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((Bridge, Deck 4, USS Montreal))

Galven: Anyways, I have my After Action Report done for you and Commander Rosek, sir. I can send it to your PADD now if you’d like?
::Mei’konda inclined his head back toward Galven.::
Mei’konda: Send it to my ready room, Lieutenant.  I was just about to go get some paperwork done, anyway.  And Mister Galven - you have the Bridge.
::He was nodding when the Captain was telling him to send the report to his ready room, but then did a double take.::
Galven: oO Did I just hear what I think I heard? Oo
::To say he was excited was an understatement. Excited, nervous, over the moon(whichever moon was the biggest). He tried his best to look calm when he stood up, brought the PADD down to his side, and straightened his posture, but with an overjoyous expression in his eyes.:: 
::If someone was close to enough, they’d see it.::  
Galven: Yes, sir! 
::Mei’konda rose to his feet, smiled slightly at the expression on the Denobulan’s face, then headed through the doors to his ready room.::
Galven: oO He saw it. Oo
::German approached the center of the bridge, taking a moment to gather himself as he stood in front of the Captain’s chair letting it sink in. Of course this was only temporary. He felt as if all eyes were on him. Not just the people on the Bridge, but also the entire fleet, his parents, Lael, his sister. He turned around and ever so gently sat down. If there was an angelic chorus playing, it’d definitely fill the room with all their harmonics playing.::
::He glanced towards the front and saw the ensign looking back at him::
Galven: ::clears his throat:: How’s the Montreal moving along, ensign?  
Hamasaki: Still at Warp 4.2, sir. ::She turns back to her panel, carefully hiding her smile.:: ETA is unchanged, and sensors detect no tachyon pockets within sensors at this time.
::That was good to know for the Denobulan. He had nearly forgotten he had his PADD in his hand with all the excitement in just a span of a few seconds so he glanced down and saw he still had his screen on his After Action Report and sent it to the Captain's ready room.::
Galven: ::nods:: Keep the speed as is. No need to adjust anything. Let me know if anything changes.
Hamasaki: Aye, sir.
::For a moment everything was quiet until the doors slid open and in came Ensign Dante and Lieutenant Harkrow. Presumably to relieve the crewmen at their respective stations. Which reminded German to get someone to take his place at the science station.::
Dante: Lieu Dante, reporting for Ops, sir. :: He announced to the lieutenant.::
Harkrow: And E… sorry, Lieutenant Harkrow, here to man the Engineering station.
::It was odd that the man still felt he had to speak in a militaristic manner. German wondered what made the ensign decide to switch from the military to Starfleet which was about space exploration, science, and diplomacy. He mentally shook the thought away and made a mental note to ask him later.::
Galven: At ease, ensign. ::extended his hand out towards the Ops station:: your chariot awaits. ::to Harkrow:: Check the status of the warp core, please.
Harkrow: Aye, sir.
::Lieu nodded and began his task.::
Galven: ::taps his commbadge:: =/\= Galven to Elzizabath. =/\= 
Elzizabath: =/\= Yes chief. Elzizabath here.  =/\=
Galven: =/\= Please report to the Bridge, ensign. =/\=
Elzizabath: =/\= As you wish. I will be there shortly. =/\=
::After making his request over the coms the lieutenant turned his attention to the front of the bridge, got up from the Captain's chair, and then walked up between Dante and Hamasaki standing confidently with his hands at his hips::
Galven: Once you're finished setting up everything at your station, report what you have, please.

Dante: Aye, sir. Systems are functioning at peak efficiency, and there are no major reports coming in.
::It was then what the helmswoman said to him earlier that caught his attention again.::
Galven: ::to Dante:: Great. ::to Hamasaki:: What's our ETA?
Hamasaki: ETA is 25 hours 13 minutes at current velocity.
Galven: ::chuckles:: Shouldn't it really be GTA? Guesstimated Time of Arrival? Or even around the time of arrival?
Hamasaki: ETAs don't include situations that may crop up, sir. oOOf all the..Oo Given what we know of the astrography around here, the speed, we will arrive at that time unless something happens.
Galven: ::shrugs:: It's all relative. A few seconds for us could be a few days on other worlds. I mean who's to say that we crashed into a ship from the future with temporal technology that reverted us back at this same spot?
Hamasaki: Well. Would it matter if that's the case? Things that happen that you can't know and are rendered null matter far less than getting things done, sir. I admit I'm curious, but that's mostly intellectually, and it's something that doesn't affect what we are doing now.
::German heard the doors slide open and turned around. The Ash'lie woman had arrived.::
Elzizabath: You summoned me sir.
Galven: ::nods:: I need you over there at our station. Scan for any planets along the way to our destination. Perhaps we could do a geological survey if we're ever on one of them during another shoreleave. Maybe even an archaeology dig with Dr. Alentonis.
Elzizabath: I read about him. He has some rather unusual theories and ideas regarding certain aspects of the history within this region of space.
Galven: By the way, have you found anything else about those minerals we found last mission?
Elzizabath: Actually yes. What we thought was some kind of mineral was actually some kind of microscopic fossilized life form. I did a preliminary examination of the samples but I wish we had more material to work with.
Galven: ::nods:: Send a message of your findings to my office. 
Elzizabath: I will once I finish, I should be done with it in a day or two.
Galven: Keep up the great work everyone. I know it's not much coming from me, but you're all doing a stellar job.
Hamasaki: Aye, sir.
Dante: Thank you, sir.
Harkrow: Aye, sir. The warp core’s purring like a tribble, by the way; all the diagnostics are well in the green, and plasma transfer’s at almost 97% efficiency. If we weren’t in this lovely tetryon-rich sector, I’d say we could give you warp 6.5 indefinitely or warp 9.5 for half a day. Full report’s on your console if you want more details, sir.