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((Cargo Bay 2 - USS Resolution))

::After everyone had arrived at the Greek Festival, Toni excused herself from greeting duties to go find Vee before she welcomed the crew officially at the dias. Finding the little scamp taste testing the pastries, she took hold of her hand, bending down to whisper to her, then Vee skipped off grinning. A few minutes later she came back and joined Toni at the dias.::

::Toni waited for Hunt to make introductions, and when it came her turn, she moved to the podium to address the crew.:: Turner: ::looking at Guy and Ash:: I want to thank our hosts, Ensigns Hunt and MacKenna for arranging our Greek Festival. We had such a whirlwind start on our first mission that there was no time for introductions, and this opportunity is one I've looked forward to for over a month. <nowiki>::About that time, Lt. Commander Boles arrived with Private Reznov in tow. Boles nodded to her as they sat down at the back of the room.::

Turner: Now that everyone has arrived, I have a few announcements to make....

::She paused, glancing at Vee, and the child disappeared under the dias a moment retrieving a box and bringing it to Toni. She in turned opened it, then smiled at the crew.::

Turner: Would Lt. Jg. Ivan Petrov and 1st Lieutenant Iolo Llewelyn please come to the dias?

::The two men came forward and stood before her.::

Turner: As you all know, I am not at liberty to give promotions at this time, but I've gained permission to do something for these two officers that will come into effect at which time I am allowed that privilege.

::She smiled.::

Turner: Lieutenant Junior Grade Ivan Petrov, I hereby grant you a field promotion to Full Lieutenant. Pending an official designation and ceremony, you may enjoy the privileges that go with the rank. You have proved yourself worthy by your actions, and I appreciate your dedication. Congratulations.

::Stepping sideways she faced Llewelyn and smiled again.::

Turner: 1st Lieutenant Iolo Llewelyn, sometimes due to transfers an officer is overlooked or there extenuating circumstances caused by misunderstandings of intent. I thank you for your patience and your dedication to make improvements, and in appreciation of that, I hereby bestow a field promotion to Marine Captain, pending the formal ceremony. Congratulations.

Llewelyn: ::Caught completely off guard, smiled.:: Thank you, Captain. ::He said lamely, for once tongue tied. He wished that Brenna could have been there to see this...::

:: Instead of dismissing them, Toni asked Lt. Petrov to step back, and hold the position.::

Turner: I'm not finished with you yet. ::She grinned, then turned to the crew again:: Would Private Vasily Reznov and 2nd Lieutenant Kalianna Nicholotti please come forward and take a place flanking MCapt. Llewelyn.

::She waited for them to fall in, then took four ribbons from the box that Vee now stood holding beside her.::

Turner: Private Vasily Reznov, one of the most difficult things for an officer to do is give up a member of their team. The next hardest thing is to notify the family of their loss. Since you were the officer in charge at the time of PVT Shelby Marks death, I am posthumously awarding her with the Purple Heart Ribbon for being killed in action, and presenting it to you to hold in trust until which time you can present it to her family.

Turner: Further, although your present circumstances are questionable, I would be remiss if I didn't present you with the Purple Heart Ribbon, along with MCapt. Llewelyn and 2nd Lieutenant Kalianna Nicholotti for being wounded in defense of the mission or a fellow officer, plus I also award you three the Combat Action Commendation. Congratulations!

::Kali nodded and looked solemnly at the Captain. It was nice to be recognized, but she wished that it had not been under such circumstances.::

Turner: Please step back and remain at the dias. Lt. Makal Kora please take a place beside Lt. Petrov..

::She waited for him to join them, then spoke::

Turner: Lieutenant Petrov and Lieutenant Kora, did an outstanding job by doing some behind the scenes research in our last mission, and for that I am proud to present the Motor Skills and Perception Calculations Commendation. Congratulations!

:: Makal simply nodded as the Captain presented the award.::

Turner: Further, Lt. Kora, I award you the Act of Mercy Unit Leader Citation for outstanding leadership during our mission.

::He blinked in surprise, and his face showed some confusion, with a bit of happiness.::

Kora: ... thank you, Commander.

Turner: Please step back, and remain. Ensigns Unum and Hunt and Lt. Jg. Townson, please join us at the dias. ::When they had taken their places, she spoke again.::

Turner: It is not often that a ship is blessed with new crewmembers so dedicated to duty. The conduct of these three officers has been impeccable, and for that reason I present you with the Good Conduct Ribbon, and the Humanitarian Service Ribbon. Congratulations!

Unum: ::receiving his ribbons and feeling honored:: Thank you, Commander Turner.

Turner: Dr. Eliaan Deron, front and center.

::She waited for him to come up front, then continued.::

Turner: Dr. Deron, for your work in discovering the cause it the Lavinians' illness and your quick action to restore them to good health, I present you with the Life Saving Commendation and the Medical Mission Ribbon. Congratulations, Doctor.

Turner: Commander Jaxx, front and center, and Lt. Commander Netal please join us too.

::When Aleana came to stand beside Jaxx, Toni continued.::

Turner: Commanders, I have often felt blessed to have served with you on the Challenger. You have never failed to give me confidence in any undertaking, and now, here on the Resolution you still give me confidence in knowing that you care for her and her crew as much as I do. For your many contributions, I honor you with a token of my appreciation, the Starfleet Achievement Ribbon. Congratulations and thank you.

Netal: Thank you Captain.

Jaxx: ::smiles:: Thank you, Captain.

::Standing in front of the Senior Staff, she went to each one, pinning them with a special remembrance.::

Turner: I designed this gold pin for each of you to wear with pride. It's etched with a likeness of the Nova class, USS Resolution, and the date we first sat foot on her.... 238605.26. I hope you will wear it with pride, because you are the backbone of this ship and have set the standard for all crews that will serve on her hereafter. ::She smiled:: In other words, you are, without a doubt, a Commanding Officer's Dream Team.

::She stood back and applauded them, then dismissed them to enjoy the Festival, thanking Vee for helping with a pink ribbon of her very own::

- -