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SIM:JP: Kells, Del Vedova, Rahman, and Saveron: Dinner Party

Author's Note: Each column represents the fully compiled scene from that character's POV/individual sims. This scene illustrates one of the most enjoyable parts of storytelling for me in UFOP: SB118, which is that no one character has the "complete story." To really appreciate a plot, mission, or even just a single scene like below, you need to read everyone's sims to see how each character interprets the actions of others, or even in this case, how one character can end up going off somewhere to take a com call while the others then continue bickering in the background!

The events in this SIM occurred on stardates 239206.25-29.

(( Rahman's Quarters, USS Invicta ))
Aron Kells' POV Roshanara Rahman's POV Nic del Vedova's POV Saveron's POV
::Well, now this was a peculiar sight: the captain, Del, and Dr. Saveron, all in her quarters.::


::It was perhaps a quirk of their completely different areas of expertise that Saveron had never really exchanged more than professional courtesies with Roshanara Rahman. Indeed, of the three other people in the room, he knew her the least well. And it was her room.::
Del Vedova: You're obviously settling in well, Rosh.
:: There was a hint of fire in his voice as he said it, the beginning of a hook toward banter that Aron was surprised he recognized. But, then, Rahman and Del had spent many years together now, too, and he was pleased there was the relationship there -- even if neither of them would admit to the friendship's depth outright. :: ::She returned a sideways glance as unopened boxes stood stacked behind her in the rather large yet empty room.::
Rahman: Well, haven't really had the time, you know?
::Del, for his part, seemed only more amused--then again, he was almost uncharacteristically in good spirits, dare she even say cheerful.::

::It was rather annoying.::

Kells: It is good of you to allow me to bring Niccolò with me tonight. I know there's more that we need to talk about--
:: And here he glanced at Sav, who so far, as was his custom, had remained mostly impassive. :: oO "Niccolò?" Oo

::That earned Del another sideways glance.::

::Commander Rahman kept flicking odd looks at Doctor Del Vedova – or ‘Nick’ as Saveron knew him, having served alongside their Head of Emergency Medicine in Sickbay for over a year, between the Mercury and the Garuda. Although he would consider Aron a closer friend, in all honestly he had spent more time in Nick’s company, albeit in professional circumstances. But when you’re both elbow deep in blood and guts trying between you to put someone back together you develop a certain camaraderie, and in the case of the Vulcan, a grim understanding of gallows humour.::
Kells: --but I couldn't bring myself to cancel either, I know we'll have multiple events to celebrate tonight.
Saveron: Would you care to elaborate, Aron? ::He enquired, wondering what his friend was hinting at.::
:: Del had wasted no time in telling the table about his promotion, though neither Rahman nor Saveron had had much time to ask anything about it since Del had gone on and on. Nevertheless, and though Aron knew Del was only excited, he knew he needed to make an effort to shift this conversation. :: ::Del soon happily launched into all of the--unsolicited--details about his promotion and new job. Roshanara just sat there, nodding, as she scrapped her plate.:: ::They didn’t have to wait long to find out. Del soon happily launched into all of the--unsolicited--details about his promotion and new job. Roshanara just sat there, nodding, as she scrapped her plate. Saveron on the other hand offered his modest congratulations and then proceeded to encourage Del with regular questions. It sounded like a very interesting offer.::
Rahman: ::bored out of her mind:: Fascinating…
::But he continued unperturbed. And continue on he did! As fleeting glances and light chuckles were exchanged between him and the captain, Roshanara looked over at Saveron to see what he was making out of this sight.:: ::But Del continued unperturbed. As fleeting glances and light chuckles were exchanged between him and the captain, Roshanara looked over at Saveron to see what he was making out of this sight.::

::The Vulcan met Rosh’s glance, but if it was loaded the shot went over his head.::

Saveron: It is fascinating. ::He agreed.:: An excellent opportunity to advance our medical abilities in the Corridor.
Kells: As a matter of fact, Del, it's not only that. ::beat:: Roshanara and I have an offer we'd like to extend to you, Saveron.
:: Now it was Del's eyebrows' turn to shoot up. Aron hadn't mentioned any of this to Del on their way to Rahman's quarters, and he expected that Saveron didn't know anything about it yet, either. :: ::Well that finally shut him up as all eyes turned to the Vulcan.:: ::The conversation paused as all eyes turned to the Vulcan.::
Saveron: Indeed?
::He had learned, very early on, not to use the Terran expression ‘I’m all ears’.::
Kells: Well, the fact is that we've both been very pleased with your performance of late, and we've been wondering if you'd be amenable to taking on extra responsibilities and--
:: Without warning -- though that was always the way of it -- Aron's comm badge chirped. It made him jump, since he'd been right in the middle of speaking, and he had a moment of black and cloudy thoughts in which he railed against himself for even bringing the damn thing. :: ::The captain's combadge chirped and excused himself but not before Roshanara caught the look Del gave him that lingered just a *bit* too long for a friend.:: ::The captain's combadge chirped and excused himself. The timing was poor but, given Saveron’s conversation with Commander Rahman earlier that day, he anticipated that he already knew what Aron was going to propose.::
Skyfire: =/\= Dr. Skyfire to Captain Kells.
:: Skyfire? What might that be about? ::
Kells: Excuse me, please.
:: He rose and walked a few steps from the table, tapping his badge as he did so and speaking in an undertone. ::

Kells: =/\= Kells here. Go ahead.

Skyfire: =/\= Lt. Commander Delano is conscious.

Kells: =/\= I see. What's his status? Is he alert and responsive?

Skyfire: =/\= Aye, sir. Asking all sorts of questions.

Kells: =/\= I'm afraid I'm occupied at the moment, but if you think he'll still be alert and able to be seen in an hour or so...?

Skyfire: =/\= Yes, sir.

Kells: =/\= Very good. I'll see you then. Kells, out. =/\=

::Once the captain was out of hearing range, she turned immediately to Del, frowning as she whispered.:: ::Once the captain was out of hearing range, Rahman turned immediately to Del, frowning as she whispered.::
Rahman: All right, what the hell is going on between you two?
::But all she needed was that look on his face to confirm it.:: :: Del only raised half an eyebrow. He didn't need to comment upon what she was already thinking, and he knew her well enough to know that she was going to spit it out in a moment. :: ::But all she needed was that look on his face to confirm it.::
Rahman: Oh my god, are you sleeping with the captain?
:: See? There it was. ::
Del Vedova: Certainly not! ::beat:: Yet.
::She turned to Saveron apologetically.:: :: Rosh could certainly not have failed to realize that, however occupied Aron was with his conversation, their fourth dinner guest was a Vulcan who, even if he was inclined not to listen, still had hearing good enough that he could probably listen in on the conversations going on on the other side of Aron's comm link, never mind theirs. :: ::She turned to Saveron apologetically.::
Rahman: Doctor, if you'd cover your ears for a moment?
::The request was met with a raised eyebrow and a certain light in the man’s eyes that, behind the usual stoic expression, might almost have been amusement. He looked from one to the other for a long moment.::
Saveron: If you insist Commander. ::He said dryly.::
::The Vulcan obligingly turning away to give them the illusion of privacy. As Rosh imagined it would make no difference even if he went to the other side of the room where Aron stood, talking to Doctor Skyfire. What had happened to Evan Delano that warranted telling the Captain the man was awake?::
::She looked back at Del, still whispering.:: :: Del snorted. Prudent, but Saveron had no doubt been around the block a few times. Dating wasn't exactly a shocking new behavior. :: :: Del snorted. Rahman looked back at him, still whispering.::
Rahman: You? And the captain?
Del Vedova: Well, maybe.
Rahman: Oh, please. You can barely keep your eyes off of him. Last time I saw you grinning like that was in Antarctica. You know… where you ended up melting the ice with our tour guide.
:: Del's grin, fixed easily in place, faded somewhat. Yes, and that hadn't worked out at all, had it? He didn't particularly want to remember it now, to tell the truth. ::
Del Vedova: Yes, well, that didn't end up going anywhere, did it? He wasn't assigned out here, and I still am. And now--
Rahman: At least that was on holiday.
Del Vedova: And this is real life?
Rahman: Del, this is not cool. That's my boss!
Del Vedova: Up until recently, mine, too. And I've known him for a lot longer than you have. ::beat:: Besides, who says anything's going anywhere? This is one night out, when I've barely talked to him, or him to me, for months and months. Don't worry about it.
::Oh, really? She grabbed her fork, pointing it towards him.:: :: But he'd forgotten who he was talking to. Indeed, she picked up her fork a moment later and pointed it at him. Well, now he knew what a hors d'oeuvre felt like in the last moments of its unplattered life. :: ::Oh, really? She grabbed her fork, pointing it towards him.::
Rahman: Don't think I won't stab you just because you've got a third full pip on your collar now. I've already been to prison once. It wasn't *that* bad.
::Roshanara, with fork in hand, gave Del a "gentle" warning.::
Del Vedova: Even if you do, you have two doctors in the room, even if you go for one's jugular. I'll be fine.
::Hmm, so it would seem Del had received more than just a new set of pips with his promotion.::

::Before she could reply, though, she felt a tug on the back of her uniform. Turning her head, her eyes locked onto the Vulcan, but he was unfazed.::

::In such close quarters it was entirely impossible to ignore either conversation, even should he wish it. However in this case his erstwhile colleague appeared to be in some difficulty.::

::Fastidiously pinching a loose fold of fabric on the back of her uniform between finger and thumb, Saveron gently but firmly pulled Rahman back from Del.::

Saveron: Commander, disembowelment by fork generates excessive quantities of paperwork, and would stain your new carpet. ::He informed her with all apparent seriousness.::
::She didn't say anything, instead turning back to Del, who was giving her a cheeky look.::

oO Fine. I'll just poison you later. Oo

:: Del -- who'd decided he'd show his indifference to Rosh's incipient flatware violence by drinking deeply and exposing as much of his neck as possible -- almost squirted it all back through his nose. Vulcans were the best party guests. ::
Saveron: Given Nick’s new position, it may prove more challenging to continue a relationship unless he is able to perform his duties whilst stationed aboard the Invicta. ::He added quietly. A little tact might be called for.::
Del: Well, see, I can do that, because I'll decide where I'm most needed. If that ends up being mostly on Invicta, well, so much the better.
::The Vulcan looked past her at his erstwhile colleague who had previously been in danger of skewering.::
Saveron: I believe that you owe me a shift. ::He observed, dead-pan.::
::Standard recompense for saving a colleague’s butt from the CO or FO, although usually bartered amongst crewmen and junior officers.::
Del: Oh. Well. Right.
:: Was that humor? He could never tell, and a few moments after he'd said so, he was wondering about Vulcans in general and Saveron in particular as party guests anyway. ::
:: He returned to the table with his smile still present, though perhaps a little more forced than it may have been before. :: ::The captain though then returned, smiling still, though now looking at the strange sight before him.:: :: Thus thoroughly goaded, and no doubt wanting to reply scathingly, she nevertheless had to break off before she could reply as Aron's channel closed and he returned to the table. Del grinned at Rosh first before looking over at Aron. :: ::The captain though then returned, smiling still, though now looking at the strange sight before him.::
Rahman: Captain. ::She put the fork down, preventing the evening from turning into a murder mystery.:: Everything all right?
Kells: Nothing that I can't attend to shortly. Now, where was I--? Ah, Roshanara, perhaps you'd like to explain more fully?
Rahman: Yes, um… ::She gave a final, piercing look at Del before turning to Saveron.:: Ahem. Doctor?
Saveron: Yes, Commander? ::He replied, all business.::
Rahman: As we discussed earlier, I'd like to assign you as our research coordinator.
Saveron: As I indicated earlier, I have no objection.
::But he understood that sometimes one needed to go through the motions.::
Rahman: And after talking to the captain, he'd like to expand the scope of the position even further.
:: Aron nodded. In fact, he was slightly surprised that Roshanara had spoken with Saveron about the research coordinator position already, though he was grateful that she'd laid the groundwork. No doubt while she'd been using his ready room.... :: ::She turned to Kells to give him the honor of presenting the actual offer.:: :: Aron nodded.::
Kells: You'll have to let me know what questions you still have about the research coordinator portion of the position, Saveron -- but we would like to go even further and grant you more authority with which to utilize the new post. If you'll consent, I'd like to elevate you to the rank of second officer, concurrent with your new position.
::That caused the Vulcan’s upswung brows to rise gently. Aron’s addendum was entirely unexpected.::
Saveron: I am honoured. ::He replied initially, running through the implications in his head.:: Would the two not be mutually exclusive?
::Both had certain duties attached to them, duties which should be given full attention.::
Kells: In practice, it would mean little other than a link in the chain of command, as well as some occasional gamma watch bridge commands. Otherwise, most of your time could be spent developing your new duty post.
:: It was an exciting opportunity, Aron thought, and he was glad to offer it to his friend -- as it was the sort of thing he would've liked to have done, once upon a time. Saveron had seemed content with research and the smaller commands that came with department headships, but Aron hoped that this would be a welcome mid-career jump. :: ::It was an interesting proposal, and an unexpected turn of events. Saveron had been quite content to serve as a Medical Officer – indeed following his previous resignation from Starfleet and return as a Civilian physician it had taken a threat from Aron to get him back into uniform again. He had anticipated serving in that role for the foreseeable future, tending patients health and researching their species for many decades.::

::However he acknowledged that his preferences were not the only considerations in the equation. There was also the question of where Starfleet needed him, and how best it could use his skills. He suspected that Aron himself might have remained as a researcher, had his command skills not been required again. And each of them swore to serve.::

::Facilitating and coordinating work between the Starfleet and civilian research departments was easy to agree to, it was in many ways expanding on the skills he’d utilised whilst running the Mercury’s Sickbay. Bridge command and being a link in the chain of command was an entirely new proposal.::

Saveron: I do not doubt that you anticipate that I have questions. ::He said at length.::
Kells: How else can I satisfy your curiosity?
::A good question in itself. Aron had said that he would be ‘developing’ the new duty post, which meant that it’s duties and parameters were not set in stone. It would depend on the needs of those he worked with, and his own vision for research in the Corridor.::

::And in turn, he would be supporting his friend as his Second Officer. That was what Aron was asking of him. Become a part of the team that facilitated the Invicta’s work, here on the edge of known space. In principle he could not see how he could refuse to do such.::

::How could Aron satisfy his curiosity? There were many things that Saveron could ask, yet the dinner table was probably not the place to interrogate his friend for everything he knew about such roles.::

Saveron: With time and patience, I expect. ::His tone was dry when at last he spoke.:: Perhaps we should schedule a regular meeting for such queries?
::That wasn't a bad idea. Roshanara had only been Captain Kells's first officer for less than a week really, so they hadn't had time to establish a custom of holding any regular meetings.::
Rahman: There is a captain's mess aboard...
::Not that she didn't mind hosting guests in her quarters. But as Saveron had pointed out, why risk the stains?::
Kells: Yes, and that's a good idea. If the three of us can meet regularly, we should have a good handle on all of the departments aboard.
Saveron: Then I would be honoured to work with yourself and Commander Rahman. I have only one objection.
::She looked back at the doctor, curious.::
Kells: You do?
:: Although Aron supposed he shouldn't have been too surprised. Saveron's middle name could have been "caveat." If he'd had a first name, that was. Or a last time, if Saveron was first. How had he never wondered about that before? ::
Saveron: Given my role as Research Coordinator, it would be logical for me to retain my current uniform.
::Like Rosh, Saveron had an allergy to red collars.::
Kells: Aha.
:: Well, if Roshanara had wanted to do it, he couldn't exactly deny Sav, could he? Besides, it made sense: He might be second officer, and the research coordinator position might be allied with command, but at the end of the day Sav would still be mostly involved with the medical and science departments. Aron shrugged slightly, realized that it would maybe look like he was being too blasé about it, and so said, ::
Kells: Of course you can. We'll represent the Invicta's command structure with all three department colors. ::beat:: And congratulations, old friend. I can't tell you how happy I am that you'll be a part of my command staff.
::It seemed rather fitting, really: the three senior officers wearing the three division colors of Starfleet overseeing what the President had called the Federation's next great expedition.::

::She could already see the posters Starfleet Public Affairs was going to whip up.::


Captain Aron Kells

Commanding Officer, USS Invicta


Lt. Commander Roshanara Rahman

First Officer, USS Invicta


Commander Nic del Vedova

Director of Medical Research, Starfleet Presence in Menthar Corridor


Lt. Commander Saveron

Second Officer & Research Coordinator, USS Invicta