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Crew of the USS Astraeus

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Lt. Commander Carter Greyson

(( Sickbay, USS Garuda ))

:: Ensign Carter Greyson had returned with the recent away team, and didn’t have time to change. He recalled that he’d seen Ris transported away at Gabi’s insistence, and made his way to sickbay to check up on her. He entered and approached her bedside, noting that she didn’t quite seem herself. ::

Greyson: Hey. You alright?

:: Raissa opened her eyes slowly. She felt strangely light headed and calm. Almost floating in a warm comfortable state. It took her eyes a moment to focus on the face floating above her. Her mouth curved into a warm smile. ::

Moonsong: :: softly :: Carter…. You must be a dream…

:: He smiled down at her, his eyes sparkling with warmth. He too was calm, but unimpeded by medication and seemingly unaffected by the projection. ::

Greyson: No. I’m real. Wanted to see how you were. Gabi was pretty insistent on getting you out of there. I just got back.

Moonsong: :: her smile faded :: Gabi… you’re with Gabi… not fair…

:: She remembered seeing them together before she transported away. Gabi and Carter. She heard their voices in the darkness of the station. ::


Greyson: No, we were trapped in a turbolift. Ensign Porchevska ascended the shaft in heels and a skirt, so kudos there. I got us out with a tool kit and brute strength.

Porchevska: Muscles did a great job. You should have seen him.

:: Raissa suddenly felt her stomach drop. Carter and Gabi. They were together. She took a deep breath and let it out. For a moment she really hated her friend. ::


:: Raissa closed her eyes, not that it made any difference in the darkness. ::

~Please… Stop…. ~

Moonsong: :: hiding her physical and emotional pain :: We need to get these people to Medbay…. somehow…

::Then the lights returned and she saw them. Side by side. Then Gabi was holding her arms and pushing her away from Carter and other hands grabbed her. ::

Porchevska: Over extended empath. :: It was short and sweet. :: Get her back to the ship. Dr. Ven will know what to do.

Ocana: :: nods :: I’ve got it. =/\= Ocana to Garuda. Two for immediate transport to sickbay.

Moonsong: :: frowning and shaking her head. She tried to pull away from the nurse. :: No.. wait… I have to keep them calm…

:: Her eyes locked on Carter. Almost pleading as she vanished in the swirl of the transporter energy. ::

((End Flashback))

:: The memory seemed disjointed and unreal. ::

Moonsong: :: her eyes sparkled with tears. :: Why… why not me….?

:: Carter had a seat by her bio bed, and kept his voice low. ::

Greyson: I’m not with her. She told me how you felt about me, and I realized we hadn’t spoken since my transfer to engineering. I’m not your patient anymore. I’m in love with you.

:: Raissa blinked at him. She was having trouble focusing on his words. But he had such a nice voice. ::

Moonsong: :: murmurs :: I love your voice… I hear it in my head all the time…  :: She frowned slightly. :: I’m on drugs I think… You’re in my head… you’re always in my head… Can’t stop thinking about you….

:: He felt the drug-induced haze in a burst of empathy. He’d been there. Under sedation but still conscious as Chythar pried bits of shrapnel from his upper torso shortly after the console exploded. He wanted to reassure her, somehow. ::

Greyson: I’ve been there...When the console blew, I was there. Lying on a biobed. Under sedation. Like you. And at that time, I thought my life was over. Now it’s not. We have a chance to be together. :: whispers into her ear :: I love you.

:: Most of his words didn’t make sense. Life was over and being together? She blinked at him through tear filled eyes ::

Moonsong: ‘Mmm dreaming… :: His face seemed so close. She felt the familiar warmth washed through her under his gaze. :: Carter…. why not me…?

:: He took her hand into his, not realizing about the effect it would have on her. Or on him. For a brief moment, their minds linked. His mind was remarkably disciplined, but the recent talk of the exploding console brought that memory to the surface and the aftermath of his own surgery. His body seized for a moment, breathing ragged. As he let go of her hand, he panted softly. ::

Greyson: you, damn it...

:: Raissa’s eyes were wide with shock. For a moment, while he held her hand her chest was on fire with pain. An echo of trauma that was not hers. Pain that pushed aside the mind numbing effects of the sedative. She wasn’t dreaming. He was there. The reality shook her hard as the pain faded. ::

Moonsong: C-Carter…?

:: He took a few moments to regain his breath, to get his breathing back under control. Then spoke once more. ::

Greyson: Ris...I don’t love Gabi... I love you….

Moonsong: :: She blinked at him owlishly :: You do…? You do… I felt it… saw it… :: Her mouth trembled. :: I love you…

Greyson: :: He smiled at her. :: When you’re released, we can go get a drink. I’ll break out some Antaran brandy in my quarters and see what happens...what do you say?

:: He glanced around, idly curious where Dr. S was. This was his sickbay, but he wasn’t anywhere in sight. Then he turned his gaze back to his love to watch her reaction.  ::

:: Raissa frowned. She could feel his mind. She shouldn’t be able to. “see what happens’ had a number of images involved. ::

Moonsong: You’re not a telepath…

:: The comment caught him off-guard. Unlike CD, his DNA wasn’t toyed with like a ball of yarn with a bad treatment. But still, that was an odd comment. ::

Greyson: What? I, I’m not...what are you talking about?

Moonsong: I see… glimpses… images… from you… Your mind…. :: There was a hint of fear. ::

Greyson: I don’t get it, hon... Something happened on the mission to trigger...something? :: This was a field he didn’t understand. He wanted to understand it, but didn’t have the faintest idea about telepaths. ::

Moonsong: :: She was trying hard to suppress her fear. :: Carter… I’m an empath. I sense emotion. I don’t read thoughts. I’m not a telepath. They can connect to me, but not the other way around…. :: She swallowed hard. :: Something is wrong with me….

:: Concern crossed the young engineer’s face. He didn’t know what exactly that meant, but had at least a glint of understanding. ::

Greyson: Does Dr. Skyfire know about it? :: He glanced around again. :: Where is he, anyway? Not like him to leave a patient sedated in sickbay without being around…

:: Raissa shook her head. She had some jumbled memories. All starting with an inferno of pain and her name being called. She vaguely remember seeing Skyfire and Dr. Ven arguing with a pretty Orion. Which… really didn’t make sense. ::

Moonsong: I… I don’t know… my memory…. It’s jumbled.  :: she shakily pushed herself into a seated position. ::

Greyson: I’ll stay here until one of the docs comes back, alright? We can ask then.

Moonsong: You… you don’t have to stay…

Greyson: :: He smiled softly. :: I’m staying because I’m in love with you, damn it.

:: Now that she seemed to be in her right mind and not loopy from the drugs, it might stick. ::

Moonsong: :: She blushed. She would never tire of hearing him say it. Well, perhaps without the curse on the end of it. :: I know… I was just saying…

:: Greyson smiled again, his gaze locking with hers. ::

Greyson: I love you.

Moonsong: :: Her voice was quiet. :: I love you too….

Lieutenant JG Raissa Moonsong
USS Garuda

Ensign Carter Greyson (PNPC)
USS Garuda
NCC 73809
Simmed by: Lt. Chythar Skyfire

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