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((Brice’s Quarters, USS Independence-A, During the Trip from Asterospolis to Igloo))

::The sound of the room was quiet; almost silent apart from the gentle breathing of the two Officers sat together, cuddled up on the sofa. Neither were asleep, but they were finding a quiet part of the ship to simply be together and avoid the stress that was going on all over the place.::

::Karynn sat in peaceful calm, loosing herself in the ebb and flow of the connection between them. She sat, eyes closed, listening to the Engineer's quiet respirations and acclimating herself again to his emotional patterns. Quietly, almost voicelessly, a peaceful sigh escaped her lips.::

Ehlanii: Kiimosa.

::Ethan was gently moving his fingertips down Karynn’s arms, feeling her soft skin and enjoying the moment that they were having together. He moved down further to her wrists, turning her hands over playfully while committing every tiny blemish, every small fold of her skin to memory. He turned her hands over and ran his fingers over her palms.::

::His brow furrowed slightly.:: Brice: Where’d you get the scar from? I didn’t think Counselor’s did any rough housing save for paper pushing.

::Karynn fought the urge to pull her hands back, to move away from the man. Memories long suppressed threatened to spill over and ruin her peace... their peace. Mentally shoving them down, she attempted to keep herself as calm as possible, at least externally.::

Ehlanii: An accident... a long time ago. It's... nothing.

::Silently the Haliian hoped that he would leave it at that. She didn't want to talk about it... or remember it. Unfortunately the topic seemed to keep coming up. But every other time, Ethan had let it lie. Maybe this time would be the same.::

::Running his index fingertips down the length of the scar, even though it was quite faint, he didn’t need the Canar stone to tell him her demeanor had changed. He turned her hand over again and brushed his thumb along the back of it with a slight boyish grin playing on his face.::

Brice: Just seems like something you would’ve mentioned when we were sharing battle scars.

::Karynn pulled her hand back gently, closing her fingers down over her palm, subconsciously trying to hide the blemish from view.::

Ehlanii: I usually don't think of it. Really it’s the faintest of my scars. Far less noticeable than the one on my knee.

::The one on her knee he’d laughed at when she’d showed him, but he’d understood. Falling off swings and the like; the equipment could be deadly but you could hardly stop kids from doing what kids wanted to do. But, this one was different. She was hiding something.::

Brice: I know, but it’s still a part of you. ::he relaxed back:: Where’d you get it?

::Staring at the wall, Karynn did her best to push down all the emotions and memories attempting to fight their way to the surface... and her frustrations at Ethan for trying to pursue this. Maybe if minimizing it wouldn't help, changing the subject would.::

::She tried to think of something but her mind felt blank. Glancing around the room, looking for something... anything to talk about, her eyes landed on the replicator.::

Ehlanii: So what's the matter with your replicator, anyway?

::He looked over to the replicator that was a "work in progress". Like most Engineers, he’d been experimenting with it to try and figure out different kinds of matter reversal to make their recyclers more effective only his was the only replicator he could attempt it with that wouldn’t annoy anyone else.::

::Instead of going into detail, he stayed on track and gave her a slight shrug of his calm shoulders, smiling with a hint of laughter behind it, making light of the situation.::

Brice: The computer does not understand the answer. Please, try again.

::The Haliian half-smiled at the joke. She appreciated the levity, but even then, the smile was more sad than happy. A voice in her head broke through.::

Jaryl (memory): Karynn, you failed for a reason. You're not meant to be in Starfleet. You're supposed to stay on Halii... stay where we have a chance. When will you accept that?

::She shook her head, trying to brush the voice in her head away.::

Ehalnii: ::quietly:: try again?

Brice: Where’s the scar from? ::he breathed a laugh:: Come on, it’s not like I’m asking you to move in, is it? Simple question, simple answer. "I fell off my bike" or whatever.

Ehlanii: I cut it... on a broken vase. That's all...

::She closed her eyes gently, desperately willing the memories to rebury themselves. She could see the blue vase shatter into fragments, see the bright red blood begin to drip, hear the crash. She even began to feel the old throb in her hand. oO Go away. Go back where you belong... go back to the past.Oo Slowly, she felt like she was gaining a smidgen of control.::

::This was getting complicated. He shifted on the sofa and asked the question he was thinking.::

Brice: What’s wrong?

Ehlanii: Nothing, Ethan. Nothing's wrong... It's fine. I'm... I'm fine.

Brice: There is if you’re reacting like this...

::He tried to reach for her hand but she pulled it away too quickly. He sighed and wiped his mouth with his hand. Leave it, Ethan, just leave it alone – don’t ask, don’t test the water anymore.::

Brice: Karynn, it’s just a scar.

::Foot, meet mouth.::

Jaryl (memory): Karynn... It's just Starfleet.

::The woman's brow furrowed slightly. She wasn't ready... She didn't want to. Not now. Not here. Not...::

Ehlanii: ::soft moan:: No...

::Her voice was quieter then it was normally and he was sure he hadn’t heard right.:: Brice: What?

Ehlanii: It's not just a scar. It's memories... memories that hurt far more than the physical wound ever did.

Jaryl (memory): You'll never make it out there. You'll be what? A glorified scanner? Data analyst? ::he snorted:: You have potential - potential you'll waste out there. Heck... you're wasting it now.

::Ethan’s hand touched her shoulder and concern, more than anything, crossed over the Engineer’s face.::

Brice: You can talk to me, you know.

Ehlanii: Ethan I... ::she bit her lip slightly:: I'd rather not. I haven't talked about them in years. I don't want to think about it now.

::He nodded and he actually understood, but he couldn’t help but think she was hiding it for a reason. Yes, because it was painful for her, but he’d talked to her about his past, he’d gone through the motions of dragging it all up just so she knew everything about him. Standing up, he moved to the other side of the coffee table.::

Brice: You don’t want to talk about it so, what, you never will? Don’t keep things bottled up, that’s what you told me but that’s what you’re doing.

Ehlanii: That's not fair!

::Her mouth formed a pout. It was an easy shot, especially to take at a Counsellor. But deep down, she knew he was right, and had the situation been reversed...::

::His hand went up to run through his growing hair but dropped half way. A half-smile passed the young man’s features and he couldn’t tell whether it was sarcastic or genuine. His voice took on a louder, more aggressive tone that he couldn’t help.::

Brice: It might not be fair, but it’s the truth, Karynn. How can we expect to get en-

::He stopped, just short of treading rather clumsily into territory that they weren’t discussing right now. Biting the inside of his cheek, he drew back the comment made in frustration and amended it. The aggressiveness in his voice dropped, the tenor calming instead of provoking.::

Brice: How can we expect to move on together if you can’t tell me this?

::Knowing that he was at least a little bit right in his observation, Ethan looked at the woman sat on his sofa. Their eyes met in the silence and held. Time hung.::

::When he moved, when he left her, it stung. Perhaps more than it should have. His wasn't the only voice echoing in her head.::

Jaryl (memory): If you won't then maybe we shouldn't be together.

::Somehow Ethan's change in voice didn't restore the balance. A hot tear welled up in the corner of her eye, threatening to spill over, her glance at him was filled with pain.::

Ehlanii: You really want to know don't you?

::Being honest, Ethan replied.::

Brice: I want to know everything about you, whether it’s painful or not.

::Somewhere, deep inside, she knew that what he was saying was true, and even a good thing. Her subconscious tucked away the fact that he cared enough to push her on this, to desire to know everything about her. But could she bear it? Could she bear the questions, or even worse, the memories?::

Jaryl (memory): Kii... You won't make it... You're not good enough.

::She couldn't. She couldn't manage it. How could she? How could she even find the words to explain it... to explain the fights... to explain what happened. But if she didn't... if she couldn't find the strength... would this be... would it just start all over again?::

::Her mouth opened slightly, as if to say something, and then shut again quickly. Each time, no words would come.::

::If this silence had been on the Bridge, it could’ve been broken at any moment by a status report from any of the six Bridge Officers. Similarly, silence in Main Engineering was a common occurrence but there would always be the hum of the warp core in the background. Instead, they were alone in Ethan’s quarters with barely a word between them for all of four and a half minutes. Whether Karynn was debating whether to tell him or not, Ethan was thinking about her in particular and whether this time he had stepped too far. He broke the silence with a word.::

Brice: Coffee?

::Caffeine? It would magnify her already churning stomach and out of control emotions. She shook her head gently and did her best to smile slightly.::

Ehlanii: Got anything stronger?

::The Engineer found a small smile appearing slowly on his face and he stood up, going to the liquor cabinet that he kept in the desk. A click and the cabinet door swung open, revealing the decanter of scotch, a bottle of vintage whiskey and a few glasses for company.::

Brice: Whiskey or... whiskey.

::Karynn breathed a laugh as the tension in the room lessened ever so slightly.::

Ehlanii: Whiskey it is.

::With two glasses filled, Ethan took them both back to the sofa with heavy shoulders. He handed one glass to his partner and sat down on the coffee table in front of her. Their knees were nearly touching, but it was the best angle he could get to see Karynn's face. He took a drink from the glass and set it down on the table next to him.::

::Karynn took a sip... and realized that sipping whiskey was decidedly the wrong thing to do. She shuddered as the liquid burned it's way down her throat. But as the burn dissipated slightly she took a deep breath, appreciating the very slight numbness it imparted. She held the glass in her hand and swirled it slightly, staring at the dark brown liquid.::

::Ethan looked at Karynn's expression and was more than a little surprised that she hadn't lamped him yet. Gently, he touched her knees with an outstretched hand and fully meant the gesture to be loving and caring instead of dominating or malicious. He was concerned that if this, whatever it was, had caused a reaction out of the Haliian, that it could hamper their attempts at a future together.::

Brice: Horrible, ey?

::However, the face she made at the whiskey nearly caused the dark haired man to laugh.::

Ehlanii: ::smiling slightly:: Terrible. But somehow good at the same time.

Brice: Karynn, talk to me.

Jaryl (memory): Fine, don't talk to me. You're not any good at that either...

::Taking a deep breath in, the woman looked up at the wall behind the Engineer, noticing the pictures of his son behind him.::

Ehlanii: How is Matthew?

::Again, the Engineer breathed out a laugh and bowed his head but this one wasn't as happy as the others had been. He looked back up at her and held his hands up.::

Brice: Alright, forget I asked.

::Victory! He was going to let it go. She could sit in peace... But... the sweetness of the win suddenly felt hollow, as she knew ever so distinctly that he had been right. He needed to know... and she needed to talk about this.::

Karynn: ::softly:: I'm... I'm sorry.

::He picked up the glass and took another drink, setting it back down once his back teeth were drowning.::

Brice: No, you're not. You don't want to tell me and I'm okay with it. I won't stop you doing what you want, or don't want, to do.

::She could almost see the metaphorical wall going up. The same subconscious thought that had hinted that his wanting to know was a good thing began nagging at her. His capitulation, while what she had wanted, was not what it seemed. For the first time in what seemed like hours, but was really only minutes, she met his eyes with her own.::

Ehlanii: Are you really? Five minutes ago you wouldn't let it go. Now you're willing to just drop this?

::He stood up and shrugged, slipping a hand into his pocket.::

Brice: Computer, lights to 5.

::The lights brightened slightly, enough for the Engineer not to knock his knee into the edge of the table and enough to kill the mood completely that he and Karynn had dwelled in only moments before.::

Brice: If you don't want to tell me then you don't! I can't force you, can I?

::He picked up his drink and finished it off.::

Brice: Like you said, "It's nothing important."

::Karynn stood, backing away slightly.::

Jaryl (memory): Oh, Sure, this is my fault.

::When she spoke, her words came out slightly louder than she expected.::

Ehlanii: It's not you... you know that, right? This has nothing to do with you.

::He nodded once, blinking slowly as he did so. Noticing that the Haliian was backing away from him, he placed the glass down on the table and slid both hands into his pockets. Why was she afraid of him?::

Brice: I know. I know it's nothing to do with me, never bleedin' is. ::he sighed and looked at her:: Karynn, look, don't tell me. Don't ever tell me if its that important to you to keep me out of it.

::The tear that had been threatening to escape streaked its way down her cheek. Her heart ached. She felt like she was there all over again, and the thought terrified her. Would she loose him over this? And his words hit the problem on the head. As much as she denied that it was him, she was keeping him out of a peice of her life. As ok as it might be now, what about the next time they used the Canar? What about the next time something else came up? Could either of them stand living with the secrets?::

Ehlanii: ::quietly:: I don't know how.

::He saw the tear and his immediate reaction was to go to her. He did so, calmly and slowly, stopping short of actually touching her, not knowing if that was what she wanted or didn't want or... He was fighting a losing battle within himself and on the outside with her. Carefully, he cupped her cheek with his hand and brushed the tear's trail with his thumb. In those few short seconds, he melted.::

Brice: ::quietly:: What happened, Karynn? Who did this?

::She could feel his concern, his love. The two both weakened her and strengthened her. She couldn't fight him any more. But perhaps he could lend her the strength to get through it.::

Ehlanii: I did... ::she paused:: we fought. I smashed a vase... cut my hand in the process.

::He nodded. Domestic violence? He'd never experienced such a thing before, well... Rebecca could get pretty vicious at times and he'd come out of their fights with a fair few scratches.::

Brice: What did you fight about? I'm guessing the cut isn't the worst part about this.

::She rubbed the palm of her hand, the one that carried the physical scar.::

Ehlanii: Starfleet. He... didn't want me to go.

::There was a pause while Ethan got his head around that. She was here, so she obviously won the fight but it was the fight itself that was causing this. He caressed her cheek again with his thumb and smiled slightly.::

Brice: Why?

Jaryl (memory): Don't blame this on me! You're the one leaving... This is your fault not mine. YOU changed, Kii, not me. You're the one... your fault...

::She shrugged slightly as she reached up to touch his hand with her own. It slowly began to dawn on her that they were still standing... and that she felt increasingly tired. She gently walked backward, drawing him with her, until she found the couch again. As she sat down, she spoke softly.::

Jaryl (memory): So what? You'll spend months, years traveling without me? What kind of relationship is that? Do you really think we could survive that way? Or what? You want me to leave my life here?

Ehlanii: I never could exactly pin it down. The best I could ever come up with was that Starfleet was far out of his control. He wasn't comfortable with me traipsing about the galaxy without him. But he had no interest in leaving his life on Halii to go with me. So he wanted me to give up my ideas for my life.

::Bit extreme. Ethan sat down with her and relaxed back into the sofa. He swallowed. Rebecca had wanted him to go back to Earth and give up Starfleet; she hadn't taken too kindly to him choosing his career either but such is life. He threaded his fingers into hers.::

Brice: Then you made the right choice. If he wasn't willing to wait or go with you then it was for the best. ::he exhaled:: It wouldn't feel like that at the time but people change, situations change. How long were you together before you decided what you wanted to do?

Ehlanii: ::sighing slightly:: Nearly two years. We were talking about getting married before... before all hell broke loose.

Brice: Did he make it known right away that he wanted you to stop trying for Starfleet or...? ::he let the question trail off::

::She could almost feel the kiss on her forehead, his encouraging squeeze of her arm as she studied, trying to learn all that she could in preparation for the Entrance Exam. And yet, every time he had encouraged her, she had sensed something else. It was hard to hide from a race of touch telepaths. He had encouraged her but...::

Ehlanii: He seemed supportive at first. What could he do? I had suddenly found something I really wanted to be a part of? But I always felt like he was holding back. When I failed the exam, he tried to convince me that it was an answer from the fates.

::Ethan took a moment to let it sink in. It was hard not to feel angry at the prospect of someone that close to her trying to control something as big as her career decision. It was selfish and more to the point, it was cruel. However, like all history, both sides were hardly ever heard. He didn't doubt that the man was a git, or worse, but he couldn't comprehend why someone would want to hold Karynn back if they loved her so much.::

Brice: So you took the exam again? Told him where to go?

Ehlanii: Sort of, but not quite. ::She squeezed his hand, reassuring herself that he really was there. Drawing strength from his love and support.:: We stayed together for a while. I made up my mind to take the test again, I signed up for extra classes, and, horror of horrors, I registered for one of those Entrance Exam prep schools. I was determined to pursue it, and I was leaving Halii early.

::He hadn't gone for the Prep School. Instead, Ethan had gone in for training at Cochrane's Academy and stayed there until he passed out at Graduation. No one had really missed him at home.::

Brice: That must've knocked him for six. Thinking that he's got you and then realising you're leaving a lot sooner.

::Karynn nodded softly. "Knocked him for six" didn't even begin to describe it.::

Ehlanii: The night I told him... well.. it wasn't exactly pretty.

::Ethan brushed his thumb along the back of her hand.:: Brice: How so?

Ehlanii: You remember, back when we were still on the Ronin? How bad our fight was when you ticked off Tess?

::He nodded. Didn't he just.:: Brice: I'm surprised you spoke to me afterward. I'd have picked stoning myself.

Ehlanii: Even before that night we fought like that... and worse. He blamed them all on me. He held me responsible for everything. And sometimes... well, he used my failures to prove it.

::Whether Ethan meant to or not, he couldn’t help but feel annoyed by that. Responsibility was a big part of relationships and those that couldn’t handle it weren’t meant to be in them. He was always under the impression that touch telepaths, or telepaths of any kind were more empathic to one another’s emotions and understood them a lot more. Maybe he was wrong but he’d felt inferior when it came to emotions when he was around any that used a lot more of their brain than he did.::

Jaryl (memory): You failed, Kii... your fault... you're leaving...

Ehlanii: My temper was a lot worse back then. The temper you saw when I overreacted, that was a much more common occurrence.

Brice: I'd say that wasn't really overreacting - I did something wrong and you made the right decision to rip into me about it.

::The Engineer could see where she was coming from though and with a reassuring squeeze of her hand, he shifted sideways on the sofa.::

Brice: So, where did the vase come into it?

Ehlanii: He was usually pretty good about not being physical. I, on the other hand...

::She looked down, tracing the scar in her palm. In her head, an echo resounded: a vase smashing against a wall. In her mind, she could still see the bright blue pieces scattered on the floor.::

Ehlanii: I almost hit his head with that one. Whizzed right by... ::quietly:: centimeters...

::Another memory flashed and Ethan's voice echoed in her head. "All I can do is bloody talk." A book flew through the air and hit the wall with a hollow thud. Karynn winced.::

::Ethan felt the sting through her words. The fact that she had nearly hit this bloke gave a clear indication that at that moment in time she was serious, even deadly serious, about causing him some major damage. Not knowing exactly what to say, Ethan moved to the liquor cabinet and pulled out the bottle of whiskey, setting it down on the table. He wasn't a Counselor, his resolution to problems was a lot simpler but in his eyes they were effective. Don't get drunk, get wiser. In the few times that he'd resorted to that method he'd almost always failed to find a logical conclusion to his questions, but the Haliian looked like she needed a bit more Dutch courage then the small glass he'd given her could provide.::

::Sitting back down next to her, Ethan sought very hard to be objective. Karynn needed support to get through it and he couldn't go bashing this bloke, even if he did deserve it. He reserved judgement in the best manner he could. Taking her hand in his once more, he slipped his other hand underneath her chin and tilted her face up to his. Eyes met in the centre and gazed at one another. Ethan perceived that she didn't see him straight away.::

Brice: What happened happened. ::he stated it so matter of factly, it was so simple:: It's shaped you into who you are and that woman... this woman... is someone I know I don't want to be without.

::A small tear trickled down her cheek, followed by another... and another. His touch, his love, gave her far more courage than the whiskey on the table. The more she told him, the easier it was to keep talking, especially since he met her words with support & concern, rather than the judgment or surprise or... whatever it was she had feared. And although bringing the memories up hurt, his care... or the whiskey... or both, acted as a soothing balm. But at the same time, the rest of the memory worked its way to the surface.::

Jaryl (memory): You stupid, ungrateful little... is that the way you treat the gifts I give you? You could have hit me.

::Karynn cringed. The verbal onslaught had continued. She struggled to hang on to Ethan's words... "this woman... is someone I know I don't want to be without." Clinging to those words like a life raft, Karynn continued with her story.::

Ehlanii: He yelled. He yelled so much. I... perhaps I deserved it, I don't know. But I reached down to pick up the pieces and my hand got sliced. It bled... it bled so much...

::Looking down at her scar, Ethan couldn't believe that there was someone in the universe who could hurt her so much. He gave her hand another tight squeeze and inside his chest, the flesh and blood pump that provided him with his wonderful life was beginning to ache.::

Brice: Did he leave after that?

::Karynn shook her head, then nodded, then shook her head again. She reached up with her free hand and wiped a tear-streaked cheek.::

Ehlanii: Yes and no. We fought some more. I finally told him to get out. That if he couldn't understand this and support it, we had no future anyway.

::He nodded slowly and swallowed difficultly. The silence between them penetrated the quarters and at least, for their benefit, it was out in the open now. Now he knew. Now he hoped, he knew everything there was to know.::

Brice: Good.

::Karynn looked up at him, a question in her eyes:: Ehlanii: Good?

Brice: That you told him. ::he looked up at her green eyes, resolve reflecting:: No one... no one needs that kind of pressure.

::Karynn leaned in and rested her head on his shoulder, emotionally exhausted, finding peace in his reassurance. She took a deep breath in and let it out slowly, although not smoothly, her breathing still choppy from her tears.::

::His arm hooked around her waist and he let his head rest on hers, for a small moment enjoying the small peace that it brought. Gently, he stroked her waist with the back of his fingers and sighed with a great rise and fall of his chest.::

Brice: ::quietly:: So, you like whiskey?

::Karynn smiled slightly and even breathed a slight laugh.:: Ehlanii: Will it always make me feel like this?

::His eyebrow raised perceptibly.:: Brice: No, but I'm starting to find out that you're an emotional drinker. ::he smiled:: Wine would probably be more your thing.

::She pulled back and looked at him with an amused but intent gaze. A smile drifted across her face and her eyebrow raised slightly.::

Ehlanii: An emotional drinker? Its not like this is the only time you've seen me drink...

::Playfully, he poked her in the arm where he knew the tattoo would be and raised his eyebrows with a wide grin.::

Brice: Oh, I know that very well.

::Karynn laughed and poked him back, knowing a matching tatoo resided on his own arm.::

Ehlanii: That was not entirely my fault. You and your brother kept putting drinks in my hand.

Brice: You cannot blame this on Andy. ::his laugh was light and he tickled her side:: We might've give them you, it was a party and it was YOU that drank them!

::Laughing she tickled his sides gently.:: Ehlanii: I swear I kept thinking I was drinking the same one all night. How was I supposed to know they kept getting refilled?

::His laugh rippled through the room as his hand moved to protect themselves, finally grabbing the Haliian's wrists. He looked into her eyes with a serious unseriousness.::

Brice: You knew perfectly well what you were getting into, grappling with two Brice boys.

::Karynn squirmed playfully, half-trying to free her hands from his grasp. Finding the task difficult, she looked into his brown eyes, her own eyes dancing playfully.::

Ehlanii: I wouldn't have it any other way.

::Finally, a happiness fell into the space between them and Ethan, for all his faults and all his weaknesses found that moment to be one of his favourites.::

Brice: How about just grappling with the one Brice boy, then.

::A playful grin danced across her face, and a mischievous sparkle glinted in her eye. It was too good to resist.::

Ehlanii: Hmm... how to pick... I could flip a coin... or just pick Andy...

::Her musical giggle filled the room.::

::He laughed.:: Brice: Maybe, but this one's got bigger quarters and well... he might have a working replicator, alright, but that isn't the point.

Ehlanii: Oh. Well in that case...

::She looked up, slightly more seriously, but with a smile playing on her lips, and squeezed his hand gently.::

Ehlanii:... I think I'll stick with the one I've got.

::With a shrug of his shoulders, the Engineer sat back on the arm of the sofa and contemplated her left hand intently. After a few seconds, he spoke again although he didn’t look up to her.::

Brice: You’re far away for too long. These moments are too few and far between.

::It was so non-sequiteur that it threw the counselor off. She looked at him, her forehead ridges crinkling closer together in puzzlement.::

Ehlanii: Hmmmm?

::He looked up and noticed the puzzlement. Human idioms and sayings were lost on the alien species, but it was difficult to remember that sometimes.::

Brice: It means they’re scarce. Rare, even.

::The confusion melted from her face and she gently placed her hand on his arm. He had a point...::

Ehlanii: I keep thinking it will get better, less busy... but it probably won't will it?

Brice: Not until we’re six-foot under and resting peacefully.

Ehlanii: We'll have to treasure these moments then.

::Leaning over, she kissed his cheek gently.::

::Relaxing into one another, it was easy to see why they’d taken to each other so much. Their long hours spent apart meant nothing in the quiet, waking minutes they had together. Settled down on the sofa, the two gazed out of the large sensor-reading window panel wrapped up in one another’s company and enjoying the fleeting moments that their lives would bring.::

::With one tiny added sensation that there were more words that needed saying, more feelings that needed expressing and one tiny phrase consisting of three words that the young Engineer couldn’t gather the courage to declare.::

::Eh. Couples.::

The End

Lt. Karynn Ehlanii
Ship's Counselor
USS Independence-A


Lt. Cmdr. Ethan Brice
Chief Engineer
USS Independence-A

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