SIM:JP: Evil Kolk & Aliah - How to Start a War, Part I

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Jackford the Terrible
Destroyer of
Gorn Worlds
SS Idril Mar

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Aliah the Cat
Pet of Lt. Kolk
USS Ronin
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Two small wars begin in shockingly similar ways in
distant corners of the Ithassa Region...

PNPCs Jackford the Terrible & Aliah the Adorable - "Lizard vs. Lizard... Jackford Style!/Hunting Tribbles" or "How to Start a War, Part I"
((Space: the Never Ending Battlefield - Stardate 238512.13))

::The nice thing about pretending to be a Cardassian ship is that people don't think it's odd that you've got a cloaking device. The other nice thing is that they don't think you're acting alone, so they're slightly more afraid of you when you start your orbital bombardment. The trick, though, is making sure you have the right weaponry so that your pseudo-civilian Federation craft can believably mimic the Cardassian vessel you're pretending to be. It's also important to pick the right target and to strike at the right time. You can't just waltz into a busy system with a bunch of capital ships and star firing. You have to watch from the shadows, waiting for the perfect opportunity, that moment when shipping lanes are mostly inactive and patrol ships are out of sensor range...::

((Lt. Kolk's Quarters, USS Ronin))

::Aliah was no clumsy huntress. She knew the Tribble-toy was watching her... waiting to run at the first sign of aggression. But that wouldn't stop her. She was patient and well aware of her surroundings. Her eyes glued to the target and her ears bent back to listen for any of the Tribble's friends, she waited. Her rear end was raised and wiggling; the time was coming soon...::

((SS Idril Mar, Outskirts of the Golarem System))

::As he allowed his smallish "Cardassian Warship" to drift toward the mining colony on Golarem IV under cloak, Jackford the Terrible kept a keen eye on the lone patrol vessel in the system. The Gorn vessel was taking its sweet time (what do you expect from a cold-blooded species in the frozen vacuum of space?), but eventually it meandered to the far side of the sun. The upside to the ship's extreme lackadaisicality is that its line of sight would be blocked for a decent amount of time. And so, he decloaked and swooped, firing torpedoes and disruptors on full...::

((Lt. Kolk's Quarters, USS Ronin))

::Aliah pounced, catching the Tribble in a grand swipe of her paw. It flew toward the wall and bounced, no doubt dazed by the concussive force of her attack. It sat where it landed and she swooped again, this time catching it between her paws as she landed and then holding it in place as she swivelled in a 180 degree turn. She tossed it back the way she'd come and chased after it again...::

((SS Idril Mar, Golarem IV))

::A volley of torpedoes laid a swatch of destruction on the surface of the planet. Those not in the mines were stunned. Who was attacking? They weren't at war with anyone at the moment! The concussive force of the explosion tossed administrative Gorn officers from their seats in the office building on the surface, and the powerful among them scrambled to the singe freighter that was waiting for the day's shipment to be loaded. As it lifted off, the SS Idril Mar (under the guise of a fairly small but nonetheless powerful Cardassian Warship, of course) danced across the atmosphere, catching the freighter with a dual-stream of disruptor power. The frantic pilots chanced activating the impulse engines at full only a few hundred kilometers up, adding their own devastation to the now-crumbling mines below. As the freighter shot off in the direction Jack's vessel had come from, the Idril Mar performed a surprisingly tight 180 degree turn to give them chase...::

((Lt. Kolk's Quarters, USS Ronin))

::Pounding the poor Tribble with swipe after swipe, Aliah chased it through the bedroom and into the living room. Then around the legs of the table, then under, over, between, and around again. She chased and tormented the poor Tribble until all it wanted was to hide in a dark corner and cry away the pain, but she wouldn't relent. Then suddenly, the large portal in the living room opened and in stepped... her master! She ran into the bedroom and hid under the bed where he couldn't reach her. And the Tribble cried. ...or would have if it were real and had been blessed with tear ducts.::

((SS Idril Mar, Golarem IV))

::Sending another volley of torpedoes toward the barely recognizable little mining community as he left orbit, Jack pursued the freighter with ire. He had damaged its warp drive with the first shots, so it could only weave and hope to make him miss. The "Cardassian Warship" chased it around the planet. Then through the nearby asteroid field, under the planet, over the planet, between the asteroids, and around the planet again. All the while Jack picked away at its systems: shields, communications, life support; until all the Gorn inside it could do was growl and plead with whatever gods they believed in for someone to save them. But he would not relent. Then suddenly, the Gorn patrol vessel rounded the star and came barrelling toward the pair of ships. The Idril Mar cloaked and warped out of the system, hiding in the dustcloud of a still-forming star system where no one would find him. And the Gorn on the ship died. The patrol ship assessed the damage, and the Hegemony attempted to ascertain why the Cardassians had attacked them... and what they should do about it.::


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