it’s showing here.

MacKenzie: ::thinking about the lack of detail provided in the injury report:: This is not right...

Ukinix: ::To Andy:: Ensign, please patch through the long range scan results to the Fesoan. They’re on their way behind us, I’d rather they knew what’s going on. ::To Addison:: Addison, can you please inform the Fesoan of the reported injuries. They might have to prepare their sick bay.

Monroe: On it, sir.

MacKenzie: Aye, sending now.

::Wil headed back to his seat.::

Ukinix: I’ll check ::Tapping console:: the specs for the Ulysses class and compare them with the long range scans. ::Looking at results:: It could be their plasma conduits are on the fritz. Maybe they’ve made some custom mods that have failed. I’ve heard some of the freighters will do that.

Xerix: The Ulysses class uses a quad-nacelle design, and very redundant systems. It’s supposed to be super reliable

Monroe: Then we’d better be extra careful about this.

((32 Minutes later))

Xerix: Sir, we’re nearing the Altair X. Perhaps we should hail them?

::Wil looked out of the window at the large freighter in the distance, hands on his lap. Then it dawned on him.::

Ukinix: Oh! Yes, Me. ::looking at console:: Of course.

MacKenzie: ::smirking:: Better buck up there, skipper...

::Wil tapped the console in front of him.::

Ukinix: =/\= This is Lieutenant Ukinix onboard the private vessel Celestial. We are on approach, what is your status? =/\=

Xerix: They aren’t responding….in fact they didn’t hear us because they appear to be jamming all communications.

::Wil’s eyes opened wide, as he looked down at the readouts on his console to make sure he was hearing Ghant correctly.

He was.::

Ukinix: What?!

::Andy swallowed hard, rubbing sweaty palms against his pants a moment. If they’d been on the Veritas, or even if that other starfleet vessel were just a little closer he wouldn’t feel such a strong feeling of mounting dread. They were only four people in a small little vessel. It didn’t bode well that there was a communications jam.::

::And frankly, upon looking at it, this thing didn’t look like it was in all that much danger.::

Monroe: ::taking a deep breath to gather himself:: I hope I don’t have to explain why, but I have a bad feeling about this.

MacKenzie: ::wryly:: I don’t suppose it’s too late to suggest we get out of here?

::Wil fleetingly felt the tension from his three crew mates, before that was drowned out by his own. He looked at the freighter on the long range display, which seemed to be changing course.::

Ukinix: Wait, are they coming about?

Xerix: Affirmative, Sir. Freighter coming about bearing 05 mark 113 ...range 115 thousand kilometers and closing

Monroe: If The Celestial has any extra shielding, I’d suggest we put it up as a precaution.

::Andy glanced between all of them gauging how anof them felt about that. Wil simply nodded.::

Ukinix: Maybe they’re pirates, if so that thing could be armed to to the teeth. I agree, raise shields - ::Inquisitive look at Ghant:: whatever shields we have?

Xerix: Shields are nearly the only thing we do have.

MacKenzie: Are there any nearby ships who can render aid, Starfleet or not?

Ukinix: ::To Addison:: I think the Fesoan was it. ::To Ghant:: How far away is the Fesoan?

Xerix: 1.5 hrs at current speeds

::At that news, Wil put his elbow on the console, then rubbed his forehead back and forth before placing his mouth over his hand, thinking. Something wasn’t right.::

Ukinix: ::Puzzled:: It’s pretty brave for a pirate to be in this area of space.

::Wil remembered looking through the diagnostic readouts of the Celestial on the way to Betazed (he’s an Engineering nerd, what do you expect?) and asking Ghant about the “aftermarket” feature that had been illegally fitted to the ship - a crude cloaking device.::

Ukinix: ::Tapping at console:: Andy, I’m rerouting power from secondary systems to the cloak, crank it as soon as you can.

Monroe: Of course, sir.

::The second Andy was able he cranked it.::

MacKenzie: oO Cloak? That would have been helpful before… Oo

::Andy’s eyes widened, shooting a really quick look in Wil’s direction before speaking::

Monroe: Sir, they’re powering weapons!

Ukinix: Evasive Maneuvers!

::Wil switched screens on his console and routed as much power as he could muster from other systems to shields, without compromising the cloak.::

Xerix: Brace for impact!

::A photon torpedo detonated near the Celestial, causing some damage.::

Monroe: Cloaking is down.

Ukinix: That means they detonated that torpedo deliberately.

Monroe: If they decide to actually hit us directly before the starfleet vessel can get here, it’s not gonna be good.

MacKenzie: ::to Wil:: What are the chances we can talk our way out of this?

Ukinix: I don’t think they’re in a talking mood. ::Shaking his head:: We’re gonna have to play cat and mouse.

Monroe: ::bracing himself:: They’re firing again!

::The ship suddenly rocked sideways. Another torpedo near miss was detonated near the Celestial, but this time closer, causing further damage. The station Ghant was sitting at exploded, knocking him to the deck. Blood began trickling from his hairline:::

::MacKenzie left her seat and knelt down next to Xerix. She didn’t need a tricorder to tell her that it was at least a grade 1 concussion. Reaching for the medkit, she removed the tricorder and started her analysis.::

MacKenzie: ::with a sense of urgency:: Wil, now would be a good time… and try to hold it steady if you can.

Monroe: Shielding’s down 15 percent, clearly things are exploding a bit. Wouldn’t recommend having another close hit like that. Do you think they’d follow if we did actually try to get out of here? Maybe the purposeful misfires are warnings to get out?

::Andy wasn’t actually sure how much he believed that, as evidenced by the unsure expression on his face. They wouldn’t’ve made the distress call if they were just going to let them off the hook like that. But he had to hope for something.::

::Wil could feel Andy's hope and doubt. He pondered before shaking his head.::

Ukinix: Nah, they wouldn't have lured us here. But let's give it a try. Transfer helm to your console mate, let's get out of here.

Monroe: ::quickly doing just that:: You don’t have to ask me twice.

::MacKenzie wiped the blood from Xerix’s head to get a better look at the injury. From what she could tell, it was superficial, but the tricorder was definitely reading a grade 1-borderline grade 2 concussion. It was better for him to be awake than unconscious at this point, so she could adequately analyze his mental faculties. Resisting the urge to slap his face as a method of waking him, she opted to load a hypospray and pressed it against his neck. After a moment, he came around.::

MacKenzie: ::flatly:: Name and rank.


MacKenzie: ::she helped him along.:: Ensign. ::holding up two fingers:: How many fingers am I holding up?

Xerix: ..2

MacKenzie: That’ll do for now, I guess. Can you stand?

Xerix: ...I don’t think so.

MacKenzie: It’s fine, I’ll have you lie right here until we’re out of this mess and can get you to a proper facility. ::she glanced in Wil’s direction, hoping he overheard her. Wil, hearing the news he didn't want to hear, gave Addison a small nod of acknowledgment.::

Ukinix: ::To Andy:: Ensign where's the freighter.

Monroe: oO Well, so much for it being a warning. Oo Not to alarm anyone, but the Altair X appears to be moving closer. They don’t look like they’re firing weapons again just yet, but I don’t think we could handle it very well happening at a closer range.

Ukinix: Can we go to warp?

Monroe: We can certainly try.

::And he was trying to be swift about it considering the circumstances.::

::Ghant caught sight of the blood coming from his gashed head and promptly emptied the contents of his stomach all over Doctor MacKenzie’s lap.::

MacKenzie: oO Oh for fu- Oo

MacKenzie: ::It was not the first time she had been vomited on. It was, however the first time she had been vomited on in her pajamas by someone who had played her.

The irony had not escaped her.::

::Suddenly the ship shook again from another torpedo detonation near the ship, again without directly hitting it. Immediately afterwards, there was then a loud low pitched sound that reverberated throughout the entire hull, before it lurched violently backward in one motion. Wil grabbed the console to stop himself from falling to the ground. When the lurching stopped, the console showed that they were slowing, and that engines were straining.::

Ukinix: They’ve locked on a tractor beam!

Monroe: Ah, hell. ::laughing nervously:: Excuse my French, but goddamn, son of a…

::as anyone could imagine, what followed was an impressive string of swears that involved both English and one or two other languages. All said in only a few seconds before he gathered his sense of focus again properly.::

Monroe: Do we have anything on this thing that’s strong enough to cause a residual charge to dispel the beam? With the size of this ship in comparison to that, and the damage already done, I’m thinking not. But damn if I’m not open to any suggestions on how to help us all not die. Stupid ones included.

MacKenzie: That, I don’t know. ::gesturing to Xerix:: And I don’t think he’s in a position to answer you, either.

Ukinix: ::Looking at console:: Communications are unjammed. ::Tapping console:: They’re broadcasting a message.

Unknown: =/\= Starfleet vessel Fesoan. We are the Maquis Reborn. Too many of Betazed’s children have died at the hands of the corrupt and inept Federation. On this day, we will show that Federation sympathizers with Betazoid blood must pay a price for their treachery. When you arrive, you will witness the death of four Starfleet traitors. This will act a message to the people of Betazed - our time to remove the shackles of the Federation is now. Every Betazoid must make a decision between an independent Betazed, and the Federation. We will swiftly judge those that choose the latter. =/\=

::Andy blanched. He could feel his heart in his throat and was ready to follow in Ghant’s footsteps and throw up a little. But he swallowed that urge back real hard. He was security. He couldn’t show such apparent visuals of fear considering he was meant to protect. Though this definitely wasn’t what he was expecting to happen so soon into being part of starfleet.::

Monroe: ::terrified, and frantic. His voice pitching a bit higher than he was trying for:: Okay so the stupid ones are readily encouraged right now. If we make it through this I’m gonna need so much goddamn therapy.

MacKenzie: So, what if we just sacrifice Xerix?

::She wasn’t sure how much she was joking.::

Ukinix: Ah - he’s not the only one with Betazoid blood.

Monroe: And it doesn’t seem to matter if it’s betazoid blood in this instance anyway. We’re here to be made an example of regardless. They said four traitors, and that’s all of us. We wouldn’t get away even if sacrificing him was our best option. Terrorists don’t usually let people off the hook without a reason.

::A klaxon warning sounding on several consoles, before a shuttlepod leaving the freighter was visible through the front window.::

MacKenzie: Where do you suppose they’re going?

::MacKenzie’s voice was the last thing Ghant heard as he slipped from consciousness. His vision faded to black and he felt nothing more::

Ukinix: ::Dryly:: Maybe they got a smell of Ghant’s vom.

::Against his better nature, Andy did laugh softly at Wil’s comment. Humor had always helped calm his nerves a bit.::

Monroe: Who knows, maybe at this point they’re just coming over here to tell us it’s nasty. Like thanks, we don’t need you to tell us twice.

::He was more worried about him than his joking led on. The humor was better than falling into a cycle of despair like he almost wanted to.::

::Noticing Ghant had slipped back into unconsciousness, Addison consulted her tricorder. The readings weren’t good.::

MacKenzie: Wil, he’s got a brain hemorrhage… I’ve got to get him to a surgical suite immediately.

::Wil stood up, placed his hands on his hips, closed his eyes and took a deep breath through his nose. Opening his eyes, he rubbed his hands together and flared his nostrils, before assessing the three of them.::

Ukinix: Alright. ::Looking at console:: That shuttle’s just gone to warp, and they’ve jammed communications again before they’ve gone. Leaving us stuck, and being towed behind a freighter that *was* piloted by a bunch of loonies. And then they bugger off. They said something about us being “dead” but we’re plainly not.

::Wil’s eyes suddenly opened wide, and clicked his fingers.::

Ukinix: ::To Andy:: Can you replay the broadcast message?

Monroe: Aye, sir

MacKenzie: ::with urgency:: Wil…

Ukinix: Wait, there’s something they said in the message Doc…

::The message replayed. As soon as the replay repeated the words “When you arrive, you will witness the death of four Starfleet traitors” part, Wil spoke up.::

Ukinix: There! “When you arrive”. The Fesoan. Their arrival....

MacKenzie: I don’t follow…

Ukinix: Yeah. They *want* the Fesoan to see us explode. Or whatever they’ve got planned. ::Hands on head:: Crrrrrap. That gives us less than an hour.

MacKenzie: Wil, Ghant doesn’t have an hour. I’ll do my best to stabilize him, but if I can’t get this under control, it’s going to be bad.

::Wil crossed his arms, and nodded.::

Ukinix: We could overload the cloak and send a feedback pulse through our shields. That will hopefully disable the freighter’s shields. Then we beam over there.

MacKenzie: Let’s hope they’ve got medical supplies...

Monroe: And maybe some clean clothes

::Wil could feel the nerves from Andy and Addison. He took a quick breath, and blew out through his cheeks to calm himself as best he could before the “to do” tasks started piling up in his brain.::

Ukinix: ::To Andy:: Ensign, lower our shields. I’ll head down to the cloak, and jury rig it so we can send that feedback pulse. Once I give the signal fire our shields up again. Then transport to the freighter immediately. ::Looking at Addison, swallowing:: Doc, find whatever supplies you can to keep Ghant stable.

::Wil began walking away from them, towards the corridor that led to the back of the ship.::

Monroe: Shouldn’t we stay together ?

Ukinix: I’ll be right behind you. Don’t wait for me. ::Over his shoulder, urgent tone:: That’s an order guys.

Monroe: Yes, sir

MacKenzie: Hurry, Wil…

((Bridge, Altair X - Fifty three minutes later))

::It took six tries to get the cloak to send a feedback pulse back through the tractor beam via the Celestial’s shields. Each time, Wil had to repair and reset the cloak, a device he was not that familiar with. When finally they had got it to work, most systems on the Celestial, including life support, had failed. Ghant's ship was still being towed by the freighter's tractor beam.

After the four of them beamed aboard the Altair X, Wil joined Andy on the bridge, and after reviewing logs and breaking encryption codes, they had worked out what the Marquis Reborn members had planned - The arrival of the Fesoan on the freighter's sensors would trigger the fraighter’s auto-destruct mechanism..::

::The medical bay was certainly nothing to write home about, but Addison had more options to keep Ghant stable than on the Celestial. Still, it was nothing compared to if she were on a Federation starship.::

::The bridge of the freighter was bland, a little dirty, but functional. It was nowhere near as aesthetically pleasing as a Starfleet bridge, but its assembly was also less sophisticated. Andy was stationed at one of the consoles, while Wil had his head inside one the nearby panels.::

Ukinix: ::To Andy:: Try that!

Monroe: effect

::Wil let out of line of swear words, before cutting himself off. He reached to the back of the panel, he stretched his arm in, grabbed a conduit, and after a few tugs, managed to rip it out. Sparks flew as Will fell backward.::

Ukinix: ::Looking up at Andy:: Try now.

Monroe: That’s done it!

::Wil breathed a small sigh of relief.::

Ukinix: Finally. See if you can find the Fesoan.

::At that moment, the doors to the bridge slid open, and Addison joined them.::

Ukinix: ::To Addison:: How is he?

MacKenzie: If we don’t get him to the Fesoan soon, he’s going to die.

::Wil nodded, understanding the gravity of what the doctor had just said.::

Ukinix: We’ve just got long range sensors back on line, but no comms yet - they’re still jammed, and they encrypted the controls before they left.

::With the news that the Fesoan was closer than they had estimated, Wil could feel the panic from the other two - which became swamped by his own.::

Ukinix: Oh *#&!

MacKenzie: ::concerned:: What, Wil?

Ukinix: It’s heavily encrypted, we can’t stop it. ::Clicking fingers:: but we may be able to trick the auto destruct system. ::To Addison:: Doc, over in ::pointing:: that panel, see all those conduits?

MacKenzie: … Yes, what do you need?

::Wil moved over to the console that was situated next to Andy, as Addison moved toward the conduit.::

Ukinix: Rip them out.

MacKenzie: Rip them out? ...All of them?

Ukinix: Yes, all of them! Make Teller proud. ::Turning back to console:: Andy, bypass the security protocols of auto destruct systems. ::Tapping madly at console:: I’ll start interfacing it with any other system I can find that wasn’t locked out.

MacKenzie: There, that’s all of them.

Ukinix: ::Pointing:: on that console over there, how long until the Fesoan arrives?

MacKenzie: Two minutes. We’d better work quickly, boss...

Ukinix: ::Tapping madly at console:: Dammit.

Ukinix: Good work. OK here we go…

::Wil tapped on the console a few more times, before the screen indicated it was working. Suddenly the words “System Error” appeared on the screen.::

MacKenzie: Wil….

Ukinix: ::tapping furiously:: I’ll try interfacing with another system.

MacKenzie: I’m a doctor, not an engineer, Wil. Tell me how to help.

::Wil realised how hot his face was, and that he was sweating. Moisture from his fingers was starting to appear on the console. He tapped a few more times, and watched the screen to say that it was “working” - again. It was a very long 10 seconds… at the end of which all of the consoles on the bridge went black. Wil hopelessly thumped his console with his fist.::

Ukinix: ::Anxiously:: I don’t know if that worked.

MacKenzie: ::Trying not to sound sarcastic:: Well, I’m not sure what I’m looking at, but given that all the consoles went black?

::The arrival of the Fesoan caused a klaxon warning to sound, and the bridge’s lights to turn red.::

Computer: Warning. Auto-destruct initiated. Auto destruct sequence will activate in… Five.. Four…

MacKenzie: ::whispering:: Here we go...

::Wil simply dropped his head and closed his eyes.::

Computer: ..Two… One…

::Suddenly, all of the consoles on the bridge came back to life, with a jumbled mess of diagnostic information on them. A nearby replicator then activated itself, and materialised a coffee mug, with steam coming out of the top.::

::Wil took a step back, put his hands on his knees, and then lowered himself to the floor, lying on his back. He placed his hands over his face, as the realisation that they didn’t blow up sunk in to him.::

MacKenzie: Is that a cup of coffee? God bless….

::Their voices were interrupted when the bridge sparkled and six people with phasers drawn wearing Starfleet uniforms materialised behind them.::

Officer: ::To Wil:: On your feet!

::Wil slowly stood up and raised his palms. Wil and Addison were still in their pyjamas - with the exception that Addison had a circle of Ghant’s lunch on hers. The officers had slightly puzzled looks on their face.::

Ukinix: We’re Starfleet officers.

::There were a few raised eyebrows as some of the officers looked at each other - others were visibly trying to breathe through their mouths as the waft of vomit reached them.::

MacKenzie: ::embarrassingly, aware of her state of dress:: Yes. We are, in fact, Starfleet officers...


Lieutenant JG Wil Ukinix

Engineer, USS Veritas


Ensign Addison MacKenzie

Medical Officer, USS Veritas


Ensign Ghant Xerix

Helm/Navigation Officer, USS Veritas


Ensign Andy Monroe

Security Officer, USS Veritas