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((Officer's Mess, USS Veritas))

Delano: Mr. Galven. You’re next, if you please.
 :: German was taking a sip of his drink when he thought he heard his name. He looked around and people were telling him to go. ::
Galven: ::stunned::What?
:: He stood up and stumbled over his footing and started walking over towards Delano and stood next to him. ::
Delano: Your determination and perseverance in helping to liberate Mary Audron from the Borg Collective was also an important part of us eliminating the Borg threat both on and off the ship. For that, you will also receive the Captain’s Commendation.
Galven: ::shocked::Sir...
:: German brought both of his hands up as the new Commander handed him the box and looked at Delano and everyone with his mouth open in complete shock. ::
Delano: Congratulations
Galven: ::beat::Th..Thank you sir!
:: German walked back to his seat in a daze as people congratulated him. ::
Delano: Captain Rahman, would you step forward please?
:: The thunderous applause for the captain awoke German from his daze. He looked towards the front of the room as the commanders spoke to one another. ::
Rahman: Yes, commander?
Delano: From your perspective, it must all seem like a long time ago, but I wanted to make sure you received recognition for the actions you performed as a Lieutenant Commander assisting in engineering during our battle with the Borg ship. In particular, your selfless act of volunteering to perform dangerous, off-the-cuff modifications to the ship’s deflector may well have saved all of us. As such, Admiral Washington has approved my request to honor you with the Distinguished Service Ribbon.
Rahman: I appreciate the thought. ::nods:: Thank you. 
Delano: It’s been my privilege to serve with each of you, and to have served on this ship for the last two and a half years. Thank you for making the Veritas such a special place to call home.
:: Lovar and him proceeded to applaud for their captain and the Vulcan turned towards German. ::
Lovar: A Captain's Commendation?! Damn, German, great job!
:: He looked over at his Vulcan co-worker/friend and gave him a big smile. German put his glass down and picked up the box and opened it. ::
Galven: Thank you, Lorian! ::picks up his ribbon:: Hopefully, another mission we’ll work side by side. You deserve a medal just by putting up with me. ::winks and laughs::
Lovar: Who says I didn't get one? ::He grins:: If they were counting dealing with you I'd be fleet admiral by now.
:: The Denobulan patted Lorian’s back as he picked up his glass and drank the rest of his champagne. He was about to stand up when Captain Rahman addressed the room. ::
Rahman: If you all would hold there for just one moment, there are a few other announcements. First, Commander Delano made note of a civilian member of the crew who contributed greatly to this mission.
:: German saw a passing server and grabbed a couple flutes of champagne and handed one to Lovar. ::
Galven: ::whispers:: I have a feeling there’s more people we may to cheers a drink to.
Lovar: I'll likely make some pour decisions because of it, but I'll try and remain my bubbly self.
:: German smiled and shook his head at Lovar’s pun. They were going to get along very well. ::
Rahman: Dr. Alentonis, will you please come forward?
:: Looking around the room, he finally spotted the archaeologist standing in the back of the room. ::
Alentonis: Yes, captain. :: He complied, and managed a rather weak smile. It was somewhat awkward, but only because he was equally so. ::
Rahman: Your design of a hand-held device to capture and neutralize the omega molecules was instrumental to the mission's success. For that, I have asked and been granted by Starfleet Command to have special dispensation to award you the Innovation Ribbon. In addition, though you are not a Starfleet officer, you are a member of this crew while you remain aboard with us. As such, I exercise my right as captain to make an additional dispensation and award you the Captain's Commendation in recognition of your services to this vessel on our last mission. Congratulations.
German: Cheers, Tim! ::raises his glass and takes a sip::
Alentonis: Thank you, captain...
Rosek: Congratulations, Tim.
Alentonis: Th--thank you, commander...
Rahman: Finally, with Lt. Commander Lael Rosek having returned to Veritas, I would like to announce now her official assignment as chief engineer. I know she's a brilliant engineer, and I have the fullest confidence in her ability to lead that department. ::She nodded towards Rosek.:: Congratulations and good luck, commander.
:: It was then German finally realized that Lael was in the room. He looked around really fast and found where she had been sitting. ::
Rosek: ::rasps:: Thank you, ma’am.
Thoran: ::chuckles:: Payback is a %!$^&...right, boss?
:: German looked on as she spoke. She looked breathtaking in her choice of clothing tonight. A red lacey dress perfectly matched with her figure. The way her hair was in a ponytail was also a sight to see. His attention was cut short followed by a nudge from Lorian. ::
Lovar: Taking an interest in the Lieutenant Commander I see.
Galven: ::flushed and embarrassed:: ...What? She looks good!
Lovar: Looks good, eh. I don't think "looking good" warrants your jaw on the floor. If that was true every time I entered a room I'd hear "Duh nuh.... Duh nuh... Duh nuh..."
:: German was about to respond when the captain spoke again. ::
Rahman: All right, everyone, thank you again, and let's give Commander Blair a send off party to remember!
Galven: oO Congratulations, Lael Oo Congratulations, everyone! The free champagne is on me tonight!
Lovar: As I like to say, no champagne, no gain.
::A few cheers were made before the staff broke up into smaller groups to mingle. German turned towards Lorian when T’Katt approached them. :: 
Galven: ::stands up:: Hey, counselor! Congrats on your ribbons! You deserve it. 
Lovar: ::He rose as well:: Congratulations, sir.
Dugoras: Thank you, I was surprised to receive them honestly. :: He looked the commendations over again then returned his sight to the ensign.::
Galvenn: Oh nonsense. You deserve another just by putting up with me in our counseling session. ::chuckles::
Dugoras: :: T'Katt grinned at the statement.:: Congratulations to you as well, quite the award you got there.
Galven:: Thank you. ::looks down at his own ribbon:: It’s certainly an honor. 
Dugoras:  You should be proud.
:: German looked towards the front of the room and saw Lael speaking with the commanders. He wanted to go over to her and congratulate her before the night ended. His view was disrupted when the Librarian approached him. ::
Lyn: German! I’m so happy for you! I was a little concerned when you nearly tripped Ha Ha! 
Dugoras/Lovar: Response
Galven: ::embarrassed and murmured:: Thanks, Sissel.
Lyn: ::playfully hits his hand:: Oh! Sorry to embarrass you. Men! ::chuckles and gives him a kiss on the cheek:: Thought I’d give you another award. ::winks::
Galven: ::shocked:: Well, then::pause::that was certainly the best award tonight!
Dugoras: :: T'Katt grinned again:: I'm sure it was!
Lovar: ::Under his breath, barely loud enough for German to hear. :: It seems you're falling in more ways than one today.