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((Deep Space 17 - Twilight's Edge))

:: The infamous bar had been taken over for the night, mostly due to staffing as well as the need to have a full bar and dinner. Minor little considerations had been detailed as well, including limited access to StarFleet personnel only which had radically become a formal black tie / dress uniform affair. ::

:: Waiting in the expansive office, David straightened his shirt and regarded his dress uniform. There were any number of dress uniforms, depending on the affair or the event. He found himself with the rare opportunity to don his dress white, a shimmering glean of white, and a red collar, the gold pips sparking. His few StarFleet medals (all two of 'em) were hung along with a couple other ribbons he had earned during his civilian practice.. He fixed the gold-white cuffs of mirroring badges and regarded his appearance. ::

Oo The man can wear white... amazing. oO

:: Nodding once, David about-faced and strolled out of the office into the full main of Twilight's Edge. The bar and restaurant had undergone a massive transformation. The tables were now dominating the full of the main floor. a dance floor just beyond that, and harboring the wall, a well lit stage and podium. For a night, the whole of StarFleet personnel were welcomed to attend the event. Out here in the Ithassa, literally over a half a year away from Starbase 118 at normal speeds. ::

:: Food and wine were aplenty, the conversation buzzing. David's steps bounced slightly, light and nimble as he nodded and waved at a few people he did know, his officers and senior staff from the USS Independence, as well as Deep Space 17's command and support staff. It was a fun and friendly buzz atmosphere. He was jazzed. How often did

he get to do stuff like this? ::

:: From up on stage, the familiar gait of the war-veteran, Commander Carrigan, stepped up to the podium and managed to ping it. Everyone's attention diverted as Carrigan cleared his throat. ::

Carrigan: Good Evening everyone. I would like to say a few words. We have hosted and honored several events here at the starbase, several crews and staff. Every year is a little different. I would like to thank Commander David Cody, who seems to have managed to arrange the use of Twilight's Edge from its owner in a very interesting formal event. I hope you've enjoyed the food. I hope you have not sampled too much wine.

:: Several chuckles broke from the floor. Smiling, Carrigan continued. ::

Carrigan: Without further adieu, Commander David Cody, ladies and gentlemen.

:: The man with short brown/auburn hair and sharp blues crossed the floor and took the stage. David took a strong, firm handshake from Carrigan before claiming the podium. A sea of bright, youthful and happy faces greeted him with the lights sparkling overhead. His cleared his throat before the crooked smile flashed. ::

Cody: Good Evening everyone. Glad you could all make it... even you, Mr. Luciano.

:: He caught a fun response from the security officer and moved on with a wink. ::

Cody: For those who missed the news bite, Administration finally caught the elusive Captain Idril Mar and gave her a rank upgrade. We have to call her Fleet Captain, now. None the worry, however... she can now "borrow" starships to chase down her husband, if needed. Especially on those long boring intelligence missions, instead of "jumping ship"... which tends to reduce said ranks.

:: A small wave of chuckles. David grinned. ::

Cody: You can tell they don't let me out that often. :: eyes twinkling :: Welcome to our annual ceremony dinner. This year we managed to convince the Edge to let us show off our dress cuts. Karynn... that dress is stunning. Brice, I can't believe you're letting her wear it.

:: He caught the future husband and wife's reactions and gave a very obvious and long wink, to get a few more laughs and whistles. ::

Cody: 2386 was an unusual year. Tragedies, triumphs, old friends near and dear, some, StarFleet has called home. We've had some spectacular technological breakthroughs... and spectacular injuries. We've got some alien egg beauties the cooks tell me were going to be the next gormeat great... but they all somehow managed to vanish as quickly as we found 'em.

:: Judging the crowd, David cleared his throat. He brought up a rather large, dark wood box, polished, rustic, but at the same time, the mahogany gave it an essence of elegance. The wood box, much larger than the one he used in briefings, was a timeless element (and a great find... he didn't think Makno would miss his cigar shipments). ::

Cody: Moving on, let's get down to why we're all here. Ensign Tyriden, come on up.

:: He waited for his extremely brilliant new Science officer to get into the light before removing an open pip and attaching it to the young man's collar. ::

Cody: Congratulations, you're a Lietenant, Junior Grade. Your brilliant work over the course of this last mission, along with your communication skills, have given some glowing recommendations.

:: Once the newly promoted Lt(jg) made his way back to the seat, David searched around, smiling. ::

Cody: Speaking of former Engineers turned Science officers... Mr. Breeman. I know you're around here somewhere. C'mon up... we've got a little something for you.

:: Quite a few laughs echoed as Kevin finally showed up. David motioned to his collar. ::

Cody: Hand over that open pip, bud. ::swapping them:: For your excellence in managing engineering as well as living up to everyone's expectations heading Science, your calibar efforts and overwhelming performance working with your fellow crewmembers, you can lose the JG. You're a Full Lieutenant, now.

:: He managed to keep Kevin on stage in front of his peers a moment longer, removing a couple ribbons. ::

Cody: For your continued enthusiasm, which has inspired many, and your intricate knowledge of sciences and engineering which have continued to amaze us, your drive, energy and commitment to excellent, StarFleet awards you the TOSMA II award. Additionally, as you have often times put yourself on the line demonstrating both your courage and commitment, even past injury... StarFleet additionally awards you the Purple Heart.

:: Attaching the ribbons to Kevin's shirt, David stepped back and gave the man a strong, firm handshake. ::

Cody: Congratulations, Lt. Breeman.

:: Amidst thundering appause, David waited until Kevin returned to his seat before moving on, silencing the audience. ::

Cody: Our next awards recipient has been a phenominal influence with his quirky intelligence, commitment to excellence in both their duty and behavior. Quality is this man's name, who has shown us insights and depths to his character we normally would not see in our day to day operations. Mr. Nicholas "Nickels" Luciano, please step forward.

:: He had to wait until the Iotian walzed up, smart and neat, and stood before David and his fellow officers. David pinned the awards. ::

Cody: StarFleet awards you the TOSMA I and B-Plot Award. Wear 'em proud. You're one of our best and brightest.

:: Waiting for the applause to die down, did Dave catch a tear from Nickels? Inwardly chuckling, he moved on, adjusting the mic. ::

Cody: Courage comes in all shapes and sizes, including the courage to step up and become better. Would Lt. Ralik please step up?

:: He waited until the Ferengi came up, oddly reflecting on his past and the time he spent working for the Ferengi. As much as it had affected him, much good had come out of it in the later years. There were honorable qualities within them. ::

Cody: Captain Sidney Riley has awarded Mr. Ralik the prestige of the Cochrane Award for his thorough knowledge and excellence of Engineering, including his enthusiasm, endurance and creativity. Your dedication to both ship and Fleet is widely known.

:: David pulled out another ribbon. ::

Additionally, StarFleet also recognizes the great strides you have made improving yourself and your performance. It is my honor and privilage to additionally award you the Barclay Bead.

:: David nodded, shaking Ralik's hand. The man would go far. Just as Idril had when she was simply an engineer, as had Brice, he was sure the same qualities were in Ralik. Waiting until he had retaken his chair and letting the applause die down. ::

Cody: Adding to our repository of knowledge in the field of library sciences, and adding to our own knowledge, this crewmember has enlightened us in so many ways and continues to teach us about the universe we live in. Lt. Ignis Fatuss, please step foward.

:: The Illumini rose, a genderless purely transparent diamond like material in the form of a man and glided across and up. David wasn't sure what to do with the ribbon he took out from the mahogany box, and settled on handing it over to Ignis.

Cody: Lt. Fatuss, StarFlett is proud to award you the Sarpeidon.

:: If it were posssible, Dave swore Fatuss grew even more transparent as the applause came. Nodding, he let Fatuss return to his seat before returning to address the audience. ::

Cody: Captain Tyr Waltrus has been proud to carry on the tradition of awarding the Pilot's Sextant award to one of our newer members, for his knowledge, ability and drive to claim the pilot's chair. Please give Ensign Zita Sesilia a warm round of applause for her accomplishment.

:: If possible, the Invernian female glowed as Zita came up. David shook her hand with a wink before moving on. He removed one last award and straightened, deepening his frown as the serious side of his emotionless face came. He took in each and every member before speaking again. ::

Cody: Very few officers display both the devotion to crew, seeing to their well-being, giving aid to those in need, inquiring after their health, always willing to lend a hand when asked. This officer has gone beyond the extra and their deeds are both welcomed, heartfelt, and diligent. This officer is familiar to us all. This officer, has always been a bright and shining star and is, at least in my opinion, one of the best officers I've had the pleasure of serving with.

LtCmdr Karynn Ehlanii, front and center please.

:: David remained blank as the Hallian rose. He could see a slow, burning blush despite tanned skin, and motioned to keep her coming up onto the stage. Once on, he dropped his poker face and beamed, pinning the award.

Cody: LtCmdr Ehlanii, StarFleet presents you with the Neelix Award, for your outstanding service to StarFleet and your crew.

:: He smiled with a saucy wink as the applause rippled. He knew she was going to get him for this later. Once back down next to Brice, David returned to the podium and held up his hands. The room went silent.

Cody: To one and all, here we all succeed working together. I could not ask for a better crew. Congratulations to everyone, and let 2387 be a spectacular year for us all. Please, eat, enjoy yourselves, dance... and all senior staff, be ready to report to the Independence conference room for our next mission.

:: With that said, David took his over-sized mahogany box and saluted everyone, letting the stage lights snap out for him to exit... stage right. ::

::Out in the audience, however, someone knew that there were other plans. Chief King flipped on the hologrid that he had been ordered to install the previous night under the bar's podium. A woman's clear voice rang out in the darkness.::

Voice: Not so fast, Commander. Computer, lights.

::The lights obediently came back up to reveal a familiar face, in her dress whites with her flame-red hair tied back into a neat pony-tail, showing the new single pip in a gold box on her collar.::

Pruitt: Captain on deck!

::The woman scowled at her yeoman, but then sighed and turned back towards the assembled group.::

Mar: As you were, all of you. I apologize for the interruption and the extension of this ceremony. Many of you know that I personally don't stand much on pomp and circumstance. However, I do have a couple of presentations of my own to do since there isn't an officer higher ranked than Mr. Cody currently attached to Independence. Commander, if you would join me up here?

::She waited until the Commander joined her back up on the stage.::

Mar: Mr. Cody, in my absence, has done an admirable job commanding Independence. As Commanding Officers, often we slight ourselves because to decorate ourselves seems a little... well, self-serving. That does not, however, that Commanding officers no longer earn or deserve those awards and Commander Cody is a prime example of that exact thing happening.

As we all know, our good Commander here has a way of getting all of us into trouble and, thankfully enough, managing to get us back out of it as well.

::Idril waited until the wave of chuckles passed, then continued.::

Mar: He also has a penchant for finding out things and information about races that no one seems to have heard about before, most of the time to the aid of all of us and our missions. I prefer to not ask where he gets his information, though I think I can guess some of it, but it is more important that he does find it and that it is accurate.

For these qualities, Mr. Cody has more than earned the two awards I am here to present to him: the Kalendra Award and the Nebula Bar.

::Turning to Pruitt, who brought a small wooden box to the podium for her, the Trill woman pinned the two awards to her First Officer's chest, then shook his hand firmly.::

Mar: Congratulations, Commander.

Cody: :: a crooked smile breaking :: Thank you, Fleet Captain.

::She waited until he rejoined the crew, then continued.::

Mar: I am currently indisposed on Earth and will not be able to make it back for your next mission. However, Commander Cody and LtCmdr. Ehlanni have my utmost confidence in the ability to successfully lead this ship on her next foray. I look forward to being able to rejoin you all in person sometime in the near future. With that, the ceremony is over. Please enjoy yourselves and I'll see you all as soon as possible. Computer, end program.

::With that, the woman's image dissolved and the stage lights turned back down.::


FltCapt. Idril Mar
CO, At Large


Commander David Cody
USS Independence-A