SIM:JP: Ensigns Addison MacKenzie, Ghant Xerix and Commander Bower: Paging Doctor MacKenzie

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Author's Note: None

((Sickbay - USS Fesoan))

::Doctor Alod Gran was pouring over talaxian physiology on his PADD, grateful to have more time to study. His colleagues had teased him that he was more interested in the study of medicine than in the practice. It was a stereotype frequently, and probably deservedly flung at Vissians. He didn’t care. He continued to eat his lunch (a Terran dish called century eggs, absolutely delicious) and glean as much information as possible::

Commander Bowyer: =/\= Bowyer to Gran.=/\=

oO Now what. Probably some idiot ensign stubbed their toe and needs a pat on the head Oo

Gran: =/\= Gran here, Captain. =/\=

Commander Bowyer: =/\= Doctor, we’ve got a freighter issuing a distress call. Two hours from our position at maximum speed =/\=

Gran: =/\= Do we know how many wounded? =/\=

Commander Bowyer: =/\= three serious injuries have been reported thus far=/\=

Gran: =/\= Aye Sir, sickbay will be ready. Thank you for the heads up =/\=

::A short while later, Gran was back to Talaxian physiology when again he was interrupted::

Commander Bowyer: =/\= Bridge to Doctor Gran/\=

Gran: =/\= Yes...Sir? =/\=

Commander Bowyer: =/\=That situation with the freighter has got a bit more complicated, but to make a long story short we have a starfleet officer wounded. I’ll send you the relevant information now.=/\=

Gran: =/\= ….I see. That does sound serious. I assume they will be beamed directly to sickbay? =/\=

Commander Bowyer: =/\= Yes. Have your teams ready =/\=

Gran: =/\= Aye, Captain. I’m making preparations now..Gran out =/\=

::Gran felt the pit of his stomach drop::

::Turning to medtech Rhist::

Gran: Ready the surgical suite in bay two. A partial betazoid with a brain hemorrhage.

Rhist: Yes, sir.

::Gran::: oO This is going to be a nightmare. A surgery of this kind can turn ugly quick on most humanoids. But on a Betazoid? I haven’t studied enough for this Oo

((Shortly Thereafter))

::As Ghant was transported to the surgical suite, Addison was beamed into the main Sickbay, where she was met by Doctor Gran.::

MacKenzie: ::extending her hand:: You must be Doctor Gran. Which way to your scrub room?

Gran: Who are you, and why would you need that information?

MacKenzie: ...I’m scrubbing in to operate, of course.

Gran: Absolutely incorrect. I am the chief medical officer of this vessel and in case you hadn’t noticed, I outrank you, Ensign.

MacKenzie: ::defensively:: He’s my patient… not only am I one of his primary physicians, I’ve been with him from the beginning of this incident.

Gran: Regardless, I’m in charge here.

MacKenzie: ::holding up a hand to silence the man:: I don’t have time for this, and neither does Ensign Xerix. Unless you are up to date on Betazoid anatomy and have a fellowship in microsurgery, you’re going to let me do this surgery. You’ll assist. Follow me.

Gran: ::Mulling over her words:: A fellowship in microsurgery? ….I’ll permit you to take the lead, so long as I may observe and make notes. Doctor, I hope you realize this man is part Betazoid. If this surgery is incorrect, you could kill him or alter his brain functions irreversibly. Do you accept that?

MacKenzie: ::curtly:: Doctor Gran, I am the best person in this room to perform this surgery. Follow me and scrub in.

Gran: Rhist, there’s been a change of plans. Doctor...what was your name again?

MacKenzie: MacKenzie.

Gran: ..will be doing the surgery. We will observe and assist. Is the patient ready?

Rhist: Yes, he is prepped. He’s hemorrhaging severally

MacKenzie: ::urgently:: Let’s go.

(( Surgical Suite 2 ))

::Addison and Gran made their way in wearing the standard red surgical scrubs. Addison, taking the lead, moved into position behind Ghant’s head and swung the arm with the surgical microscope in front of her face.::

MacKenzie: Vitals?

Rhist: His blood pressure is dangerously low, doctor. Scans show a lot of build up on the surface, near the left side of the parietal lobe.

MacKenzie: ::nodding:: Let’s get to work. Exoscalpel.

Rhist: Lazer exoscalpel, set to a half centimeter incision length, Doctor.

::MacKenzie took the device and consulted the microscope. After moving the device around slightly, she located the location of the bleed.::

MacKenzie: ::taking the scalpel and making an incision:: We’ll make a small incision here and peel back part of the scalp so I have access to the skull. Doctor Gran, please have suction ready. ::turning behind her:: I’m going to need a tech to get ready with blood to infuse Ensign Xerix. Please consult his medical record and get the appropriate type.

Gran: I believe we have it readied, Doctor MacKenzie. Rhist, take over on suction. I’ll handle the transfusion.

::Addison continued the removal of the scalp and exposed Ghant’s skull. She took a deep breath, steadied her hand and continued to work her way through the bone. Hearing a final snap, she knew had reached her target.::

MacKenzie: Everyone ready?

::Gran and Rhist voiced their acknowledgements.::

::As MacKenzie lifted the piece of bone from Ghant’s skull, blood immediately spurt from wound as the pressure released, hitting Addison in the face. She turned her head toward one of the nurses so they could wipe it off.::

MacKenzie: oO First you vomit on me, then you bleed on me. Hell of a first date you pull, sir. Oo

MacKenzie: Let’s go with the suction - I can’t see anything! Someone get me a protoplaser.

::There was a lot of blood. If it started as a small lesion, it was almost certainly not at this point. Once the orderly came in and got most of the excess blood out of the way, it was easier for Addison to pinpoint where it was coming from.::

MacKenzie: ::turning to Rhist:: We’re going to have to work together on this… he’s got quite a bleeder. Constant suction - wherever I move, you follow right behind. Got it?

Rhist: Yes, Doctor.

::Addison nodded in acknowledgement and took the exoscalpel in her right hand and the protoplaser in her left. Slowly, she started to slice bits of tissue, trying to find where the blood was coming from. As she went along, she followed with the protoplaser to cauterize any damaged vessels.::

MacKenzie: ::to no one in particular:: If I go too deep, I risk damaging the nerves responsible for his motor and sensory function. If I stop, he’s certainly going to bleed to death.

::Addison continued to cut, moving nanometer by nanometer. She hadn’t consulted the clock, so she wasn’t sure if it had been an hour, or six. As she continued, she noted that Rhist was doing an excellent job during the procedure. She made it a point to note as much in her report. Finally, there was a gush of blood.::

MacKenzie: ::smiling:: Found it.

::Using the protoplaser, Addison sealed the damaged vessel and repaired the surrounding tissue.::

MacKenzie: Dr. Gran, would one of your students like the opportunity to close?

Gran: Well done, Doctor. Most educational. Yes, that’s a good idea.

MacKenzie: Fantastic. I will leave him in your most capable hands. Ensign Xerix still isn’t out of the woods yet - we won’t know if there are any cognitive deficits until he’s awake, but you all did a fantastic job here, today.

::Satisfied and smiling, Addison removed her gloves and left the surgical bay.::

((One day after the surgery ))

Xerix: Green ...Blue ...square…

::The hologram switched to more advanced shapes::

Rhist: Can you identify these?

Xerix: A constitution Class….Andor and Andoria… The Golden Gate Bridge…

::Ghant’s attention veered sharply when he sensed Doctor MacKenzie enter. She was conversing with the other doctor in his office.His mental barriers had been down since the surgery, and her thoughts came rushing at him. Her disappointment in him during the liberation day party. Her fear for his life during the accident. Her determination to save him during the surgery. And despite the lingering anger still on the surface, underneath that, a feeling that brought tears to his eyes.::

Xerix: I’m sorry...I’m feeling a bit tired, can we finish this in a bit?

Rhist: Of course.

Xerix: and please turn down the lights. I’d like to rest

::Once the med tech had left, and he was certain he wouldn’t be disturbed, Ghant let all the emotions he had been bottling for the last few weeks go. He had been behaving as his human friends would say, like a jackass.::

(( Three days after the surgery ))

DuMonte: =/\= Ensign DuMonte to Dr. MacKenzie =/\=

MacKenzie: =/\= MacKenzie here. =/\=

DuMonte: =/\= Please report to cargo bay 2 as soon as possible =/\=

MacKenzie: =/\= Cargo bay 2? What’s this about? =/\=

DuMonte: =/\= I’m not at liberty to say. DuMonte out =/\=

::When Addison walked into the cargo bay, the room was completely empty, except in the center of the room. A large blanket was spread out with a few cushions scattered to sit or lean on. Plates of macarons and petit fours and fruit were gathered around an a champagne chest with a vintage Rosé - non-replicated. And a bouquet of white orchids off to the side of the spread. The door behind her opened and Ghant walked in, wearing a simple black undershirt and pants.::

::A jazzy melody was playing softly, a woman’s voice warbled out around the cargo bay.::

Singer: And I want to tell you, you control my brain. And you should know, you are life in my veins. You are the one, who’s lead me to the sun How could I know, that I was lost without you.

Xerix: It turns out, Ensign DuMonte’s half Risian. He happily accepted a bribe of a week in our family cottage on Risa.

::Addison shot Ghant a skeptical look.::

MacKenzie: How lucky for me...

Xerix: ::extending his hand to her:: Please join me, Doctor.

::He sensed much hostility and defensive feelings welling up inside her as they sat down. He handed her a glass of the champagne. Now was the make-it-or break-it time::

Xerix: Addison, I have behaved very poorly of late. This may come as a surprise, given my heritage. But I am terrified of intimacy. Nearly everyone I have ever loved has died. Even Victoire has been taken from me for now. So at some point, I suppose I stopped letting people get too close. When I woke up after the surgery, I realized how I had treated you. I pushed you away because I was afraid of you. And what you might mean to me.

MacKenzie: That’s the galactic understatement of the century...

::Ghant leaned over and caressed her jawline with his thumb, working up his courage. His cheeks burned as he leaned in and kissed her. As he kissed her, he opened his mind to her. Bonded with her. He pushed his thoughts to her. The memory of their first meeting on the Veritas. Seeing her in that black dress for their first date. And other thoughts, which a gentleman might think but never speak about.::

MacKenzie: Ghant, this was a very sweet gesture...

Xerix: I think I’m in love with you, Addison MacKenzie.

::Addison let out a nervous and surprised laugh, but quickly cleared her throat, stifling herself.::

MacKenzie: Ghant, I appreciate that very much… I’m not sure if it has anything to do with the fact that I saved your life or everything that we’ve shared together lately, but I don’t know how much of a position you’re in to say that and really mean it.

Xerix: ::incredulously:: I’ve just opened up more to you in the last five minutes than I have to anyone..

MacKenzie: ...I’ve been bled on, thrown up on, and nearly blown up… twice. That, all since our first date. And what about Andy?? This is really quite a sweet gesture, but I think you’ve got some deeper things to work through before our second date. I’m one of the top physicians in Starfleet with several advanced degrees and a fellowship in microsurgery… I don’t have time for people who don’t have their act together.

Xerix: ::scoffing:: Forgive me, Doctor. I don’t think I’m exactly a charity case. I have a lot to offer as well.

MacKenzie: And I look forward to experiencing that on our second date!

::Addison stood and downed her champagne, then started toward the door before pausing.::

MacKenzie: And Ghant… ::waving her finger at the picnic:: This doesn’t count.

::With that, Addison turned toward the door and allowed herself a small smirk as she passed through it.::

::Ghant watched the her exit, flabbergasted at her response. He had thought it out in his mind much differently. Replaying their conversation, he smiled. Second date… and she had stood up to him. His cheeks were still flush from their kiss.::

oO Alright, Addison MacKenzie. Game on Oo

I can’t believe, you’re a dream coming true I can’t believe how I have fallen for you


Ensign Addison MacKenzie

Medical Officer, USS Veritas


Ensign Ghant Xerix

Helm/Navigation Officer, USS Veritas


Commander Bowyer, USS Fesoan as simmed by:

Lieutenant JG Groznin Smith

Security & Tactical Officer, USS Gorkon