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(( Duronis II - Embassy Grounds, Outside Sheriden's Office))

Gabriel: Well, we may as well work together on this one right from the start, we are going to need a central area from which to coordinate things from, any suggestions you two?

Xoet: Well we could use the Situation room that seems to be the most protected of all the places we could use besides having the communication abilities for coordinating things on ground and in space at the same time.

Dar: Response

Gabriel: Well, I was thinking something more central, At the moment we have three teams all running off in different directions with no one in overall command.. What I mean is, if the Ambassador is going to be on the "Res" then what about us?

Xoet: Your right with the Ambassador in space he has more than enough to take care of there. We would just be adding to the confusion with our contacting him before we do anything.

Dar: Response

::Gabriel nodded.::

Gabriel: Okay, that sounds like a good plan.. Elandra, you coordinate things from the CoS's Officer, I'm going to get things moving at the clinic. Xoet, you might want to get some equipment from the science labs and then I'll meet you over in the blood labs and we'll take a look at this pathogen of yours....

Xoet: ok.

Dar: Response

((ooc:insert Toni, Gab and xoet's sim Meeting in sick bay. ))

Turner: ::Leaving:: Thank you for your time, gentleman.

Gabriel: No problem...

Xoet: More than glad to help.

::The counselor exited the office slowly, Gabriel caught the look of admiration in Xoets face as he watched the woman disappear from view.. The Doctor smiled at the five eyed science officer..::

Gabriel: Come on you, before you become taken with our new Embassy Heroin...  ::Gabriel chuckled slightly and put his hand on his back forcing him from his office.. ::

Xoet: Me? She could make anyone happy I'm sure. She is a fine piece of work, are you not also attracted to her?

Gabriel: Not in the slightest my friend, I already got one like that..

::Gabriel smiled and let out a long sigh.. Watching the office doors close behind him they headed for the Labs and to make a start on the Pathogens and Nano-virus that they agreed to develop..::

::Xoet heard about the riot at the front of the Embassy but knew security could handle it. Looking at Gabriel signal the Commander about the riot xoet was beginning to see that a Dr's job was not just about cutting and healing.  ::

Gabriel: I'd better go, just incase there is any trouble, they might need a medical officer present. What about you, you coming or do you want to go down to the lab and start on that research?

Xoet: I'm off to the Lab we can meet there unless I'm done first. Then I'll find you.


::Xoet thought about the nanobot pathogen. The nanobot would need to look like a Borg nanobot at the same time be able to reprogram itself into a cancer like code virus. Xoet had arrived at Lab 1 and head to the computer monitors to draw up a nanobot schematic design.  ::

Xoet: oOo The dual quantum processor design would work. The second processor could reprogram the first into the pathogen once inside the Borg system. Then the nanobot would release a self replicating coded virus into the Borg drone's machine code that would spread via the relay system each drone has. oOo

:: Xoet had the replicator process the data design and create several thousand per capsule that could be fired as a pellet in a kind of old fashion gun. Xoet made Its way over to Its Lab Assistant to see if there were any updates from the long range sensors. The Lab's atmosphere was one of wonder just with an extreme element of fear involved. Xoet glanced at a PADD It was handed and started to shake Its head.  ::

Xoet: How could a Borg Tetrahedron become a Borg Cube?

!douet souirtes!: It seems that the tetrahedron was the beginnings of a Borg Cube. The mathematical formula that was used to evolve the tetrahedron into a Cube is beyond anything we have seen. The Borg are able to create structures out of the 11 dimensions of reality with manifolds unfolding into each other as if they were not there.

Xoet: That will need further explanations to convince me that it is possible.

!douet souirtes!: Not only is it possible but it has happened the tetrahedron is now three times its original size. I believe we have just witnessed a Borg cube be built out of what we call the either of space.

Xoet: Then it may be possible to find a weakness in their defense grid if we understand how the grid was made, right?

!douet souirtes!: We have been working on that. It is taking all the computer's processing abilities. We have found a weakness. There is still the basic configuration of a tetrahedron inside the cube with a sphere inside the tetrahedron just there are two tetrahedrons at opposite corners of the cube. Putting an antimatter blast in the center of the cube would bust the thing to pieces... We have to hope the two spheres do not eject from the cube at once. If they survive then they could reach the planet.

Xoet: Has this data been made available to the resolution?

!douet souirtes!: Yes, of course we sent them the information as soon as it was known.

Xoet: Ok let me get this information to Commander Sheriden. he should know we are going to have a sphere or possibly two spheres headed our way. This is unless the cube defeats the resolution and the other pilots in the smaller ships. Then there will be no chance of survival.

:: Xoet felt the tension in everyone's actions. It left the lab and headed out to find the Dr. In passing 12's quarters xoet went inside and put a energy booster patch on It's chest. Would the Doctor not notice the elevated energy level xoet has? Or anyone for that matter. Xoet left Its quarters quickly feeling the boost of energy already. The patch was something that xoet had designed in the lab just for itself to use in secrecy. Xoet then located the Dr and Dar with help from the computer locator system.  ::

Xoet: Gabriel, I've designed a borg pathogen we now just have to figure out how to get them to eat these nanobots. Any ideas?

Gabriel: Response

Dar: Response

Xoet: I remember that worked with the Captain of the Enterprise. The computer could arm the holodecks with the nanobots as ammo for the guns there.

Gabriel: Response

Dar: Response

Xoet: The pathogen should work almost immediately leaving them immobile.

Gabriel: Response

Dar: Response

Xoet: I believe I can get this information to the resolution although if the borg found out they would be ready for it. Not transmitting this data might keep the element of surprise on our side.

Gabriel: Response

Dar: Response

Xoet: How is the evacuation proceeding?

Gabriel: Response

Dar: Response


!douet souirtes!

Lab assistant

Lab One Duronis Embassy

Lt. Jg. xoet twelve

Science Officer

Federation Embassy to Duronis II