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Ayelet Kadosh SIMs

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Author's Note: The end of one journey...

The events in this SIM occurred on stardate 238812.13.

((Deep Space 17, 2385))

::A shuttle! Radi Rais pressed his face to the window, grinning widely. He motioned for Jennifer to come see.::

Rais: They're docking now! Look!

::Jennifer Brockton, a human woman of strong build came bounding over.::

Brockton: Reinforcements? A'right! Fresh meat!

::Radi laughed.::

Rais: Hey, babe. Don't be too hard on the newcomers, a'right?

::Ayelet Kadosh followed the other shuttle occupants through the airlock and into the main arrival terminal of Deep Space 17. Wearing her freshly pressed officer's uniform and carrying her bag over her shoulder, she stood to look around the vast station as people scurried past her. Finally, she was here out in space. Time to begin the adventure. Time to see the sights.

And time to figure out just where the hell she was on this station. Ayelet glanced at the various signs. She evidently looked just as lost as she felt for her gaze was soon interrupted by a man holding out his hand.::

Rais: Gunnery Sergeant Radi Rais. Pleased to meet you, ma'am. This is Jenny- uh, Staff Sergeant Jennifer Brockton.

::Jennifer held out hers, too. Ayelet gave a nervous smile before shaking their hands. The two marines were so young.::

Kadosh: Ensign Ayelet Kadosh. Good to meet you both.

Brockton: Pleasure's all mine.

::The two marines gave the ensign welcoming smiles.::

Rais: We aren't usually the welcome wagon, Ensign, but we got conned into it this time.

Brockton: ::nods:: Lost a bet with Bakari, one of the junior officers. Did you want a tour of the station?

Kadosh: That would be most appreciated.

::She smiled, adjusting the grip on her bag's strap, before following the two marines towards the promenade. As the three walked, Jennifer noted the blue tunic that Ayelet wore.::

Brockton: So you're with medical? Science?

Kadosh: Medical. I'm a nurse.

::The female marine got a playful grin on her face.::

Brockton: Oh! That's great, actually. I'm having the weirdest pain in my arm...

::She rubbed her left shoulder. Immediately, her left arm detached itself, sliding out of the socket and hitting the ground with a thump. Ayelet jumped back a bit, startled, before she had a chance to look at the arm more closely. The end was capped in dull metal and wires- a prosthesis.::

Brockton: Yeah, I really should get that looked at!

::Ayelet let her shoulders relax and took a deep breath as Radi just shook his head, laughing.::

Rais: Gets 'em every time...

::Jennifer bent down, retrieving her arm. She spent a moment reattaching it- the hand twisted as it clicked back into place. With the newly reattached appendage, she indicated around the promenade. ::

Brockton: I can do the other one, too, if you want!

::The nurse bit down on her lip before laughing herself.::

Kadosh: That's all right. I think I see how it works.

((Paris, Earth, Four Years Later))

::Lt. Commander Msafiri Bakari, Lt. JG Ayelet Kadosh, Lance Corporal Sian Douglas, and four of their comrades stood at attention as the Federation President began the Medal of Honor ceremony for their fallen comrades Staff Sergeant Jennifer Brockton and Corporal Tashuan James. The audience of politicians, journalists, and family huddled in the ceremonial hall that seemed much too cramped for such a large gathering.

Ayelet tried her best to stay at attention when the President turned around to the Starfleet officers and marines standing behind him and began clapping, signaling for the rest of the audience to join in applause. Sian and the others remained emotionless as they stared ahead, letting those who had never known what it was like to stare back at the wrong end of a disruptor to smile and cheer.::


::As the various politicians and journalists worked their way around the room chatting with the families and survivors, Ayelet excused herself from her conversation with a councilman's aide when she saw Zeet and Sian.::

Kadosh: ::gives an exhausted sigh:: I wasn't sure how much longer I could keep standing still...

Douglas: ::smirking:: Yeah Doc, even my false leg was going to sleep. But it was worth it, for Jen and Tash. And the rest. I hope now they can rest in peace.

::Zeet's yellow eyes were wide with excitement, his black tail swishing though the air at an entirely frantic pace as he held onto a silver tray of treats.::

Zeet: You guys looked wonderful... ::He popped a piece of fruit into his mouth, not quite finishing it before he started talking again..:: ...the very epitome of heroism. You deserved everything you earned....

::Ayelet shook her head and smiled upon seeing the food tray the Caitian had managed to procure from one of the catering staff.::

Kadosh: Looks like you got something yourself...

::His whiskers covered in fruit juice, Zeet grinned a jackal grin.::

Zeet: Hungry big kitty need food.

Douglas: I love a man who knows what he wants.

Kadosh: We should ditch the formalities after this. I saw a cozy-looking place about two blocks from here.

::The nurse looked at the Marine medic and then down at his tray of food before glancing back up at him with a grin.::

Kadosh: *And* they have double desert specials today.

Zeet: Now we're talking... now we're talking.

::Just then, the three were interrupted by an older woman. Ayelet recognized her as Jennifer's mother, Janet Brockton. She carried a folded Federation flag and the box of her medals, holding herself with as much dignity and stoicism as she could muster.::

Janet Brockton: It's good to see you all... I'm very glad you could make it.

Kadosh: Certainly, Mrs. Brockton. It's good that others will know of what Jennifer did... of what she gave for us.

::Tidari nodded, closing his eyes a moment.::

Zeet: Trinkets and pieces of metal can't bring back our friends, but they can help us remember the good they left behind.

::The woman looked very tired, but she managed a small smile for the gathering of Starfleet personnel.::

Janet Brockton: Thank you, you're very kind. I'm glad that... I'm glad that her friends were here to see her off, as it were.

Douglas: Jen was the best, Mrs Brockton.

::Filled with a profound sadness, Zeet's eyes got all big and round.::

Zeet: It was an honour to be here, ma'am. We all knew Jennifer and her memory is one we keep close to her hearts. The universe is just that little bit colder now that her smile's not here to warm it.

::She gave a little nod to each of them.::

Janet Brockton: I know. I'll miss her... although much fuss is made of our 24th century lifestyle, there's still something wrong with the universe when parents outlive their children.

::There was a quiet moment before Ayelet turned to Jennifer's mother.::

Kadosh: Mrs. Brockton, if you'd like to join us, we're going to head to a little place just down the street. It'd be nice to have the company.

::The corners of the older woman's lips turned up in a smile. ::

Janet Brockton: You know, I'd like that... if you don't mind.

Kadosh: ::grins:: Not at all.

::Zeet's paw found Ayelet's hand and gave a light squeeze as the four headed out of the hall.::


Lance Corporal Sian Douglas

Marine College, Earth


Sergeant Zeet "Knight" Tidari

Marine Pilot and Medic


LtJG Ayelet Kadosh