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Crew of the USS Astraeus

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Lt. Commander Carter Greyson

((First Officer’s Room: USS Garuda))

:: Nia sat in her office, scanning through a few PADDs. It was nice to be back on duty and clothed again. She remembered the conversation she had had with Skyfire about the injured Ensign Greyson. As part of her role as FO she needed to check in with all the crew and see how they were getting on. Greyson had been badly injured in the line of duty, and so deserved an urgent meeting. She tapped her comm badge. ::

(( Greyson & Skyfire's Quarters, USS Garuda ))

:: Carter was lying on his bed, taking a power nap. He'd unpacked a few pictures from his academy days. It wasn't until the console went off that he woke up suddenly. ::

Calderan: =/\= Commander Calderan to Ensign Greyson. =/\=

Greyson: :: blinked a few times :: =/\= Ensign Greyson here. Go ahead.

Calderan: =/\= If you’re available, I would like to see you on the bridge as soon as possible.=/\=

Greyson: =/\= Acknowledged. I will be there shortly.

:: The comm line closed, and Carter did a cat-stretch. He yawned and spread his arms wide to try and restore circulation before he got up and began to get dressed in the typical Starfleet gold that was expected of him. After making sure his hair was brushed, he pulled on his boots and began to head towards the bridge, where she said she wanted to meet him. ::

(( A few minutes later, Bridge ))

:: Greyson stood at attention when he got to his post, and remained still until Calderan came into view. He was looking away from the damaged console that exploded in his face a few days before. He was seriously hoping the first words out of her mouth would be "at ease" or something similar. ::

Calderan: Thank you for coming so soon, Ensign.

Greyson: Yes, Commander. Ensign Carter Greyson. Tactical officer. Former posting, USS Excalibur-A.

Calderan: At ease. I am sorry to have dragged you back here…

:: She nodded in the direction of the exploded console. ::

Calderan: But I wanted to check how you were and if you felt ready to come back to duty.

Greyson: I feel fine, physically. Psychologically...I think the console might try to bite me. May need to slot an appointment with the counselor. :: Beat. :: You were saying?

Calderan: It’s ok, a counseling session would be advisable. :: Pause :: But yes, I also want to debrief you on our last mission. As you know we managed to prevent an environmental catastrophe on Pleethion, but then we were unprepared for Commander Ross’ rogue actions. Do you remember seeing anything suspicious before the incident?

Greyson: Actually, I didn’t know. I was asked to try tracking a shuttle through damaged sensor arrays. Given how little time elapsed between when I had a lock and when the console exploded in my face, I couldn’t be able to tell you much of anything regarding whether it looked sabotaged or not.

Calderan: Fair enough. If you recall anything, let me know. You’re my man on the ground… so to speak.

Greyson: Well, my background does include minors in Helm, Comm and Ops if that helps. There’s more to me than meets the eye.

:: Nia gave him a quick cheeky look up and down and smiled. ::

Calderan: Of that I have no doubt, Ensign. I’m just glad you’re still here to say it. Doctor Skyfire is a remarkable man.

:: Nia thought back to his heeling bedside manner. ::

:: Greyson smiled softly, thinking about the right set of words to describe his teal-collared savior. Interesting would definitely be one word…he wasn’t sure about other words. The word ‘flirtatious’ didn’t enter into his mind at all. ::

Greyson: CD’s mind is interesting, I would say. All I know is he has a horrible retention rate with counselors and that he’s a linguistic genius. His work on the Skyfire Cure was one of two of his crowning achievements on the Excalibur. However, he wasn’t the type to flirt. He has a bit of a hard time recognizing romance when it’s directed at him.

:: Nia raised a mischievous eyebrow. ::

Calderan: So, you like Doctor Skyfire then?

Greyson: He’s complicated. Dense. I don’t even know if he’s still talking to the marine he started to fall for before he left the Excalibur.

Calderan: Perhaps you should ask him directly. I’ve found with men you can’t be subtle.

Greyson: Truth in that, I suppose. Why do you mention it?

Calderan: Faint heart never won fair hero.

Greyson: Well, last time I heard that phrase it was from a 20th century holonovel, except the last word was ‘lady’. :: He smiled a bit, not sure if he was actually falling in love with Chythar or if it was just a passing phase of hero-worship for the man who saved his life. ::

:: Nia smiled as she rested her aching legs by leaning against the console. ::

Calderan: Seriously, be confident! Don’t regret the things you do in life, only regret the things you didn’t.

Greyson: Truth in that, I suppose.

Calderan: So… despite your experiences in the last mission, you still glad you joined Starfleet?

:: Was he glad he joined Starfleet? Overall, yes. He’d made friends at the academy, his overall career had been short, but he was starting to feel that he had advanced somewhat. Unknown if he overall liked the feeling, but it seemed to be a good feeling thus far. Console bite or no. It was just the once, and he was still alive. ::

Greyson: Overall, yes.

Calderan: What made you join in the first place?

Greyson: Inspiration, Commander. I was curious about the birth of the Federation since I was old enough to read. Started with Archer, then Kirk, and so on down the list of great captains in Starfleet history. I thought it was fun to read up on, and I realized through some of their personal logs how badly they needed a good tactical officer. I have always had a tactical type mind, so logic said “You’ll be in tactical when you grow up.”

:: Nia chuckled. ::

Calderan: And are you grown up now?

:: Tough question. On the one hand, it asked Carter if he saw himself as ‘I won’t play practical jokes on the crew’ and on the other: ‘will you run away from the console if it tries to bite you again’? The second question was a bit harder to answer, but the first one...his joke playing days were over. ::

Greyson: Probably not as grown-up as some people would like to admit, but by the Terran standards, I’m 22. So I’d say that counts, unless of course you’d like to talk about other cultural ages of majority.

:: Nia pondered the question about what constituted an adult. Vulcans took a lot longer to grow old than humans or Byzallians. Nia was twenty six, which was older for a Byzallian than possibly a human. It wasn’t that Byzallians biologically didn’t live long or grew up physically quickly - it was just the harsh lifestyle on their war-torn homeworld meant you needed to learn how to survive by your teens, and many didn’t live into old age.::

Calderan: Well, you’re an adult, an officer and a gentleman as far as I am concerned.

Greyson: Good to know. Is there going to be anything else, Commander?

:: Nia tilted her head, mentally ticking off her check list. ::

Calderan: I think that’s all Ensign, unless you have any questions for me?

:: Carter pondered that over. He was incapacitated for several days because of the recuperation caused by the sedative post-surgery. The only one question he had rose to the surface. ::

Greyson: What exactly happened after the console exploded? Chythar mentioned something about saving someone, I think but I don’t remember anything else.

Calderan: I was off the ship at the time, but from the reports I understand you were badly hurt and the Doctor saved your life. Commander Ross had set booby traps across the ship, but most of these were nullified by a set of force-shields created by Lt Delano.

Greyson: I see. :: Pause. He quickly pondered over the list of things he had to ask, he’d already listed off his other proficiencies besides tactical...Nothing else came to his mind. :: No further questions, Commander. Permission to return to my regularly scheduled shore leave and set up an appointment with the counselor?

Calderan: :: Smiling :: Granted, with pleasure.

Greyson: Then I suppose I will be seeing you later. :: he gave a curt nod and did an about-face, walking out of the office. :: </nowiki>

JP by:
Ensign Carter Greyson (PNPC)
Tactical Officer
USS Garuda
Simmed by:
Lieutenant JG Chythar Skyfire
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
USS Garuda NCC 73809

Lt.Cmdr Nia Calderan
First Officer: USS Garuda,_Nia
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