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((Engineering Lab 3, Deck 7, USS Veritas))
Galven: =/\= Galven to Delano! =/\=
Delano: =/\= Go ahead. =/\=
Galven: =/\= My PADD is picking up more drones on the ship including a few heading towards Engineering! =/\=
Delano: =/\= How many are we talking about? =/\=
Galven: =/\= I don't know how many, but... =/\=
:: Galven lost his train of thought when he saw someone coming this way. A big hulk of a man. A Klingon. He hesitated. :
Delano: =/\= Ensign Galven, report! =/\=
:: He didn't want to talk about his family history with the Klingons. Especially with the one standing so close to him. ::
Galven: =/\= Sir, did you send someone down here? I..erm. =/\=
Delano: =/\= Doctors J’Vreh and Alexander-Dalton should be on their way to you to assist with the Drone we already captured. =/\=
Galven: ::Looking up at the 6 1/2 foot tall Klingon:: =/\= Sir, never mind. I think we'll be fine... =/\=
::Another voice came on the radio. It was Lt. Cmdr Blake. The Chief of Security. ::
Blake: =/\= Security is on it's way, Ensign. Do not engage the Borg - leave it to Security. =/\=
::J'vreh and Alexander-Dalton walked past German to speak with the crewman. He was about to speak when Delano came through with another order. ::
Delano: =/\= That’s an order, Ensign. Focus on your task and let our security team do theirs. =/\=
Galven: Aye, sirs. 
Delano: =/\= There are level 10 security fields around the engineering lab. The Borg shouldn’t be able to get through. Keep me apprised of the situation. =/\= 
oO That should keep them out alright. With one bumping into conduits, who knows what the others would do if they malfunction Oo
Galven: ::sternly:: Yes, sir!
:: He turned back around while laughing to himself about his funny thought about broken Borgs and the Klingon medical officer was looking back at him. ::
J'vreh: I am Ensign J'vreh, Medical Officer. I look forward to serving with you both.  :: He slaps his left shoulder with his right hand then makes a fist, in a traditional Klingon salute. :: Qapla'
Galven: ::felt a little weak in the knees by the sound of the Klingon:: I ::beat:: look forward to working with you as well, Ensign.
:: It was then that German realized something. Weakness. The Borg were weak in their state at the moment. He had nothing to worry about. He's on a working ship with a working crew and the Borg are malfunctioning. His revelation made him realize he was thinking too hard about the situation. ::
Cullin: My understanding from Commander Delano is that we’re help our friend here in the best way we can.
:: German walked briskly over towards Three of Ten who was at the moment not doing anything. She hadn't spoke in a while. He got really close to her and put his tricorder in her face. ::
J'vreh: There is data from previous attempts at separation from the collective. :: To Galven :: Are we ready to move forward? Or are there other needs first?
Galven: ::inquisitively:: There's something wrong ::beat:: I was getting a few things earlier and now it's just static
Alexander-Dalton: ::pauses:: Is it possible her colleagues have caught on and are somehow blocking your equipment?
J'vreh:  :: J'vreh motioned to Galven's headset system :: Perhaps while Ensign Galven finishes collecting his data, we should evaluate...
:: It was then he realized he had his visor's settings were on too high. He adjusted the frequency volume to medium low. ::
J'vreh: ... the patient's immune system and prepare the body for the crash of having the implants shut down and auto-immune full sensory function returned to the patient's organic system. Based on the available data, if we can prevent the patient's body from self-destructing, the worst challenge is over.
::He got to just the right settings when he finally heard something other than static. ::
The Collective: ~We::beat::the Bor...~
:: It appeared that the Hive was trying to communicate, but with the wide nearly 600 year gap, their connection was weak. ::
:: German laughed as the The Collective tried to talk with one another and then adjusted his visor even lower and then Three of Ten looked as if she was turned on, but didn't speak. She just looked directly at German. ::
The Collective: ~Galven, we are the Borg. We will adapt to your Denobulan species.~
:: He had an idea, he looked on his PADD deep in his files and found what he needed. It read "The Cataclyst", a program that severs The Collective connection with the drones. He learned how to make it by reading history books of another Starfleet ship that nicknamed it after some sort of insect. ::
:: German didn't know how many it'd affect. He was only concerned with Three of Ten at the moment. He was feeling more confident. He turned back towards the three crew staring back at him. ::
Galven: ::whispers:: The Collective are trying to adapt to me. I found a kill switch that'll hopefully destroy their connection with Three of Ten. ::towards J'vreh and A-D still whispering:: When the moment happens, she'll be in pain. But she won't self destruct without The Collective. Take her to Sickbay immediately.
:: He saw both of them nod. ::
Galven: ::towards Cullins with a lower whisper:: Crewman, if I show that I'm still connected with them. Set your phaser to stun and shoot me so it terminates their adaptive process. 
Cullin: ::nods hesitantly:: Yes, sir.
:: German turned back around to Three of Ten and as he was about to attach the file from his PADD to his tricorder, the Collective was already going through their process, but at a much smaller speed. ::
The Collective: ~We are adapting. You will be assimilated.~
Galven: ::raised, but calm voice:: Just like what you did to my sister?!
((Earth, California))
((Time Index: Stardate 238010.17)) 
:: German was 15 years old coming home from school late at night and saw his 9 year old sister, Arlil, playing in the front yard. He walked up to her smiling. ::
German: Hey sis! What are you doing? Playing a little game?
Arlil: ::giggles:: I was playing Klingons versus Federation!
German: ::perturbed:: Now, Arlil. We don't talk about them. You know our family history, right?
:: He saw that she looked like she was about to cry, so he lightened up his mood. ::
German: How about we play hide and seek?! You go hide!
Arlil: ::Excited:: Okay!
German: You go hide and I'll look for you!
:: Arlil ran towards the house giggling. German smiled and yelled out his countdown. ::
German: 1! 2! 3! 4...
:: He stopped counting when he heard a rumbling all around him. He hesitated and looked all around him. He saw a cube shaped object coming down towards them and it crashed through the back of the house. He ran towards the house. ::
German: ARLIL! Where are you?! Yell out my name!
:: He heard nothing other than crumpled wood and a mechanical noise. He tried to go through the debris and saw a odd looking man pick up his sister and caught the tail end of what it was saying ::
Drone: ...You will be assimilated. 
:: He heard a scream most likely from Arlil. He ran as fast as he could and some debris fell on top of him, preventing him from saving his sister. He fell unconscious, but not before in a daze he saw them fade away. ::
((End Flashback))
The Collective: ~Irrelevant. We...~
:: German looked down and downloaded the file and looked back up at Three of Ten. ::
Galven: This is for Arlil! ADAPT TO THIS!
:: German pushed the demand button and for a moment Three of Ten looked like she was confused and then her Borg tech shorted by a series of sparks. She fell down writhing in pain. He tried to adjust his visor, but heard nothing. Then a buzzing noise happened and he threw off his visor which shorted and spark shot everywhere midair making a crunching noise when it hit the floor.  ::
Alexander-Dalton: She’s seizing!
J’vreh: I'm on it.
Galven: ::turned around and saw the crewman pointing his phaser at him. :: Crewman! I'm okay. I've severed all connection with the Borg. ::looked over his shoulder and down at Three of Ten and back to the medical officers:: I think she needs to go to Sickbay. Either that or recycling...
:: As he said that, he turned around and noticed Alexander-Dalton look up at him with a bit of disgust. ::
J'vreh: She's stable enough to transport to sick bay; but her immune system is tearing itself apart. 
:: He looked around and didn't see any Borg drones coming their way. He wasn't sure if it was his doing or the Veritas security team. ::
Galven: Where are the other drones?
Cullin: ::pauses and steps away, tapping his commbadge:: =/\=Cullin to Zavr and Taugan.=/\=
Galven: ::tapped his commbadge:: =/\= Galven to Delano =/\=
Delano: Delano: =/\= Go ahead. /\=
:: He wasn't sure if he should say Three of Ten's name since Lt. Cmdr was on the Bridge with everyone presumably there with him. ::
Galven: =/\= Objective complete, sir. =/\=
Delano: =/\= The drone has been separated from the collective? =/\=
:: He had to walk further away from the drone and medical officers so they could do their job and so Galven could hear Lt Cmdr Galven better. ::
:: As he walked away, he turned to see their progress. German felt bad for the woman. He imagined if she was sister for a moment. ::
Galven: ::looked down at his PADD:: =/\=Yes, sir. There's no signs of The Collective showing on my PADD. =/\=
Delano: =/\= That’s great news. If she needs to be moved to sickbay, go with her. We need to make sure the Borg are clear of your section before anyone leaves the engineering lab. =/\=
::German turned around to tell J'vreh and Alexander-Dalton to transport the drone to sickbay and saw that J'vreh had already transported himself with Three of Ten. ::
Galven: =/\= Ensign J'vreh is in transit with her now, sir. Alexander-Dalton and I won't be too far behind. =/\=
Delano: =/\= OK. Keep me posted. Bridge out. =/\=