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((Pagrati Lounge, Deck 14, USS Astraeus))

After German’s meeting, he had gone back to his quarters to get all fancied up even though Lael didn’t tell him to, he just felt like wearing a bow tie, a teal and white fedora hat with a feather sticking out of it, and a mobster style looking suit. He looked ridiculous, but he didn’t care because the name Pagrati sounded like a Italian mob boss, so what the hay.

He finally entered the lounge after following the panels along the wall and then finally asking the computer to illuminate the sides of the floors as a sense of direction for him. German walked through the familiar swish of the doors and was instantly hit with the fresh aroma of coffee and tea. A little bit of it reminded him of Teller’s Brew Continuum back on the Veritas. He glanced around looking for Lael.

Not wanting to be uncomfortable once they arrived on Cait, Lael had stopped by her quarters to shower and change into a yellow sundress and white sandals she’d picked up during her shopping trip with Bailey on Esperance. Her hair was pulled back in a braid, the tail swaying slightly back and forth between her shoulder blades.

A lightweight white crochet open-front sweater was settled around her shoulders to keep out the chill of the cool starship. Approaching the bartender, she ordered an Al-Leyan spiced tea, leaning slightly on the counter as she waited. Moments later, he returned with the warm mug and she held it between her hands, offering him a soft smile before turning to look for German.

Galven: ::to Lael:: There you are. ::to the Bartender:: I’ll take a caramel latte.

He walked up to the bar stool and sat down, then leaned forward to brush his lips against hers. German took off his hat and rested it on the bar.

Galven: Weird. This place doesn’t look Italian.

Rosek: ::smirks:: It’s not. It’s Greek. Astraeus was the Greek god of the dusk. His name translated means starry. Pagrati is a city in Greece.

Galven: Oh right. I knew that. Anyways, so I have my camping clothes and stuff in the shuttle. Actually, I told your cadet to do that. But anyways, when would you like to leave?

Lael rolled her eyes and shook her head. Her yeoman wasn’t intended to be her personal butler. She doubted the brass would be too pleased if they found out and Cadet Rulix, no matter how compliant he was being at the moment, was bound to get tired of being a pack mule. For the first time since arriving, she allowed herself to fully take in German’s outfit and brought a hand up to stifle a laugh. She was used to his outfits by now, but something about this one took the cake.

Rosek: It’s going to be more than a bit warm down there, you know. We’re going to be in a rainforest, after all.

Galven: I know. Like I said, I have my camping clothes in the shuttle. I packed it in a bag. I couldn’t find a suitcase so I found one of your shopping bags. ::takes a drink::

German had never been camping before so he honestly didn’t know what to expect firsthand. He did, however, do a little bit of research and it looked easy enough. Plus it being a rainforest there’s be plenty of water to drink. Hopefully he brought enough of replicated matches and paper. Also there was something about lighter fluid that he never heard about, but he manged to replicate it and then had it taken to the shuttle.

Galven: We should get going. Do you have everything?

Rosek: ::nods and smirks:: You’re going to have to unpack the shuttle, though. I booked us a transport down to the planet. Should be arriving within the hour. When I said off-grid, I meant off grid. One communicator for emergencies only.

Galven: ::taps his commbadge:: =/\= Galven to Cadet Rulix. =/\=

Rosek: ::whispers:: Don’t you dare.

Galven: What I do?

Rosek: ::rolls her eyes and murmurs:: He’s not our personal butler. He’s supposed to help me perform my Starfleet duties. The brass would have a conniption.

He nodded and smiled sheepishly. In some way he knew she was right. Plus Mei’konda wouldn’t like that too much as well. German needed to be responsible for his own actions if he wanted that promotion. Which he did. He picked up his drink and then took a swig, then stood up from the stool.

Galven: You’re right. I’ll get my things. Luckily, the transporter room isn’t too far from the shuttlebay. ::smirks::

Rosek: ::laughs and squeezes his bicep:: My big, strong Denobulan. ::smirks:: Just don’t hurt yourself, honey. The last thing we need is for you to hurt your back before our big trip.

He rolled his eyes, then gave her a kiss. She really was too adorable for her own good. After a few minutes getting to the shuttlebay and grabbing his stuff and then going back to the transporter room, he met up with Lael before their fast trip down to the planet. He had left a few notes for Stennin to hold down the science department while he was gone and told him to let him know if anything happened or if he was needed immediately. He turned to Lael.

Galven: Ready?

Rosek: ::smiles:: Ready.

The two stepped up onto the transporter pad, one crewman at the controls and the other waiting to load their gear on after they’d transported to the surface. Lael’s gaze went to Crewman Priscilla Chambers and she smiled, then nodded.

Rosek: Energize.

Lael felt the familiar tingling sensation that accompanied transport, the room in front of her becoming nothing more than a blue haze.

((Tropical Rainforest, Cait))

The next thing German knew was a soft dew like feeling around him as he saw that he was now in a tropical rainforest. It reminded him of one of the holodeck training simulations he did while training the cadets at the Academy. Which now he only had to attend by hologram when he had the time of course. He turned to Lael and grasped her hand.

Galven: You know more about this than me. Lead the way, honey.

Rosek: ::smirks:: You saying I wear the pants in this relationship? Because I’ll take the compliment.

Galven: ::huffs:: Just get on with it. ::sticks his tongue out.::

Laughing, Lael picked up a few bags and strode toward the vehicle waiting at the curb. Once she’d loaded her bags into the back, she pulled out a pair of tinted sunglasses and her wide brim straw hat. She gazed at German over the top rim of the glasses before climbing up inside and settling herself on the bench seat.

Galven: Reminds me of the one movie with dinosaurs and they had those fancy jeeps.

He walked around to the passenger side of the vehicle and then climbed in. He had no idea where they were going. All he knew that was what Lael told him which wasn’t much. German just followed. Once they got going, it was a little bumpy from all the mud and grime which he wasn’t expecting, but he was glad he packed outside clothes anyways. He rummaged through his bag and put on some sunglasses. He looked over at Lael and brought up and down his eyebrows and then growled.

Galven: Rawr, my lady. ::winks::

She rolled her eyes and elbowed him playfully in the ribs. It was German being German, but the Caitian driving didn't know that. German's behavior earned a deep chuckle and a head shake from the front seat. A slight flush filled Lael's cheeks. However, she managed to hide it behind the PADD she was fanning herself with, her gaze averted toward the trees as she took in the scenery. They'd pulled off of the main path and were heading deeper and deeper into the canopy. The further in they got, the thicker the overhead coverage became. A smile touched her lips. Besides the heat, she could see why Cait was such a popular vacation destination. The greenery was lovely.

Galven: You sure picked a well hidden spot, honey. Are we almost there?

She looked in his direction with a smirk and laid her hand on the top of his thigh, then traced light, teasing circles with the tips of her fingers.

Rosek: Patience, dear. You'll have me all to yourself soon enough.

Both German and Lael had found the spot where they would be spending the next few days together. It was a fairly moderately sized cabin with four rooms. A kitchen, living space, bathroom, and a bedroom. The first day they got their things in order and adjusted themselves to what was comfortable. German had never done anything like the trip Lael had planned the next day so he was a little confused on how they were going to do.

Galven: It looks like we’re at the bottom of a mountain and we’re supposed to hike up the thing right? How long is that going to take?

Lael slipped the compact backpack on, which contained enough water to get her through the day. She’d changed into a light purple t-shirt, leggings, and hiking boots, tying a lightweight pullover sweater around her waist just in case it got a bit cold. The hat from earlier sat atop her head and she lowered her sunglasses to glance at German over the top of them with a grin.

Rosek: We don’t have to hike all the way up. Though I hear the view is gorgeous. ::turns back to study the mountain:: Two or three hours, give or take depending on our pace.

He nodded and then his head turned up staring at the size of it all with his mouth open. This didn’t seem like it would be fun for the Denobulan. Sure, if there was a transporter where he was standing and then it beamed him to the top, but he had a feeling that Lael didn’t want to do that. So he laced the strings around his brown shorts, tucked under his shirt, and then put on some boots that German found at a store that advertised they were for walking.

Galven: I know I don’t look as flattering you as you do right now, but I’m damn well gonna try this out. ::chuckles::

She smirked and closed the distance between them, smirking as she wrapped her arms around his neck and brushed her lips against his. Strangely, being out in the middle of nowhere was making her more affectionate than usual. Or maybe that could be attributed to her decision to go all in on her and German’s relationship. She wanted a future with this man.

Rosek: ::pauses:: Raissa said something to me after Mei’s promotion party that made me think.

Galven: ::kneels down to get his packed lunch into his hiking bag:: Oh? What were you two talking about?

Rosek: ::pauses and looks into his eyes:: I--I want to start a family, German. Seeing Natalia at the party made me realize how much I miss being the center of a child’s world. ::gaze drops and murmurs:: When Maddy was taken from me, it tore me to pieces. ::meets his gaze and smiles:: But I’ve been thinking a lot lately about us and...I want a life with you...a family with you. All the success in the world won’t matter if I don’t have someone to share that with.

His cheeks nearly turned a crimson red and his ears started to feel hot. The thoughts that she was having had already happened to German months ago, but it felt right this time. He grasped both her hands with his and he brushed his lips with hers. Even though he was at the base of the mountain, right now he felt on top of the world being there with her.

Galven: Over the past few months, I’ve thought about it too. When we were at the beach with Arlil that one time inside the holodeck and saw how you were firm, but also motherly towards her. I didn’t want to talk about it with you then, but I’m ready as well. I love you, Lael.

Rosek: ::smiles and brushes her lips against his, then murmurs:: I love you, too. I still don’t want to rush things too much, but I feel like we can both start looking to something more permanent.

He smiled and nodded, not really knowing what to say. Of course he agreed with er, but she pretty much summed it up. German brought his arms around her and gave her a tight warm hug, then kissed her. He grasped her hand and then… And then what he didn’t know. Maybe this mountain was a sign.

Galven: I like permanent results. I don’t know what else to say other than I’m ready to climb mountains for you. ::glances to the rocky terrain, then back at her. Literally and figuratively. ::smirks::

She smiled, squeezing his hand. Something about this moment made her want to stand in it forever. Though they didn't know what the future held, the thought of facing it together had tears gathering in the corners of her eyes. For the first time in a long time, she wasn't as worried about tomorrow and was enjoying just living in the moment.

((Halfway up the hill)) Template:Time Index: 45 minutes later

Lael stopped and reached into her backpack, then removed the water container and took a long pull from it. Wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, she looked down below, smiling at the beautiful sight. The water looked so refreshing and had her tempted to do a bit of cliff jumping. Her gaze went to the top of the waterfall and she smiled. She hadn’t been since before her rock climbing accident. It would be a poetic way to signify leaving her old life behind and starting a new one. Seeing German making his way up behind her, she reached out her hand for his with an encouraging smile.

He was trying his best not to look like he was about to pass out. He glanced up and saw a hand reaching out for him and he smiled at who the hand belonged to. As he grasped Lael’s hand, he pulled himself up and with little effort, he managed to get around a few rocks and some cracks in the ground. It wasn’t him that managed to do it alone. Due to Lael’s feat of strength per her species, German was glad that someone in the relationship was stronger physically.

Galven: ::breathes:: My Denobula this is a steep mountain. ::beat:: I’m gonna invest in some of those jet packs and just fly up next time. ::half laughs::

Rosek: ::smirks:: But then you miss out on half the fun.

His face twisted as he grabbed his bottle of water and took a drink of it. After a few seconds, he was ready and then put the bottle in his bag, then nodded at Lael that he was ready. German hadn’t really done that much physical activity other than in the holodeck or the gymnasium and that was minor to what they were doing now. He wondered about what kind of work he was missing out on and was a little worried if the department was okay.

((Top of the Mountain)) Template:Time Index: An Hour Later

Lael stood at the edge of the cliff, staring out at the canopy tops that ranged for miles and miles. The suns were beginning to sink below the horizon, the last of the day's direct heat fading with them. A light chill replaced the warmth on her skin. The moons, Rea and Sura, wouldn't rise for a little while yet. Thankfully, her night vision was much better than her day vision.

She removed her backpack and then her top, revealing a white tank top underneath. With a smile, she closed her eyes and held out her hands, taking in the feel of the wind stirring around her.

Rosek: Like being on top of the world. ::pauses:: I remember my first climb. Pictured Rocks. It's a national lake climb in Michigan. I was 17. I went during the summer because I wasn't experienced enough for the ice climbs yet. ::turns to German and points to her lower arm:: Got a deep gash about 3 inches long on this arm when my anchor slipped.

German was still trying to catch his breath while sitting down on a large boulder. He was trying to acknowledge what Lael was talking about by nodding along her story, but with all the fiber in his being aching, he just couldn’t bring himself to be interested in her story. After a few minutes and a few bottles of water later, he was finally able to have a sense of what to say.

Galven: One can only hope we don’t acquire any gashes or slips and falls on the way down. ::leans over to look over the cliff:: Good thing the Astraeus has a gymnasium in case you feel like doing this again. ::playfully bumps her shoulder::

In that moment, she had a devilish idea. She followed his gaze over the edge of the waterfall before flickering to an outcropping that was about 50 meters up the hill. From the coloration of the pool below, the water was relatively deep toward the middle. The engineer in her did the math and a smirk slid across her lips, taking his hand in hers as she met his gaze.

Rosek: What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

Galven: ::arches an eyebrow:: You mean other than have the Borg almost tracking me down using the nanobites to their advantage?

Rosek: ::grins:: Other than that. Have you ever cliff jumped?

Galven: Nope and not even going to think about doing that now. Never. No. ::shakes his head:: Nada.

Rosek: ::arches an eyebrow and nods toward the ledge:: It's only a 150 foot jump. Child's play. And the water is more than deep enough towards the middle. Where's your sense of adventure?

German placed his hands on his hips and his eyes narrowed looking directly at Lael. Why on Denobula would he ever want to do that? When he walked over, he tried to do some math in his head trying to figure out how long he’d be in the air before hitting the water. It came out to only a few seconds, but it was going to be a long few seconds. If this was fun to Lael, he’d have to learn it someway or another.

Galven: ::rolls his eyes:: Fine. We’re jumping together.

Rosek: ::smirks:: Grab your gear then. If we jump from here, you'll break your neck. ::nods toward the lower ledge:: And yes.

She smiled, bringing their entwined hands up to brush her lips over the backs of his knuckles.

Rosek: Together.

The hike down the large hill was much easier than the climb up, though Lael had to be careful to ensure she had good traction. She could easily slip and break her neck during the fall. Nearly an hour and a half later, they reached the ledge and she turned to him with a grin.

Rosek: Ready?

Galven: oO Hell no. Oo Yep. Sure. Let’s go.

Rosek: ::laughs:: You're a $#!^^* liar, honey. ::brushes her lips against his:: Do you trust me?

Galven: You know I do, but--

Before he could finish his sentence, Lael grabbed his arm and they both jumped off the cliff. German had little time to react other than what he thought he heard was screaming, but that sound was actually coming from him. After a few moments airborne, they made contact with the water. German could’ve swore he felt his feet touch the bottom of the water as he pushed himself back above it letting out a huge sigh of relief. He swam to the edge and got out. He was literally soaking wet and couldn’t find something to dry himself off with. He glanced around looking for Lael.

Galven: Holy S$*# that was.. Damn that hurt! Where’d you go?

Her feet left the cliff's edge and for just a moment, she felt as though she was flying, suspended weightless in the air. As gravity too over and pulled her rapidly downward, the familiar plummeting sensation in her stomach made her scream and laugh both at once. The moment before impact, her mouth closed and the shockingly cold water caused goosebumps to form of her skin. She opened her eyes and saw the glint of something shiny in front of her. Her brow furrowed in curiosity and she swam downward, picking the object up from the floor. She turned it over once in her hand before pushing off from the rocky bottom and shooting upward. Her head broke the surface and she let out a momentary gasp, swimming for shore.

Galven: What’s in your hand?

Rosek: ::brow furrows:: I'm not sure. I found it at the bottom of the pool.

He smiled at how much she glistened in the water as she came up through it. If she were a mermaid like in the storybooks, German would’ve believed it. He took her hand and examined in the shiny object. Glancing up at Lael, he smirked and shook his head. Not wanting to go into scientist mode. With her new abilities, he had a feeling she knew what he was implying as he started to chuckle and then brushed his lips with hers, pushing her into the beach. His hands going between her leaving indents in the sand.

Galven: ::meets her gaze:: I’m going to save this in my memory forever.

She laughed. It was only a necklace. Granted, it was a beautiful necklace. She held it up to the light, studying the unusual pendant hanging from the chain. From the looks of it, the necklace had been sitting down there for months given that most of the chain was rusting. A bit of good polish would salvage it though. The pendant was three suns composed of a silver colored metal with a different color stone sitting at the center of each: blue, amber, and red.

Rosek: ::murmurs:: Even with all the oxidation, it's really pretty.

Galven: ::while looking at Lael:: Very pretty. Shall we swim around some more or climb down the mountain some more?

Laying the necklace on a nearby rock, she wrapped her arms around his neck, brushing her lips against his. She was glad they'd come here. It was a nice break from ship life and just what they'd needed to solidify that next step in their relationship. Moving in together was a big deal and not something she typically took lightly. She was really stepping out of her comfort zone with German.

Rosek: ::murmurs:: You ever been skinny dipping?

Now he had heard of that before, but never done it. He brushed her hair back and then his hand went under her tank top, then slipped it off over her bare skin. German stood back and tilted his head. He could definitely get into this kind of entertainment.

Galven: I’ve never experimented with the activity, but would very much like to partake in it. ::smirks::

She brushed her lips against his, lingering teasingly as she toyed with the hem of his shirt before sliding her hands under it and over his bare chest. Her lips parted slightly and she offered a smirk before running toward the water.

He glanced around seeing if anyone was looking even though it was already too late for that, then dashed out towards the water and made a splash as he jumped in. He swam under the water, then expanded his face out to breathe better. He narrowed his eyes and found her legs helping her stay afloat above water as if they were dancing. German had an idea, coming closer to her and grabbed her pants taking them off as he swam above the water meeting her as they were both close enough to meet one another’s chest. He caught her perfect gaze as he leaned in brushing his lips with hers as he pulled her body into his.

((Fade to black))