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((Unknown Location, Holding Cell))
Galven: ::to Taz:: Do you know how to extract certain qualities out of items? ::looks down at the phaser rifle::
::Before anyone could answer, there were footsteps and a large thud at the door as the locking mechanism clicked. German kicked the phaser rifle over towards Shandres and motioned for her to sit in front of it. There were several guards there, including the two that came and threatened Valoru. They gave him a gaze.::
Shadow Guards: That's the one - all blue-like.
::Two guards came in and aimed their weapons, as another two came in. German not being able to do much stumbled in front of Shandres so the guards wouldn’t see anything suspicious. Like a teenager with a weapon that they forgot about behind her.::
Shadow Guard: You, with us.
::German just shook his head. He was already wondering if Lael was okay, but now another member of his team was being escorted away. He was getting nervous because Chythar mentioned something about torture earlier. His emotions were getting the best of him. The Andorian rose up and went to the guards.::
Valoru: It's your world.  ::He followed them out, finally noticing something odd about them that he had not seen before, even after tackling and knocking out one of them.::
::Once they had departed, Chythar looked to German and Taz.::
Skyfire: Mr. Galven, what did you have in mind with the rifle? 
::He tried to remember what exactly was his plan. Something about the physical properties of the phaser rifle.::
::It finally dawned on him on what he wanted Shandres to do.::
Galven: Oh right. ::to Shandres:: I was wondering if you’d be able to extract the physical properties out of the phaser rifle and::beat::mesh them into the components? That way the energy that produces the laser would boost the signal for the transceiver. Due to my knowledge in chemical thermodynamics it should work.
Shandres: ::nodding slowly:: …yes.
::She took a breath, resetting herself.::
Shandres: Yes. It shouldn’t be too hard. Phasers are already designed to be emergency sources of power when necessary.
Skyfire: Good idea. Since we have my kit back we don’t need the crude regenerator anyway. Since my phaser’s already in pieces, that should give you a few spare parts. I’ll get to work on this thing :: as he nodded toward where the EARS device lay. :: and hope I can see colors again.
Galven: ::nods:: Thank you, sir. I just hope Lt. Commander Rosek and Ensign Valoru are okay. ::to Shandres:: Now let’s get started on this phaser rifle. Let’s hope it doesn’t...phase you too much. ::smirks::
Shandres: You don’t happen to be a father, sir?
Galven: With my special interest in Temporal Mechanics, you can call me::beat::Father Time!
::He chuckled at his own joke. If it wasn't for his sense of humor, he’d be in a darker place mentally.::
::They quickly set to work, making the modifications, and despite the bad puns, they were making good progress. Almost done, German checked back on Dr. Skyfire’s condition.::
Galven: Are you okay, sir?
Skyfire: I’m fine. I can see color again...just lost concentration for a moment. 
::He was about to say something when the door slammed open and Lael and Valoru were shoved in. German jumped up which hurt his legs, but he was more curious about the two officers. Their outward appearance looked unharmed. Though Lael definitely had better days. Once the door slammed shut, German stumbled over towards her.::
Valoru: Doctor?
Skyfire: I’ll take care of it from here. :: He helped ease Lael to a sitting position, handing the device to Valoru before producing his medical tricorder and scanning her. ::
Galven: ::to Chythar:: Here, let me help you, sir.
::She didn’t look good. He was scared and nervous on what exactly happened to her. He sat down beside her as the doctor worked on her. Wondering if she was going to be okay.::
Valoru: If I may sir, how's the transceiver? ::looking at Skyfire caring for Lael, accepting the device from the doctor.::
::She closed her eyes mostly from how weak she was feeling. He brushed his hand through her hair trying to make her feel better. He didn’t like seeing her like this and knowing Lael she probably wasn’t enjoying how weak she was.::
Skyfire: I may’ve crossed a few wires incorrectly due to color blindness, so you’ll have to fix that first. It should broadcast our location to the Veritas once it is reconnected to the left ear.
Galven: ::whispers softly to Lael:: It’s going to be okay, Lael. You’re in good hands…::looks up at the doctor.::
::Dropping the formalities for the moment knowing that he might get in trouble for it, but he didn't care. He was just concerned for her well-being.::
::He noticed the doctor staring at Lael for a long moment. The Denobulan breathed a sigh of relief knowing that she was hopefully aware of her surroundings. He rubbed her shoulder trying to soothe the superior officer.::
Galven: ::whispers and chuckles:: Remember our last time in the holodeck when you helped me calm my emotions about my sister. Try to remember that moment. The gentle breeze::beat::The sound of the water hitting the beach…
::He looked up at the Andorian as he worked on the transceiver.::
Galven: Is she going to be okay?
Valoru: She seems weak, and I can tell you I don't feel too hot either. I wager our current environs are not helping.  ::It was a rather bland response, but it was a true one.::
Galven: ::stands up awkwardly to face Valoru:: What exactly happened in there?
Valoru: Their queen was conversing with us.  ::Valoru looked back down at the device.::  I don't think she likes us. 
Galven: ::raises a hand:: Wait...A queen? What did she want?
Valoru: For us to be punished for intruding.
::He started to stumble and pace around the room. This was bad. They needed to get out of here quick. He glanced over towards Lael. They had to get out of there not just for everyone's sake, but for hers as well.::
Galven: ::to everyone:: We need to work quickly. We’re Starfleet Officers, dammit. Let’s get out of here and show these creatures that we mean no harm. How is that signal coming along?
Shandres: The modifications to the rifle are complete, sir. That should give more than enough power. Now, we just need to hook it up.
::Ensign Galven wasn’t looking good at all, wincing as he took a glance. Taz wasn’t a doctor of course, but she suspected the science officer’s wounds were more critical than he was letting on.::
Galven: Good work, Crewman. ::to Valoru:: Did you get all that?
::The Andorian helmsman piped up at the news.::
Valoru: Good, this is ready as well.
Shandres: However, once we activate it, it’s going to make a bit of noise and likely trigger any sensors they might have if they’re monitoring energy readings. ::pauses:: Good news is that it might also mean Veritas sees us as well. The energy signature will be distinctly Starfleet.
Valoru: I would wager we have little option, commanders?
::Lt. Commander Rosek, though injured, provided some much-needed reassurance as the team’s commanding officer. Even with her lying there, the chief engineer’s steely resolve helped Taz feel more confident that their plan was going to work — that they’d find a way out.::
Rosek: ::grimaces:: We need to alert the Veritas somehow. We have no idea where we are to tell anything that serves as a lighthouse can only help us at this point. ::pauses and looks at Valoru:: By that same token, we should be ready for a fight.
Valoru: Ok, sir. Whenever you're ready. ::He performed a final check before announcing.:: Aye, powering on now, ::pauses:: It looks like it is transmitting as we presumed.  ::The audible hum was turning into a loud whir.:: Veritas should be able to pick that signal up.
::The Andorian looked over at him for some sort of confirmation, but all he could hear was the hum and also his own thoughts. He weakly gave a thumbs up.::
oO Pray this works. I hate this God forsaken place. Oo

Rosek: ::nods:: I agree that there’s a good chance--. ::to Valoru:: We’re going --strategy. ::jerks her head toward Galven:: Mr. Galven--. ::jerks her head toward Moonsong:: --unborn child. That leaves you, me, --
::German only heard half of what Lael said. But the fact she was talking again lifted his spirits up a bit.::
Galven:: ::weakly:: Glad to have you back, Commander.
::She rose to her feet, using the wall to steady herself before pushing away from it and straightening her undershirt. This made German reset himself by shaking his head away the thoughts. He was still in rough shape, but was coherent again.::
Rosek: Our priority needs to be keeping that transmitter functioning at all costs. If our captors try to shut it down, we do whatever is necessary to stop them. ::to Valoru:: Do you have any advanced fighting experience, Ensign?
Valoru: Yes, ma'am.
Rosek: ::nods:: Good. We’re going to need it. ::to Taz:: I know this isn’t exactly what you signed up for, Crewman, but two against however many isn’t exactly the best odds. One more person putting up a good fight would give us a better chance.
Shandres: You can count on me, commander! If all else fails, I’ll smack ‘em with this piece of scrap.
::She grabbed one of the discarded components of the cannibalized equipment they’d used earlier to construct the transmitter.::
Rosek: ::to Skyfire:: You and R--Commander Moonsong keep watch over the transmitter in the far far from the doorway as possible. It’ll be up to you two to keep it functioning.
::Her little pep talk to everyone gave him the strength to push himself harder. He wanted to be of some use after she had gave everyone else a task. He pushed himself off the wall and limped over towards her.::
Galven: What would you like me to do, ma’am?
::Her gaze turned to German, her expression softening as she studied him for the first time since returning to the cell. He didn’t like how she was looking at him. She looked like she was pitying him. He felt embarrassed how he had handled himself this entire mission. Somehow he was the only injured person on his team.::
::He wanted to do something that’d help everyone out.::
Rosek: Each of us has a job, Mr. Galven. Yours is just as crucial. I’m relying on you to help Commanders Skyfire and Moonsong keep that thing-- ::jerks her head at the transmitter:: --running. It may be our best hope of rescue.
Galven: ::adjusts his dirty uniform to the best of his ability:: I won’t let you down, ma’am.
Rosek: ::offers a wane smile:: You haven’t yet, Mr. Galven. You haven’t yet.
Galven: ::to Chythar and Raissa:: Let’s get over to that corner. We have a ship to contact! ::pauses:: Would someone mind helping me over there?
Skyfire/Moonsong: Response
::As both of the commanders went between him, he raised his good arm for support over the doctor’s shoulders and used him as support as they walked over to the corner of the room.::
::When they got to the corner, German motioned that Chythar be in the middle while he had his side facing both the commanders so that’d he would be able to see him and the others while they prepared for a fight.::
::Raissa gave him the modified weapon.::
Galven: Ok, if my calculations are correct::beat::if I gently pull on the trigger every so often the signal should have an even better chance to reach the ship.
::He fumbled through the weapon and emptied out the contents of the weapon in the chamber. Except for one energy coil. He wanted to test it just to see if his plan actually worked. Without warning, he pulled the trigger.:
::A louder audible hum filled the room.::
Galven: ::chuckles:: It worked.
::He nodded and continued doing the same thing.::
Galven: I hope you don’t go deaf after this, doctor.
Guard 1: What’s--sound?
Guard 2: It’s coming--inside--room!
::Halfway through their conversation, he could hear the others and a few voices outside the door. He quickly pulled the trigger more in hopes the Veritas was getting the signal more.::
Galven: Are you getting anything, sir?!
::The hum grew silent. German quickly grabbed another energy coil and inserted it inside the rifle. This time he pushed the trigger harder and the hum grew to a deafening roar.::
Guard 1: What’s going on here?!
::He saw the doors slam open and a few guards entered the room as the others began fighting them and hope filled German when he saw the Andorian take a guard out and grabbed a weapon.::
Guard 2: Look! Over in the corner! ::makes a series of sounds and clicks::
::Everything began to look as if the room had gone in chaotic slow motion. He closed his eyes and concentrated on his task::
oO Arlil...Give me strength. Help me in this time of desperate need. Oo
::With his eyes still closed, he pulled the trigger harder with all the muscle strength he could muster.::
Galven: ::screams:: ARLILLL!!!
::And just like that, a familiar blue shimmering light filled the entire room.::