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Stardate: 248602.05
Author: Brenna Parker
Character: Brenna Parker
Title: I'm a Doctor, not a . . . Counselor?

((Sickbay, USS Challenger))

Having some extra time, Ashley had stopped by the Sickbay to see if Dr. Parker could give her a quick check up.

Parker: I was actually just reviewing your medical history.  ::If she hadn't been, Brenna might have worried that the Commander was also pregnant, seeing that all the women who had voluntarily come in for a physical had been thus far.:: Are you feeling any further ill-effects from your encounter with the Borg?

Boles-Barnes: ::hopping up on the biobed:: Sometimes I have pricklely sensations in my back where the Drone put his needles, and sometimes I have visions.. well, not visions exactly... flashes of things about the Borg cube, but I guess that's to be expected. And it's not happening as much as it did when I first started having them. Nothing to worry about, I don't guess, it's just that Dr. Danzia told me I should keep having check ups on a regular basis for awhile.

Parker: So she did. I'll have to thank you for remembering Dr. Danzia's advice. I get the feeling I'm going to be having to drag some people in here kicking and screaming for their checkups.

Boles-Barnes: Well, Hugh and I want a baby, and while he is on the Steadfast, I want to get myself in shape so I can have one. We've been trying a lot, but so far no luck. Have any idea why? I didn't have a minutes trouble getting pregnant with the...

As Ashley trailed off, an internal alarm when off in Brenna's brain. The type that went 'Danger, Brenna Parker, danger, danger!' Her normal responses would not work now, more than ever. She had to tread carefully; none of her usual flippancy.

Parker: ::softly:: The baby?

Her big green eyes misted with the pain of losing the child.

Boles-Barnes: Yes, he just wasn't strong enough to withstand what happened to me. We know we can't replace him, but we have enough love between us to want to share it with another child... Think you can help us?

Parker:  ::kindly:: I'll certainly do my best. But you realize that most of what needs to be done is going to be on your side of the court.

Boles-Barnes: ::grinning:: I'll do whatever I need to do and then some.

Parker:  ::smiling back somewhat:: I'm going to hold you to that.  ::She continued her scan, falling back into her typical medical patter.:: I assume you've been seeing a counselor?

Boles-Barnes: ::hedging a little:: Um... well, no. I seldom have enough free time to see Dr. Jaxx, and now, I guess I'll have to see J.T. Um LtCmdr Aadi, I mean.

Brenna didn't usually put much stock in psychology, but this had a basis in logic.

Parker: The fact that you're still on occasion having flashbacks might suggest that there are still some underlying issues that need to be worked out.  ::She hesitated for a moment, still in caution mode and not wanting to offend.:: You might be afraid that if you conceive another child, it will be taken away from you again, by the Borg or other means.

Boles-Barnes: ::looking over the biobed at her feet, speaking quietly:: so.

Parker: Even if the feeling is subconscious, it can still be telling your body that you're not ready for another child. I don't see any indications in your scan that would prevent you from becoming pregnant. So for now, I'd suggest a few more counseling appointments. When you're together with your husband again, we can try a few other proceedures, if you'd like.

Boles-Barnes: ::nodding:: Like I said, I'll do what I need to do, and I suppose it means doing what you say.

Parker: Stress reduction is a big one, and something you should start working on now. Also, simple exercise and being in shape can be one of the best things you can do to tell your body that you're ready to take on a pregnancy.

Boles-Barnes: ::slipping her legs off the biobed to get down:: I work out most every day, but I tire much too easily. Do you think vitamins will help?

Parker: Definitely, if they're used correctly. I'll take a look at your records and give you a few suggestions on what suppliments to take, if you'd like. But remember, take it easy. There's no rush. Don't wear yourself out.

Boles-Barnes: ::smiles, as they walk out of the room:: Thanks doc, I appreciate it. And don't worry, I'll be the best patient you have in following orders.

Parker:  ::wryly:: If only everyone felt that way.


Ensign Brenna Parker
Medical Officer
USS Challenger, NCC-12886

With Contributions by:
Lt. Commander Ashley Boles-Barnes, CoS