SIM:German Galven - Hook, Line, and Sinker

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((Bridge, USS Montreal))
Galven: There’s an Antimatter Generator on deck 8. I believe we can use an antimatter pod to eject out towards the Tholians and if we aim it just right, we should be able to hit it with a photon torpedo. That should be able to disable all three ships. Thoughts?
Vardai: I may have another option. The Tholian ships are susceptible to their own torpedoes. As they are coordinating their volleys with a separation of exactly 44 seconds, a well timed repulsion from our tractor beam could cause the entire spread to detonate, leaving our enemies entirely without power. That’s not to say that Lieutenant Galven's plan isn't a good one.
::German turned to Esbrun quite impressed with that plan. Although waiting 44 seconds to finally put his plan in action seemed very dangerous. A lot can happen in that time frame. He studied the times they’ve been hit and they weren’t shooting at them at the same time::
Mei’konda: The riisks?
Tel-ar: I am unfamiliar with the effects that might result from deliberately triggering an antimatter explosion with in the Shoals, however considering the limited quality of our recent rushed repairs there is a higher than normal possibility that we could suffer as much if not more damage than the Tholians from such an explosion. This is of course hypothetical. Triggering their own torpedoes when they launch another spread may have adverse effects on the unusual nature of this region of space. Also if these vessels have been modified then the amount of damage they will take from their own weapons will be greatly reduced. Fortunately the odds of this being probable are extremely low.
Rosek: ::nods:: I was already worried about how the tetryon radiation from their weapons would react with the tetryon radiation in the region. It’s risky enough detonating their weapons without adding antimatter to the chemical cocktail. For all we know, something like that could destabilize subspace on top of damaging the Montreal.
::He got up from his chair to address the Commanders.:: 
Galven: With all due respect, waiting in that time frame could damage the Montreal regardless. There’s two ships against one of us. They aren’t firing at the same time. It looks like in between twenty-two intervals we are getting hit. With my plan, it’d be instantaneous. Yes, there are risks, but shouldn’t we take the risk instead of getting hit more?
Vardai: The tractor array's not exactly designed for the process, and would likely burn out. We might also suffer power loss or other system strain. Hard to say without trying it, although Engineering would know better than me.
Mei'konda: Lieutenant Galven, assist Ensign Vardai in employiing his plaan.  Let’s haang onto our antimaatter if we caan.
::The Denobulan still wanted to argue his point, but the Captain made up his mind and orders were orders. He nodded and sat back down next to Esbrun at the science station.::
Galven: ::to Mei’konda:: Yes, sir. ::to Esbrun:: Okay, Mr. Vardai. What should we do next?
Vardai: The tractor beam normally applies an opposing force to an object’s motion, holding it in place. This process is highly controlled, and only affects a single target at once. We could reconfigure the system to treat an area of space as single ‘object’, however circumventing the normal process might lead to runaway power spikes in the system. It should work, but we may only have one chance. 
::German was finally seeing the bigger picture to the ensign’s plan. He listened as the Betazoid speak and then quickly got engineering on the line. 
Galven =/\= Lieutenant Galven to Engineering. =/\=
Greyson:  =/\= Greyson and Harkrow’s Improvisational Solutions, sir. How can we help you? =/\=
::He stopped for a moment and looked at Esbrun. This was his idea. He should be the one taking the lead in this particular instance.::
Galven: Actually, would you like to talk out your plan with them?
Vardai: Yes sir. =/\= Engineering, disable the safeguards on the tractor beam systems. Isolate its EPS conduits: be prepared for a power surge. Thank you. =/\=
Greyson: =/\= Acknowledged. Stand by while we make the adjustments. =/\=
::As he looked at his displays, German saw that the Tholians were about to attack and nudged Esbrun so he could see what was going on as well. Time was of the essence. They needed to hurry their efforts.::
::That’s when German realized he was wrong. They didn’t need to wait for 44 seconds. The enemy ship’s design looked like it had some warning system before they actually even fired their weapons.::
Harkrow: =/\= If we can shunt some of the power feedback from the tractor beam through another sub-system, it might keep the emitter from burning out entirely… There should be more than enough slack in the primary inertial dampeners to take it, given the system’s currently offline. =/\=
Greyson: =/\= All set down here, sir. Ready for your signal. =/\=

Vardai: =/\= Coordinate the pulse with the timer I am sending you now. =/\=
Galven: Ok, good job ensign. Now let’s--
::He was interrupted by a sudden jolt when an attack happened. He nearly fell over and saw everything behind the command staff’s pit had exploded and he raised his left arm as a shield just in case anything came towards him and Esbrun.::
::The countdown clock that Vardai put on the viewscreen was down to only a matter of seconds. German stood up and watched it. More for the sheer fascination of what hopefully came next when it reached zero.::
Mei’konda: Ensign Chatva, full axis rotaation to starboard.  Show them our dorsal siide.
Chatva: ::nods:: Aye, sir.
Mei’konda: =/\= Lieutenant Greyson, activate the deflector pulse! =/\=
Greyson: =/\= Activating! =/\=
::When the Captain spoke, he turned his head watching him react swiftly and then turned his head back around and saw the unimaginable. The timing of the beam and the enemy torpedo launching was perfect. A ship exploded with great force and the other spun out of of control. He stood there in awe of what just happened. It reminded him of when he was in training and used two phasers against one another to create a phaser bomb.:: 
Galven: oO So much for disabling them. Oo
Mei’konda: Good job, Lieutenant Galven, Ensign Vardai.  Good job everyone.  Commander Tel-ar, fiinish off those remaaining torpedoes in the air, if you please.  
Galven: Thank you, sir. I have a feeling this won’t be the last time we see the Tholians after that.
Vardai: I agree. And I imagine there’ll be more of them next time. ::To Galven:: Thank you for your support, Lieutenant.