SIM:JP Aigle Phos & Tyriden th'Dani - Fade Away And Radiate

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((DS-285, Deck 65, Observation Decks))

::So the Discovery-C was officially declared lost and her crew MIA. His first assignment after being pronounced free of “psychological and emotional disequilibrium” and it had all come to an abrupt end. He was scheduled to meet with the CO of DS-285 later that afternoon for a reassignment. For now, he wandered aimlessly through the starbase, smiling and greeting at all the familiar denizens that he had come to know throughout his prolonged stay on the base. One face, however, caught his eye. It was an unfamiliar face and he gravitated towards it.::

::Meanwhile… ::

:: All in all it was quite typical, Aigle mused into her red coffee. Just when she was sure she’d been able to fulfill her promise to herself she made back Til'ahn - Bam. Her ship gets lost with all hands. She took a long sigh and a short sip of her drink. At least she had got to see some of the universe getting here…

She was soon shaken from her melancholy by a whooshing sound from behind her, and a large yellow glow from above. ::

PHOS: Hello there.

TYRIDEN: ::smiling:: Hello. I haven’t seen you around the base before.

:: Aigle turned around to address the man properly, she hated not being able to see who she was talking too. He was slightly taller than her and, if she remembered her classes correctly Andorian… Or was it Altoran? ::

PHOS: :: shuffling up on her bench so he could join her :: So what brings you here, good sir?

oO Hmm… he’s very red… Hmm, I suppose his body temperature could just be greater than others I’ve interacted with… Oo

::The Andorian professor accepted the gesture to share the bench and seated himself at a comfortable and respectful distance from the woman. His antennae twirled wildly out of curiosity.::

TYRIDEN: I was just wandering about idly about the base while waiting for my reassignment. You see.. ::pause, grinning:: it’s quite funny actually. I was assigned to the USS Discovery, only to learn that she has been declared lost and her entire crew missing in action. I guess the fates have other plans in store for me.

PHOS: Ah, so you were assigned there too… Do you know what’s happening? Or what happened for that matter?

TYRIDEN: Oh, ::straightening his back and turning slightly towards her:: you mean you were assigned to the Discovery too? What a coincidence then, that we should bump into one another. A strange thing, this Fate. ::He grinned again.:: Anyway, I don’t know for sure but I heard that a wormhole was involved. Sucked the Discovery right in.

PHOS: Wormhole, eh? :: Aigle scratched her head :: So really we don’t know what happened to them, then.

TYRIDEN: ::shaking his head:: Not officially, anyway.

PHOS: Hmm. Well they wouldn’t be the first to have survived something like that… :: After a slight pause. :: Sorry. :: Smiling weakly :: I’m not usually this cranky it’s just.. Well a combination of a long journey and a bit of frustration. :: Aigle sighed ::

TYRIDEN: A long journey.. ::He frowned while smiling at the same time.:: Are you speaking literally or metaphorically? ::He chuckled.:: No worries. We all get a little cranky every now and then.

PHOS: So anyway, let’s start again. :: Aigle burst out into a smile. :: Greetings I’m Dr… Ensign Aigle Phos. :: Smiling weakly :: Sorry, I still haven't got used to the whole rank thing yet.

TYRIDEN: Rank is of no importance when off duty. Well, at least for me it isn’t. ::offering a hand:: Pleased to meet you, Ensign Phos. I’m Tyriden, Professor of Paramilitary Strategies.

PHOS: :: Phos took his red hand and grasped it firmly in handshake, before withdrawing it while holding her palm up in the greeting she was more used to. :: Professor of Paramilitary Strategies? That sounds interesting?

TYRIDEN: Nah. ::smirking:: It’s an extravagant designation for History Teacher.

PHOS: Another important title! History is the cornerstone of knowledge after all :: Phos laughed slightly ::

TYRIDEN: True. Unfortunately the larger part of early written human history is, well.. inaccurate. Perhaps even intentionally made so.

PHOS: So, :: she pointed at the expanse of stars before them :: which one are you from?

TYRIDEN: ::swiftly pointing dead ahead and slightly above his eyeline:: That one. ::pause:: No, I’m just kidding! I can’t tell without looking at a chart these days. That shows just how long I’ve been grounded on this station.

::The Andorian’s antennae went limp when he reminisced about his times on board the USS Independence-A then the USS Tiger-A. As chief science officer, he was able to plot, read and memorize starcharts and perhaps even to navigate blind if given the chance. Now all he got was a dull ache in his head from trying to remember the technical stuff, let alone figure out what happened immediately after the telepathic assault. He shook his head, dismissing the mental exercise for now, and the dull ache seemed to abate.::

:: Phos got up and went to the window. ::

PHOS: See that tiny speck there… I’m told it’s meant to be sort of Orangy-yellow. That was my home.

TYRIDEN: ::antennae perking up again:: Was?

PHOS: I just haven’t been back in a long time… After all I have a universe to explore!

TYRIDEN: You should. Sooner rather than later. I vaguely recall what being young feels like. The whole universe is your oyster. But always remember where home is. That is your anchor. Your lighthouse. No matter how crazy your life gets or how arduous your travels, home should always be your North. Remember that and you won’t ever get lost.

PHOS: :: Aigle laughed slightly. :: Was that a metaphor or...

TYRIDEN: ::chuckling and bowing his head:: A little of both, I think.

PHOS: :: Aigle laughed a little louder this time. ::

TYRIDEN: Anyway, I hear they’re planning a memorial service for the Discovery. Strangely, I’ve been invited to attend. How about you?

PHOS: I don’t think I have... :: Aigle looked back at the PADD she was handed, really for the first time. :: Oh, wait. Yes I have!

TYRIDEN: ::surprised:: Ah! Another coincidence! Seems like our fates are more intertwined than we both realize.

PHOS: That they may be indeed!

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