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Crew of the USS Astraeus

LtGreyson 2396.png

Lt. Commander Carter Greyson

(( Main Engineering ))

:: Ensign Greyson tumbled out of a jeffries tube near the engineering compartment, panting from the exertion of climbing to it from deck nine. Luckily for him, he was in good athletic shape, otherwise it’d hurt that much more. The scaling the lift shaft on DSX last month didn’t help him, but it did prove he had to spend more time with rock climbing simulations. ::

Core: Greyson! How're we looking?

Greyson: :: Heavy panted reply :: Could be better....I...I just got here myself...why...?

Core: I got a call saying that there was vines in the vents. Are we looking at anything dangerous?

oO Dangerous? The man must not have heard anything about the man-eating plants that tried to kill Dr. Mo’Phatz. Or the strange cocoon thing in Ris’s quarters. Or...The man must be either crazy or oblivious. Oo

Greyson: :: took a deep breath before replying. :: I...I think “dangerous” sums up what’s happening to the ship...right now...all over....quite adequately, sir...

:: The huff of frustration let out by the chief engineer may’ve been directed at him, but it also could have been the situation as a whole. oO Perhaps he’s not crackers. I just think that because I escaped plants that ate my shirt. And my pants. And my badge. And one of my good pairs of boots. Oo He started to assess some of the damage from a non-vine-infested console, attempting to get an idea of what the hell was going on. ::

Core: Could we maybe beam the vines out of the vents? Some of those ducts lead right into life support - if they manage to get their tentacles around something important, the whole oxygen system could just-

Falcon: =/\= Bridge to Engineering. =/\=

:: Carter continued to assess the damage, then glanced over to one of the nearby life support panels to inspect the damage. ::

Core: =/\= Go ahead. =/\=

Falcon: =/\= We just lost helm control up here. Can you still maneuver the ship from down there? =/\=

Core: =/\= Stand by, Bridge. =/\= :: He tapped his com badge, glancing back at Greyson. :: When the USS Sonar's navigational system failed, the operations for those systems automatically went to Engineering, but the ship still fell victim to an asteroid field. Why?

:: He knew Tristam had said “when he got back.” His mind warped to the message he’d received during shore leave. ::

(( Flashback -- Greyson’s Quarters, Stardate 239112.07 )) 

:: Carter sat at his desk, brushing up on some engineering coursework he had left over from his classes at the academy. It was only a notebook of things one can do to an isolinear chip, but still a valuable resource for him in his new career path. He was certain at some point in time his badge would go off, as Core must’ve seen the note about his enrolling in the engineering program by now. Or… Ris. His thoughts went back to her, and his parting line “If you need me, give me a call.” Reading was good for him, as he needed to know more things about isolinear chips anyway. His computer chirped once. ::

Computer: Incoming message.

Greyson: :: sigh. :: Display. :: and he looked up at his console. ::
From: Lieutenant Commander Tristam Core, Chief Engineer
To: Ensign Carter Greyson, Engineer

Going away for a few days for a personal matter. In the meantime, I'd like you to study for your first two credits with me. I've attached the course materials for Colossal Failures in Engineering, of which includes the most recent text and a holoprogram (of which you are to observe only, no interaction with the holograms necessary). Book time for the holodeck asap.

When I get back, I expect you to be ready for a pop quiz. I know it's quite a short time period, but I have faith that you'll be able to work with it. If you require assistance, D'Soni, Loupaz and Lieutenant Juanita Sanchez will be happy to assist you. I'm giving you permission to take time away from Engineering if you require it to study up.

:: He was still processing the message when he was distracted by the chirp of his badge. ::

(( End flashback ))

:: A pop quiz. This must’ve been the quiz. It was after the chief engineer’s return, and he’d been taking time away from his post to study on the holodeck and read the text book from cover to cover. Even if it was only on a PADD. Still, no matter. This must also mean that the chief engineer believed in the school of “learn as you go” as opposed to “transcribe, transcribe, transcribe.” There was no doubt that transcription did stick things in his memory better, but this was perhaps just one way of cementing that knowledge into his brain a lot further, given how late he’d been up two days ago studying things. At least, by this point, he had regained his breathing as he continued to fight vines away from the console and was perfectly calm, forcing it into his voice as he’d heard the CMO do. ::

Greyson: If memory serves me correctly, the handoffs of a Horizon class vessel in which the entire command chain was responsible for negligence in one form or another because they had a reputation of infamy for over-due maintenance checks that were never followed up with. In the case of Sonar, it was defective software in the primary computer core which got replicated onto the auxiliary cores. If the software was defunct, then it’d need to be recoded or re-downloaded from LCARS, preferably at space dock.

Core: :: nodding, though not confirming whether the answer was correct. :: Do you think we could repair something like that from the Bridge?

:: He was still pulling the occasional weed from the life support panel before he attempted a quick fix with duct tape, praying that the plant hadn’t enough sentience to pull it off. ::

Greyson: We can’t. It’d have to be recoded from scratch, if we intended to overhaul the Garuda’s navigational system away from a space dock, and only engineering has the tools to do it.

Core: Alright. Your navigational skills got an A minus at the Academy - impressive - how well can you handle moving a starship around in from Engineering?

:: He was joking, right? That had only ever been attempted in simulation after tireless simulation. He’d probably logged two hundred hours in total in the holodecks with only simulations of ships that weren’t Galaxy-class starships. oO This is going to be a hell of a lot harder than it looks. I got an A- ? Mkay. Easy, Carter. Don’t get cocky. Oo He swallowed hard, keeping his voice even. ::

Greyson: If the marks say I’m that good, it’s worth a shot sir. :: He didn’t intend to come off as cocky, but he was probably the only chance they had. ::

Core: Communication is the key to success - notify the Bridge on what we plan to do.

Greyson: Aye, sir.

:: He tapped his badge and attempted to reconfigure the console he was working at for helm navigation. ::

Greyson: =/\= Engineering to Bridge. =/\=

Falcon: =/\= Bridge here, Lt. Falcon speaking. Go ahead. =/\=

Greyson: =/\= Ensign Carter Greyson at your service, ma’am. I’m going to reconfigure an engineering console and see if we can work the helm from down here. If you volunteer to be my eyes, I’ll be your pilot.

:: In the pause between Falcon’s reply, he gave a thumbs-up to Commander Core signaling that he’d reconfigured the console. ::

Falcon:=/\= Just in time, Greyson. We’re in a stable position around the nebula, and are looking to slowly increase our distance. The hope is that the further away from the nebula we get, the less active these plants will be. Once you have control, we’ll start off with expanding the orbit an additional 500 meters and go from there. =/\=

:: He began to do as she said, slowly so he didn’t overcompensate or otherwise make a sudden movement that would put them in more danger than they were already. The controls of a holodeck bridge were a lot different than a real live helm system, and this was one hell of a test. oO Don’t get jumpy. Don’t get jumpy. Oo He repeated that silent mantra over and over in his head, sweat starting to form on his brow as he continued to execute the lieutenant’s directives. He was nervous, and this was more than just a pop-quiz. He didn’t know his score, or was he aware of the plant life that was sneaking up behind him. Despite how nervous he was, he had steady hands. ::

Greyson: =/\= How’re we doing, Lieutenant?

Falcon: =/\= Doing fine so far up here, Ensign. Let’s bring her out another 1000 meters. =/\=

Core: You're doing great, Greyson.

oO If we survive this, I hope he gives me a drink and my score at the same time... Oo

Greyson: =/\= Acknowledged. Backing off another 1000 meters. :: and again slowly backed off, so as not to jeopardize the ship. ::

Falcon: =/\= Greyson, you’re doing a fine job. I’m going to have a sensor feed shot down to you, see if we can give you some eyes. We might be getting busy here pretty darn quick; the plants figured out where the bridge is. =/\=
Ensign Carter Greyson (PNPC)
Engineer and Acting Pilot's Hands
USS Garuda
Simmed By: Lt. Chythar Skyfire

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