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Crew of the USS Astraeus

LtGreyson 2396.png

Lt. Commander Carter Greyson

(( USS Garuda - Crew Quarters ))

:: Carter sat at his desk, brushing up on some engineering coursework he had left over from his classes at the academy. It was only a notebook of things one can do to an isolinear chip, but still a valuable resource for him in his new career path. He was certain at some point in time his badge would go off, as Core must’ve seen the note about his enrolling in the engineering program by now. Or… Ris. His thoughts went back to her, and his parting line “If you need me, give me a call.” Reading was good for him, as he needed to know more things about isolinear chips anyway. His computer chirped once. ::

Computer: Incoming message.

Greyson: :: Sigh. :: Display. :: and he looked up at his console. ::

From: Lieutenant Commander Tristam Core, Chief Engineer
To: Ensign Carter Greyson, Engineer

Going away for a few days for a personal matter. In the meantime, I'd like you to study for your first two credits with me. I've attached the course materials for Colossal Failures in Engineering, of which includes the most recent text and a holoprogram (of which you are to observe only, no interaction with the holograms necessary). Book time for the holodeck asap.

When I get back, I expect you to be ready for a pop quiz. I know it's quite a short time period, but I have faith that you'll be able to work with it. If you require assistance, D'Soni, Loupaz and Lieutenant Juanita Sanchez will be happy to assist you. I'm giving you permission to take time away from Engineering if you require it to study up.


:: He was still processing the message when he was distracted by the chirp of his badge. ::

Moonsong: =/\= Moonsong to Greyson.

:: He was taken by surprise, but only momentary surprise. He reached over to his badge and tapped it. ::

Greyson: =/\= Greyson here.

Moonsong: =/\= It’s me… I mean… you know it’s me… You said to call and… I’m calling and ummm…. I made dinner….

:: A welcome reprieve from his homework, indeed. He hadn’t eaten yet. ::

Greyson: =/\= See you in 5 minutes, your quarters then? Have to get presentable.

Moonsong: =/\= Presentable? I mean...  :: Audible sigh. :: I’ll see you in five. Moonsong out.

:: He closed the channel and booked some time on the holodeck before grabbing a shirt and pants. Alpha shift was over, so there wasn’t any need to grab a uniform. A quick pass by the mirror told him he didn’t need to shave just yet, and he could see the beginnings of a five-o-clock shadow forming. oO No matter. I might look good with a goatee. Oo And he headed out for her quarters. ::

(( Moonsong’s quarters, five minutes later ))

:: Carter ran a hand through his hair and pressed the door chime. ::

:: Raissa jumped at the sound of the chime going off, even though she knew Carter was coming. She took a quick glance around the room to make sure everything was clean and the table was set. She had been dithering over everything for the past three hours. She had cooked and cleaned and then dressed until she realized she failed to actually call Carter to join her for dinner. ::

::She quickly smoothed down the front of her sleeveless gold silk dress and went to the door. She took a deep breath and keyed it open. She looked up at him. He still had the ability to make her heart flutter. ::

Moonsong: H-hi….

:: He was wearing a formal button-up black shirt and pants, and his usual duty boots. Presentable enough, though the badge did look a bit tacky with the outfit. He flashed her a smile. ::

Greyson: Hey, gorgeous. Mind if I come in?

::She blushed as she stepped back to allow him in. ::

Moonsong: Of course… I made dinner… I meant to call you earlier….

:: He came in, the door sliding shut behind him as he crossed the threshold. He nodded faintly. ::

Greyson: It’s alright, hon. You’ve had a long day, and you needed the time. I’m not worried.

Moonsong: :: Her hands twisted in front of her. :: Would you like to have something to drink? Why don’t you sit down?

::She turned and walked to the table. Then Raissa stopped and turn around to look at him. ::

Moonsong: I don’t know why I’m so nervous. I’ve never been nervous around you before.

:: He had a seat at the table and gave her a reassuring smile. ::

Greyson: Coke, if you wouldn’t mind. And... :: he paused for a moment to think. :: You’re right. You’ve never been nervous around me before. Do you want to talk about it?

:: Raissa licked her dry lips and then ordered his drink from the replicator. She was vaguely aware it was some kind of soft drink, but she didn’t know much beyond that. She considered something stronger for herself and then dismissed the idea. She returned to the table and set the drinks on the table before she sat down herself. ::

Moonsong: It’s hard to talk about something when I don’t have the answer.

:: He took his glass and had a sip, musing over the question as he swallowed. ::

Greyson: You’ve never been nervous around me before, and somehow managed to invite me for dinner and now you’re nervous. Hm. How can I help you be un-nervous?

Moonsong: :: shook her head slightly :: I don’t see how. I feel like I’m on my very first date with the soccer player I had a crush on.

:: Raissa took a deep breath and let it out. She was unaware that her sleeveless dress was doing a great job of defying gravity. ::

Moonsong: Are you hungry? I made my mother’s version of Shepherd's Pie…

:: Carter’s eyes wandered down her body for only a moment before he gave another nod and had a sip of his soda, his face not reddening despite the beautiful view. ::

Greyson: It sounds delicious. Studying does make one hungry.

:: Raissa smiled and jumped up from the table. A moment later she set the steaming dish on the table. She also set a salad beside each of their plates to go with the dish. It was browned to perfection with flecks of herbs decorating the layer of mashed potatoes. Beneath that the strips of prime rib merged with vegetables in a flavorful brown sauce. She set a bottle of wine on the table before she finally sat down. ::

Moonsong: Cooking usually relaxes me. I don’t do much of it lately.

Greyson: That looks delicious, hon. :: He snapped his gaze to his food, as opposed to staring at her torso which the dress had lowered another few inches. :: Not sure I can engineer a solution for the wardrobe malfunction, by the way. :: he added with a light-hearted chuckle. ::

::Raissa’s mouth dropped open as her face went red. Her hands grasped the top and tried to jerk it back into place.::

Moonsong: ::Not realizing she is speaking aloud :: I thought I couldn’t possibly get more embarrassed...

:: He gave a soft smile as he picked up his fork and began digging into the delicious tastiness she had prepared. As he inhaled, his mouth watered. ::

Greyson: You look beautiful. With, or without the clothing. :: and took a bite. :: Delicious.

Moonsong: :: The red did not fade from her face or any other exposed portion of her anatomy. :: On the bright side…. my shields are holding… :: she nibbled on the salad.::

:: He was delving into the pie first, enjoying the flavor and taking his time with it as it nearly dissolved in his mouth. It was so delicious he didn’t reply for several moments until after he swallowed. ::

Greyson: Delish. :: Beat. :: Shields holding is good, right?

Moonsong: :: A faint smile curved her lips. :: Yeah…  :: She took a few bites of her own. She had done her mother justice with the recipe even if the ingredients were replicated.:: I’m glad you like it. Mother would always start making it in the fall...

:: He nodded faintly and set down his fork. He was mildly curious about why she was so nervous, but didn’t press. She had stated she didn’t have an answer, so he figured just being here was helping. On some level. ::
Lt. (j.g.) Raissa Moonsong
USS Garuda


Ensign Carter Greyson (PNPC)
USS Garuda
NCC 73809
Simmed by: Lt. Chythar Skyfire

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