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Crew of the USS Astraeus

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Lt. Commander Carter Greyson

((Deep Space 10, The Jolly Spaceman))

::Carter sat at a table alone with a glass of root beer in his hand, a giant weight seeming to be lifted from his shoulder. The tense ensign who was afraid of the tactical console wasn't here, just the youngster enjoying a day of well-earned shore leave. He was no longer a glorified babysitter, no longer responsible for people's lives, no longer for transporting people out of danger. He had his thoughts on the derelict Mercury, which made it back to the station under her own power for the most part. And he was not prepared for the arrival of another voice -- one he'd only met once before.::

Calderan: Hi there!

::It took him a moment to recognize the face, then the name associated with. ::

Greyson: Oh, hi. ::Pause. He looked at the pips.:: Commander Calderan.

Calderan: Can I join you?

::He gestured to the empty seat across from him, welcoming the company. Between his tenure as a babysitter for 2 Starfleet officers who had been under arrest and his first mission behind the tactical console that blew him to hell, he welcomed the company.::

Greyson: Please.

Calderan: How did you get on with the last mission, a bit strange with the Mercurians – holograms of our old companions.

::The question threw him off guard. He wasn't there -- only escorted Dr. Rahman to the transporter room so she could go deal with it. He didn't have the faintest idea what happened, only knew that he hadn't seen Chythar since the previous shore leave.::

Greyson: didn't go on the Mercury. I was...assigned as a babysitter to Dr. Rahman. oO A total waste of my talents. Oo Then was on the bridge. Commander Mei'konda noticed my hands were shaky when I first stood behind the tactical console.

Calderan: Apologies, Mr Greyson. I forgot that you were not on the away teams. Well, things got a little crazy over there. ::She paused for a moment.:: But I a sure things were a tad stressful back at Mother I am not surprised you were a bit angsty. I know I would have been thrust into a role I was new to.

::Greyson's eyebrows shot up. He would've expected that from Dr. Moonsong, but having someone who wasn't a shrink tell it to him seemed to make him feel a bit better.::

Greyson: That's what I thought at first. Maybe it's just an aversion to that particular console. I am not sure if that's so. But... :: He paused and had a sip of his root beer. :: If we are short-handed in Engineering, I would welcome a chance to finish the required courses from Starfleet Academy to become an engineer and will accept a transfer to that department -- through distance learning, perhaps?

Calderan: That is a great goal to have. You should arrange a meeting with the Captain and possibly the Acting Chief Engineer, Commander Core. I am sure they would be happy to assist you with your self-improvement. Maybe engineering would be less.... stressful? I say go for it.

Greyson: It's funny, I'd only thought of that while Commander Mei'konda pointed out my shaky hands.

:: He seemed a bit perplexed by the subject change, realizing after a moment that it was in reference to an earlier conversation they had during their last shore leave. ::

((Flashback -- Bridge, USS Garuda))

Calderan: Fair enough. If you recall anything, let me know. You're my man on the ground? so to speak.

Greyson: Well, my background does include minors in Helm, Comm and Ops if that helps. There's more to me than meets the eye.

:: Nia gave him a quick cheeky look up and down and smiled. ::

Calderan: Of that I have no doubt, Ensign. I'm just glad you're still here to say it. Doctor Skyfire is a remarkable man.

:: Nia thought back to his heeling bedside manner. ::

:: Greyson smiled softly, thinking about the right set of words to describe his teal-collared savior. Interesting would definitely be one word. He wasn't sure about other words. The word 'flirtatious' didn't enter into his mind at all. ::

Greyson: CD's mind is interesting, I would say. All I know is he has a horrible retention rate with counselors and that he's a linguistic genius. His work on the Skyfire Cure was one of two of his crowning achievements on the Excalibur. However, he wasn't the type to flirt. He has a bit of a hard time recognizing romance when it's directed at him.

:: Nia raised a mischievous eyebrow.::

Calderan: So, you like Doctor Skyfire then?

Greyson: He's complicated. Dense. I don?t even know if he's still talking to the marine he started to fall for before he left the Excalibur.

Calderan: Perhaps you should ask him directly. I've found with men you can't be subtle.

Greyson: Truth in that, I suppose. Why do you mention it?

Calderan: Faint heart never won fair hero.

Greyson: Well, last time I heard that phrase it was from a 20th century holonovel, except the last word was 'lady'. :: He smiled a bit, not sure if he was actually falling in love with Chythar or if it was just a passing phase of hero-worship for the man who saved his life. ::

:: Nia smiled as she rested her aching legs by leaning against the console. ::

Calderan: Seriously, be confident! Don't regret the things you do in life, only regret the things you didn't.

((End flashback))

:: Carter had another sip of his drink before making his reply. ::

Greyson: I haven't had a chance to talk to him since our last shore leave. He's been on the clock ever since we left here in search of the Mercury.

Calderan: Patching me up for one thing... again.


Ensign Carter Greyson (PNPC)
Tactical Officer
USS Garuda
NCC 73809
Simmed by: Lieutenant JG Chythar Skyfire

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