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((Holodeck: SB118))

Cruise: Great party Jessa, or should I say Aeon Flux?

Anassasi: Æon would be correct, Mr. Cruise. I see that you know your 20th Century comic book heroes. :: Lowering her voice slightly she leans towards the glistening toned man. :: Though for my own part, I only recognize one or two as images from the holo-novels Fleet Captain Hutton's family has shared with me.

Cruise: Actually, Æon was a subject of mine while studying animation concepts in high school. I must say you fit the character well.

:: Jessa held back slightly allowing the others to proceed to the table. ::

Dickens: So you've dyed your hair for this evening. It doesn't look bad.

:: Startled, Jessa turned to the voice at her side. Lieutenant Dickens with tail trailing behind him, smiled warmly at her. The thought of her dark hair brought to mind the image of her younger sister. Running her fingers through the shorter tresses, a small smile of her own graced her features. ::

Anassasi: Thank you. It hasn’t been black since Kismet.

Dickens: And what's your character story?

:: Color rose quickly to highlight her cheeks. A cheery color compared to their paleness only moments before. ::

Anassasi: Æon Flux is a warrior. She fights for justice and freedom in post-apocalyptic world.

Dickens: Interesting choice.

:: Jessa could sympathize with many of the characters here. Having grown up in the middle of a war zone, it would have been easy to turn to a life of challenges such as those many superheroes faced. ::

Anassasi: But look at you. Yours has a tail. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen a superhero with quite that color of skin. Who are you representing?

Dickens: Mine? Night Crawler. A mutant that has the ability to teleport to places he know. It'd have been useful in a couple of missions.

:: Jessa chuckled and nodded. ::

Anassasi: Yes, I could see that. Especially during this last one, hmm?

:: Marcus nodded in agreement. Around them, others had already taken seats with plates laden with a wide assortment of foods. ::

Dickens: So how are you after your kidnap?

Anassasi: I am fine. :: Catching a look still buried and unvoiced deep with in his eyes, she smiled. :: Grateful to have my comm badge back, actually!

Dickens: I don't know what you'll think but I hope not to face them again.

Anassasi: Agreed, Lieutenant, agreed.

:: Moments later, the pair stood at the end of the line, their own plates laden with food looking for a spot to sit. Pointing to a pair of chairs between a red suited individual and the black raven haired woman, they moved to join the table. They were barely seated before Commander Riley picked up her glass and began a toast to those kidnapped. ::

Riley: To Admiral Anassasi, Lt. Makno and Ensign Wood...our guests of honor tonight. And of course to the Independence, long may she sail the stars.

Anassasi: Here, here.

::Raising her goblet of wine, she sipped lightly at it before putting it down.::

Riley: Admiral, perhaps you would like to say a few words?

Anassasi: Indeed, Commander, I do.

:: Turing to those gathered there, she raised a glass. ::

Anassasi: To the USS Independence, may she rest in peace. To the USS Independence-A, may she always seek out new peoples. And to the crew of the USS Independence-A, may there always be a little revolution in their lives, now and then.

:: Raising a glass she took a sip of the ruby liquid within. ::

Anassasi: Now will Ensign Wood, Ensign Satscher, and Ensign DeCosta join me at the center please?

:: Jessa waited for the three Ensigns to join her near the center of the table. ::

Anassasi: Ensigns, you, like this ship have just completed your maiden voyage. You did so with grace and style. It is my pleasure to promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. Congratulations, ladies and gentleman.

:: Jessa hands them each a small olive wood box containing a second pip for their uniform. As each accepts the promotion, she shakes hands with the various characters before dismissing them all back to the table. ::

Anassasi: Silver Surfer will you please skate your way to center stage?

:: Allen paused briefly as he was so entranced with giving recognition to the newly promoted ensigns, he could hardly believe he'd heard the admiral correctly until realizing that he was the Silver Surfer. Standing he excuses himself. ::

Cruise: This is quite unexpected, excuse me ladies… gentlemen.

:: As Allen approached Jessa the adrenaline rushed through his body giving him a high matched only to that of riding the perfect wave. ::

Anassasi: Lieutenant Junior Grade Cruise you have served admirably under the leadership of Lt. Dickens as Assistant Chief of Science. With your assistance we were able to locate and retrieve the USS Benjamin Franklin. You are an asset to this ship and her crew. It is a pleasure to promote you to the rank of full Lieutenant. Congratulations, Mr. Cruise.

::Handling the Terran man the small olive wood box containing his new pip, she extends her hand terran-fashion to congratulate the young science officer. ::

Anassasi: Lieutenant Junior Grade Alexander Hutton please come forward.

::A man, looking very much like an overgrown bat rose from the table. Moving toward her position, she could barely recognize the eyes within. ::

Anassasi: Lieutenant Hutton, the life of a Security Chief is not always easy or simple. Yet you handled the disappearance of your Captain and fellow crew mates with dignity. It is a pleasure to promote you to the rank of Full Lieutenant. Congratulations, Mr. Hutton.