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((Bridge, USS Montreal))
Mei'konda: Maaking progress, Lieutenant?
Galven: Yes, sir. We were able to contact Ops and Ensign Vardai found something.
:: The Caitian nodded slightly. ::
Mei’konda: Lay it on me, Lieutenant.
Galven: ::nods:: As soon as the monitors turn on-- ::turns around to see his station fully operational:: I’m on it, sir.
::He sat his PADD down and linked the information that Esbrun sent him to his station. The same Tholian coded language appeared in front of him and then could faintly hear a low, sinister monotone voice.::
Galven: I’m picking up more Tholian activity. I’m linking it to you now, Captain.
::As he transferred the information, he couldn’t tell if the Tholians were communicating with themselves or addressing them.::
Galven: Ops is reporting that visual scans are still offline, but you should the audio now, sir.
Mei’konda: I heaar it.  Encrypted audio traansmissions.  I caan’t make any sense of it, it’s encoded in too maany different ways.  But the very fact that we can tell that it’s a Tholian speaaking means that the encryption is desiigned to be decoded quiickly, not to be the most secure.
::To German that meant to individually decode every coded algorithm which would take a little longer than expected. He nodded confidently while looking at each of the waveform patterns on the the screens. He’d have to transfer each pattern to a monitor.:: 
::He counted in his head how many patterns there were and the result was about twelve patterns each and eight monitors in front of him. He’d have to ask the Betazoid science officer for much needed help.::
Galven: That may take a while, but with Ensign Vardai’s help it shouldn’t be a problem, sir.
Mei’konda: Haave the computer get to work on breakiing the decryption.  Use whaatever resources we have available. And Lieutenant…
Galven: Sir?
::Mei’konda paused for a moment which made German turn around in his chair looking curiously up at the Caitian.::
Mei’konda: I know you’re a new officer.  You’ve been out in spaace for less than a year.  But your performance has, laargely, been exemplary.  I would like for you to act as the ship’s acting chief science officer, for the time being.  That means all of the indiviidual laboratories will report to you, you’ll summarize, and report back to myself and Commander Rosek.
::The Denobulan stood up quickly to attention, but not as quick as he did when he first met his former Captain. He nearly knocked the poor woman down as he recalled.::
((Bridge, USS Veritas))
((Time Index: 239508.28))
Rahman: Shouldn't you be getting some rest, ensign?
Galven: ::Still looking at the screens inquisitively with right index finger on his bottom lip :: Yes crewman, this does seem like it'd be tiring for anyone else 
Rahmen: Anyone else but you.
:: German then realized he had heard that voice before, he looked down at the desk and wondered where. :: 
Galven: ::pauses:: Wait.. ::turned around completely:: Captain Rahman! 
:: He quickly stood up at full attention remembering not to salute like he did when he met Lt Cmdr Delano in the Briefing Room and nearly knocked over the woman.::
Rahman: At ease, ensign! Please.
:: He eased his body a bit and was sorta embarrassed that he almost knocked her over. 
Galven: ::stammering:: Sorry, ma’am. I::beat::didn't expect::beat::it was you
:: German saw that she laughed a little so he calmed down a bit and was able to gather his thoughts, ::
Rahman: I just was surprised to see another member of my senior staff still up.
Galven: Right. Well, my species doesn't sleep that often during the year so I decided to do a little research. ::pointed to the screens::
((End Flashback))
Galven: ::smiles:: Thank you, Captain. I’ll won’t let you down, sir. 
::The Caitian smiled slightly.::
Mei’konda: Good.  We’re all being assked to step up in ways we didn’t expect.  Keep up the hard work, Lieutenant.
Galven: ::nods:: Yes, sir