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((Conference Room))

::The smell of coffee and doughnuts saturated the air outside the Conference Room. Inside, chatter filled the air as the crew exchanged information and stories. Moving to the replicator, Jessa requested a mug of tea. A soft whirl filled the air. Seconds later, warmth from the mug seeped into her fingers. Turning, she headed for her seat at the table. ::

Anassasi: Good Morning Everyone. Please help yourselves to a pastry, compliments of DS17. I highly recommend the triple chocolate puffed civet.

::Jessa waited as her officers claimed a few last minute pastries and drinks. Activating the holo imager at the center of the table, she accessed a map of the region. Highlighted on the map were a variety of images including Wheeler Colony, TE-IV, DS17, Furies Furnace, the One Kingdom, and the Igloo Cluster. A hush fell over the table at the sight.::

Anassasi: Before we begin, Lieutenant Commander Riley, would you please rise?

::Seated to her right, Riley slipped out of her chair. Jessa met the woman's eyes with a smile. ::

Anassasi: Over the past few months, Lieutenant Commander Riley has been preparing for promotion to Commander. She has completed a variety of tasks required for the promotion, including a written exam and a practical exam consisting of her own Kobayashi Maru. She passed with flying colors. However, due to an administrative error, her promotion was put on hold. :: Looking at Sidney again, she smiled. :: Today you join the ranks of other former Independence Command officers such as Captain Rourke, Captain Kare'en, and Captain Mar. It is with great pleasure that I promote you to the rank of full Commander.

::Side-stepping the corner of the table, Jessa removes the black half-pip from the woman's collar before replacing it with the solid gold of her rank. Smiling, she offers a Terran-style handshake. ::

Anassasi: Congratulations, Commander.