SIM:JP: Ayelet & Miriam Kadosh: Wanting What's Best

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Ayelet Kadosh SIMs

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Author's Note: Ayelet visits home.

The events in this SIM occurred on stardate 238812.05.

((Kadosh Residence, Haifa, Earth))

::Rhin walked in, grinning and clutching a bunch of flowers.::

Ayelet: oO Dear God... Oo

Miriam: Ayelet's in here, with her friends.

Coterel: Thank you Miriam.

Nadira: ::smirking:: Ah, Rhin, so nice of you to join us.

Ayelet: Yes. Nice.

Coterel: So, who's the new face?

Ayelet: This is Sian. She was with me on Deep Space 17 during the Vaadwaur Occupation. She's joining me in Paris for the ceremony.

Douglas: Hi there.

::Sian smiled at the dark haired attractive man.::

Coterel: It is a pleasure, Madam.

Nadira: So... ::still smiling:: are those flowers for me, Rhin?

Coterel: Sorry Nadira, but they are for Ayelet. We’re going for a meal later.

::The nurse frowned.::

Ayelet: I thought I said I'd let you know...

Coterel: Oh, I assumed you’d be ok with it?

Ayelet: Can't we... just take a moment and not get rushed into things again?

Coterel: ::sighing:: I understand. But, please accept these as a welcome home gift from an old friend.

::He smiled sweetly, then glanced at Miriam. The look could be taken two ways. That he had admitted defeat, but also that he was asking for reinforcements to complete the pincer movement.::

Coterel: Afternoon ladies.

::He nodded and left.::

((The night before the ceremony))

::Ayelet was in her room packing her things before she'd head to Paris in the morning. The soft voice of her mother interrupted her.::

Miriam: Ayelet, can I have a word dear?

Ayelet: Of course, Mom. ::turns around:: What is it?

Miriam: Are you having to rush off so soon in the morning? Thought it would be nice to have some more quality time together?

Ayelet: Well, the ceremony isn't until later, but there's a breakfast, and I told Zeet I was going to meet him first beforehand, so I was planning to leave early in the morning.

::Miriam looked her daughter in the eyes calmly but coolly when she heard a name she did not recognise.

Miriam: Who is this Mr Zeet?

Ayelet: Oh, he's just another marine. He's a medic who served with me on the Independence. He knew Jennifer years ago during the fighting with the Gorn.

Miriam: Oh, ok. That’s... good. oO Just a colleague.Oo

Ayelet: Don't worry. I'll be back. The hotel there's only booked for the weekend afterward, anyway.

::Miriam smiled sweetly at her daughter.::

Miriam: It feels like a proper home with you back with us, safe and sound.

::Ayelet smiled back but could see something was on her mother's mind. She put away her things and sat down on her bed.::

Ayelet: What is it, Mom?

Miriam: Honey, dear, I’ve been so worried about you these last years. I know you wanted a life beyond what home could offer you, but I’ve heard about the things you’ve been through. The occupation, the pirates, that Romulan colony plague and riot. Isn’t it time you looked to your future? A future secure and well prosperous?

::Ayelet crossed her arms.::

Ayelet: And I suppose a future that includes a certain man that's been running around the house as if he lives here already?

Miriam: That Rhin, he’s a very nice man. You could do a lot worse.

Ayelet: ::chuckles:: Thanks, Mom. I was hoping though to end up with someone a little better than just nice and not the worst.

Miriam: I know deary, but you need to be sensible. If you want a family then he would be perfect for you.

Ayelet: I do want a family... someday. ::beat:: Actually, I have been thinking about it quite a bit over this past year... but I just don't know. ::She frowned, looking down.:: You want me to settle down, don't you?

Miriam: Not right now, but soon. It would make me and your father so proud. oO And you’re not getting any younger Ayelet.Oo

::Ayelet nodded.::

Miriam: I don’t want to pressure you, but he has spoken about you so much since you left. He is always asking after you. He's so nice. He helps your father with this and that when he can.

::Ayelet looked up and saw her mother's carefree gaze.::

Ayelet: ::smirking:: Sounds more like *you're* in love with him. And you know, I suspect he might not object to such an arrangement.

Miriam: Really! ::Miriam chuckled at her daughter's cheeky response.:: If I was thirty years younger, and never met your father, I just might.

Ayelet: ::gasps:: Mom!

::Ayelet gave a hearty laugh. It felt good. Good to laugh. Good to be home. Her mother then spoke again, a bit more softly.::

Miriam: Seriously though, dear, think it over. I’m sure he has more prospects than any bit of fluff you might attract back in Star Fleet.

Ayelet: ::rolls her eyes:: You don't have to be insulting.

Miriam: Insulting? I’m sure your friends in Star Fleet are lovely. Sorry. I just want the best for you.

Ayelet: I know, I know.

Miriam: And your future husband must have prospects, for the children’s sake.

Ayelet: Look... like I said, I do want a family... I want what Eitan has. ::She thought about her brother's young daughter and smiled.:: I need to visit them, too.

Miriam: Of course, dear. They’ve been asking after you too.

Ayelet: ...and I want what you and Dad have.

Miriam: So do I, Ayelet. We have been so happy, I want that to be your future too.

::Ayelet sighed and then stood back up.::

Ayelet: I better finish up if I want to get enough sleep before tomorrow, but I promise I'll be back. And... I promise I will think about many things... including Rhin. But I don't want you to have made up your mind already about him. ::She smiled.:: Maybe I'll meet some dashing Frenchman tomorrow after all?

Miriam: You may.. ::she paused:: You take care dear.

::The two embraced in a hug.::

Ayelet: Thanks, Mom... I know how much you care about me. Don't think I don't.

Miriam: I know dear. You and your brothers are everything to me and your father. We just want what’s best.

::After her mother left, Ayelet finished packing her things and prepared to turn in for the night. It seemed she had just crawled into bed when her alarm woke her up the next morning. After gathering her things, she gave a final look at her room. As she told her mother, she knew she'd be back, and perhaps for a good while longer. But for now, she had to get to her departure.::

To be continued…

Joint Post by:

Ayelet Kadosh (PNPC)

Medic: Unassigned

Simmed by LtCmdr Charlie Sampi
Chief Medical Officer: USS Tiger-A


Miriam Kadosh (PNPC)


Simmed by Lt Eyas Wulfantine
Security: USS Tiger-A