SIM:Independence-A Award Ceremony 238501.18

((Flight Deck; Ursa Major))

::Jessa sat silently to one side, watching as a long parade of officers made their way to the stage to receive awards and promotions. Among the sea of faces, a few familiar ones stood out. As Captain Lancaster finished his list, he turned to her as last in line. Rising, she stepped once more to the podium.::

Anassasi: Thank you Captain Lancaster. Now it is time to move on to the crew of the USS Independence. Before I begin, however, I would ask that you hold all applause until after the awards and promotions are concluded. :: She paused, looking out across the crowd gathered before her. It was an impressive site. :: Lieutenant Commander Cody, would you please step forward.

::Jessa waits for David to join her on stage before continuing.::

Anassasi: Commander Cody, it is with considerable pleasure that I award you the Merria Medallion. As Captain Lancaster stated, this medallion is seldom awarded within the fleet. Yet those who earn it have shown considerable talent in the field of computer engineering and programming. Your talent for computer manipulation for the purpose of data tracking is unparalleled. It is an honor to award you the Merria Medallion.

::Stepping forward, Jessa pins the white and gold ribbon to the man's dress whites. While Commander Cody returns to his seat, Jessa retrieves a small purple teardrop pendant before turning back to address those gathered on the deck. ::

Anassasi: Lt. Wood, please step forward. This next award honors your commitment to personal development and growth. Since the moment you arrived on my ship, you have sought to improve yourself both as a Starfleet officer and as a person. This quest began in the academy and continues now through training, experience, and knowledge gained through these experiences. So it is with great pleasure that I present to you with the Barclay Bead.

::Jessa smiles up at the younger man, attaching the petite pendant to his uniform before stepping back to offer her hand in the Terran-fashion of congratulations. ::

Anassasi: Lt. Reynolds, please come forward.

::The CEO of the Independence rises slowly to join her on stage. ::

Anassasi: Lt. Reynolds was greviously injured on TE-IV when a bomb exploded next to her. This next award speaks of courage and bravery in the line of duty. It is about courage to do your duty despite the risk to yourself. It is the essence of what it means to be a member of this crew and a Starfleet officer. It is with great pleasure that I award you the Purple Star.

::Jessa steps close to the younger woman, pinning the golden form onto her dress whites. With a smile, she steps back to offer a congratulatory handshake. As Reynolds moves to resume her seat, the Admiral retrieves a golden medal with blue inscriptions. ::

Anassasi: Lt. Cruise, please step forward. :: Jessa waits for him to join her on stage before continuing. :: Lt. Cruise, your dedication to this crew is reminiscent of many fine officers who have come before you. The list includes such laudable names as Captain Hutton, Captain Rhys, and Captain Mar. I have no doubt that one day another name will be added to that list for, like you, each one of those officers continued in their duty despite the odds or injury. May your enthusiasm and dedication persist for many years to come.

:: Stepping forward, Jessa pins the Order of Starfleet Merit and Achievement, second class, to the white uniform. Stepping back, she smiles, again offering a congratulatory handshake. ::

Anassasi: And now, Lieutenant Commander Riley, please step forward.

::Jessa watches as the woman approaches. Recent events surrounding an away mission had left the Terran-deltan shaken. Yet despite all she had been through, she had received many a nomination from her fellow crew members. That alone spoke volumes. ::

Anassasi: Commander Riley, you have been a part of this crew for more than two years and served as my First Officer for the better part of a year. This next award and the one that follows are for executing that duty with honor and dedication to one's crew, this ship, and this fleet. You have more than fulfilled that role. It is an honor to award you with the Order of Starfleet Merit and Achievement, first class.

::Before stepping forward, however, she continues. ::

Anassasi: Yet, dedication and honor are only a part of a First Officer's job. Commander Riley has spent many long hours assisting our staff. She dedicates time and effort to help guide our officers forward in their careers. In addition to serving this crew, Commander Riley serves as the Assistant Commandant of Training. She welcomes new officers into our fleet and provides training to our future Captains. Her work is nothing short of exemplary. As such, she is one of three who have been chosen to receive this next award. Commander Riley, it is with great pleasure that I award you the Strange Medallion.

::With a smile and a twinkle in her eyes, Jessa steps forward finally to pin the final two medallions to the dress whites of her First Officer. Stepping back, she waits for the woman to return to her seat. Next to her Yeoman Pratt lays out several pips. ::

Followed immediately by Independence-A Promotion Ceremony 238501.23.