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((First Officer’s Office, Deck 4, USS Montreal))
::Once German had found her office, he chimed his presence and then walked inside the room as the doors slid open. The first thing he noticed was the mountain of PADDs that Lael had stacked neatly on her desk.::
::The next thing he saw was Lael with her hands resting on her desk. To say he was nervous, confused, and everything in between would be an understatement. He inhaled deeply and then exhaled. When she cleared her throat, German took the hint to speak up.::
Galven: Ma’am, I’d like to speak with you about something.
::For whatever reason, apparently his question made her eyebrows arch high clear up her hairline. He wanted to speak with Lael. Not Commander Rosek. This was going to be a difficult task. He walked closer up to her desk and had a less than somber look to himself. Between the Bridge and then coming directly from Quantum Mechanics, he was feeling pretty confident. Maybe if he had asked her to come to the lab, he’d be in a better mood than how intimidated he felt in her command office.::
Rosek: ::smiles wanly:: Well, I’ve never know you to be shy about expressing your opinions. ::motions to the chair in front of her::
::A pained expression fell over German over the bluntness of that statement. Yes, he was blunt himself, but he couldn’t help it. Perhaps a visit to the counselor would help that personality weakness of his. He walked around the chair and sat down noticing that her demeanor seemed more relaxed than his. He tried to mimic his own posture to hers to the best of his ability.::
Galven: Perhaps it’d be better if I asked permission to speak freely?
Rosek: ::nods:: Granted.
Galven: Thank you. There’s been something that’s been warring inside my head and I need to let it out before we go down the planet.
Rosek: ::curious:: Oh?
Galven: Our last few moments together on the Bridge as well as the conference room were tough because I felt you were singling me out and rejecting every single idea I had. While I do admit, they were out there, I’m sorry for not allowing myself to fully understand where you were getting at.
::After he spilled his words out to her, she sighed. If his nervous system was of a normal Human’s system, he’d probably be sweating bullets right about now.::
Rosek: ::softly:: Lieutenant, I assure you I was in no way singling you out nor was I rejecting your ideas due to any personal agenda. While I didn’t agree with your suggestions, I had very good reasons for my opinions.
::Lieutenant. She was still in command mode. His hands went up to his face and sighed and they slid down in frustration stopping at the top of his upper lip and rested his elbows on her desk. As he spoke, a muffled sound came out.::
Galven: ::sighs:: I want to talk to Lael...
Rosek: ::pauses:: Computer, disable all audio and video recording devices in this room. Authorization Rosek-lambda-two-four-epsilon.
::She stood up and walked around her desk, striding to where German was. He brought his hands down to his lap and wondered what she was going to do. Especially after disabling the audio and video recording devices. If she wanted to hurt him, then this was the perfect opportunity. He looked up at her as she rested her hand on his shoulder and he felt more relaxed even though she had a tight grip on him as their gazes met one another.::

Rosek: ::murmurs:: I can’t make a habit of this, but I need you to understand something. The person I am on that bridge-- ::gaze flickers toward the door before returning to his:: --is who I am with everyone under my command.
::He stood up from the chair and walked over to the window looking out into the distance of space. He could see faintly of the white dwarf system approaching and took a moment to sink it all in before he spoke. If they were to go down there, they’d have to square their differences right now and not have a disaster like when he was down in the mines with her and forcefully squeezed her hand in anger.::
Galven: ::rasps:: I’m trying to understand that, Lael. I really am, but the person I met in the officer’s lounge aboard the Veritas is not the person I see right now. Where’s that woman I saw in the holodeck when you were relaxing on the beach?
Rosek: ::sighs:: As difficult as it makes any kind of personal relationship between us, German, I’m your direct superior now. When we’re on duty, there’s a line that neither of us can cross. People depend on us to be objective. They depend on us to keep a level head. And neither of us can do that if we’re distracted by personal feelings.
::He agreed with her as he nodded still looking out the window. He could hear her footsteps approach him from behind and he turned around, still with a somber look to himself. He loved her, he knew that much. Even if it has been only a few months since they met, was it wrong that his had feelings towards her?::
::As she got even closer to him, he couldn’t find the words to say anything back and he dropped his head to the floor.::

Rosek: ::pauses and leans forward, murmuring in his ear:: It’s not that I don’t want a personal relationship with you outside of duty. I do. Very much. But the moment we step into a professional scenario, those feelings need to be left behind.
::When she said that she wanted a personal relationship with him, his head slowly rose and his eyes met hers. He smiled softly and raised his hand and cupped her cheek. There she was. There was the woman he fell madly in love with.:: 
Galven: ::rubs her cheek:: There you are. I missed those deep blue oceanic eyes. I’ll try my best to differentiate between our personal and professional relationship better from now on. I just needed to see if you were still in there.
::He was about to bring his lips towards hers, but for a split second he decided this wasn’t the best moment for that and he lightly kissed her forehead instead. When the moment was right and in the best setting for a first kiss to remember, they’d have to be somewhere else. Not here in her office.::
::A moment lingered between them as Lael rested her head on his shoulder. Not just a few moments ago, he was nervous and upset, but now he was feeling very protective of her and wanted to reassure Lael that everything was going to be alright. The next part of their mission seemed like an afterthought or at least something he wasn’t afraid of.::
::He wrapped his arms around her and closed his eyes.::
Galven: You’re right. I think I just never have seen you in such a authoritative position before and it confused me more than anything. 
Rosek: ::murmurs:: I’m sorry. I just...I’ve been trying so hard to be the kind of first officer Mei needs me to be...the kind of first officer he deserves. And I don’t want to let him or Captain Rahman down. I’m still trying to find out who I am in all of this.
Galven: ::turns slightly to look out the window:: Makes me remember when I talked to Captain Rahman in the chapel. ::pauses:: Towards the end of our conversation she said that I am to set a good example for the enlisted and to serve on the ship as a leader and I haven’t forgotten that. ::turns to met Lael’s gaze again:: Now that I’m a junior Lieutenant, I know I have to prove myself as a leader towards the ensigns too. Especially the ones in my department.
Rosek: :smiles wanly and nods:: They look to us when there’s a crisis. We show them how they should act.
Galven: ::nods and straightens his uniform confidently:: And I want to prove to you and Captain Mei’konda that I can lead as well. 
::She pulled back from the embrace, cradling his face in her hands, brushing a kiss against his temple much as he had for her moments before. Which in turn made German flush red in the cheeks a little bit. He liked that he had this brief time with Lael.::
Rosek: ::murmurs:: I always knew you could. You just needed to be given the chance to shine.
Galven: ::smiles coyly:: Well, you’ve helped me a lot, Lael.
Rosek: ::gaze drops to the deck before meeting his again:: We should head toward the transporter room. We’ve taken up enough precious time prepping.
Galven: ::nods:: I agree.
::Removing her hands from his face, she stepped back and cleared her throat, once again resuming her composure. German mimicked her stance.::
Rosek: Computer, reactivate audio and video recording devices.
::With a chirp, the computer acknowledged the command.::
Rosek: Yes, Mr. Galven. You’re welcome to bring along two personnel to function as support on the planet.
::He knew just the right scientists for the job.::
Galven: I’ll be right on it, ma’am
Rosek: ::nods:: In that case, I’ll meet you in the transporter room.
Galven: As you wish, Commander
::Right before he turned away, he gave a quick smile to Lael and walked through the sliding door. That was even a better time in there then he would have with any counselor. Knowing himself though and the missions he’s been on, he had a feeling a visit to Dr. Cattan would be imminent.::