SIM:German Galven - Temporary or Temporal?

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((Sensor dome, Deck 11))

:: German gently walked over to the Lt. Commander in her line of sight as it looks like she's deep in thought hoping not to rattle her. The Denobulan wants to make sure he's seen by her before saying anything and sure enough he sees that he caught her attention. ::
oO I'm glad that went well! Oo
Galven: ::Raises right hand. :: Ensign German Galven ma'am. Anything new about the Borg?
Blake: I'm not overly familiar with the Borg, but I get the sense they're on our sensor dome for a reason.
Galven: The sensor dome? oO Could be temporal related Oo What else has happened?
Blake: The rest of deck eleven has been evacuated just in case. But aside from raise the temperature to 35 in here, I haven't noticed any other changes. The computer has been locked out with an Omega symbol.
:: He tried to look around her to see if there's anything more unusual than the component already is, but with torch in her hand and the green light emitting from the object it was hard to see. He crouched down next to her in hopes there was something he could do to help. ::
Galven: Do you think that's a temporal sensor? The Borg have such advanced technology. 
Blake: Temporal sensors?
Galven: Yes ma'am, temporal sensors are an advanced scanner the Borg have been known to use. It examines distinct distortions in time. 
:: German must've said something daunting to the Lt Cmdr because of the look she gave him. ::
Rahman: =/\= Rahman to Blake and Alexander-Dalton. =/\=
::She tapped her combadge.::
Blake: =/\= Go ahead. =/\=
Alexander-Dalton: =/\= Dalton. What did you need, ma’am? =/\=
:: German stood still, looking over at the component and then back at the Lt. Commander while she spoke with the Commander. ::
Rahman: =/\= We’ve successfully unlocked the computer systems, but it’s also revealed a new mission directive. Commander Delano has authorized for you both to see the information. It’s been cleared for your authorization. You’ll want to read over it. The commander has called for a staff briefing at 1300 hours in the briefing room. =/\=
oO That sounds pretty important and official... Oo
Blake: =/\= I'll be there. =/\=
Alexander-Dalton: =/\= Does this have anything to do with finding ourselves 600 years in the past? =/\=
oO More than you know! Oo
Rahman: =/\= I’m afraid I know about as much as you do right now, but I’ll try to have some more answers in three hours. Rahman out. =/\=
Blake: I don't suppose you have an expert opinion on Borg temporal sensors?
Galven: :: Smiles. :: I've studied quite a bit over the device ma'am and have a sense on what these sensors do.