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((Bridge, USS Veritas))

:: German walked off the turbolift and into the Bridge. He saw several crew inside, but no Captain. Walking up to one of the crewman, he straightened his posture. ::
Galven: Ensign German Galven, science officer. Where is the science station? 
Crewman: ::points in the direction:: It's right over there, sir.
Galven: Much obliged. 
:: German walked over to the science station and studied it. The area was a bit smaller than the labs obviously, but being on the bridge it was a nice change. ::
:: Being almost past midnight, he looked towards the Captain's chair. He'd be to the right of her when he had the opportunity to assist her when she gave an order for any science inquiries. ::
:: He sat down in the chair provided for him at the science station and sat his PADD down on the table. He was studying the latest development about Tholians when another crewman came up to him. ::
Crewman: Late night, sir. 
Galven: ::still looking down at his PADD:: Indeed it is.
Crewman: Are you not tired? 
Galven: ::chuckles:: Nope. My species doesn't sleep every night. Every so often we go into hibernation mode.
Crewman: That's odd.
Galven: ::looks up toward the crewman:: For you it is. Not for me. Why waste time by sleeping?
Crewman: I guess. I'll bring over some coffee just in case you need it.
Galven: ::shrugs:: Coffee wouldn't hurt. 
:: A few moments pass by and the crewman came back with a cup of coffee. ::
Crewman: Coffee, sir.
Galven: Yes. Indeed it is. One can only hope it's good coffee. ::sips and sighs his approval::
Crewman: Let me know if you'd like more, sir.
Galven: Marvelous.
:: German continued taking a few sips of his hot beverage while looking at the highlighted controls and monitors. He didn't want to mess with anything so he went back looking down at his PADD. ::
oO Much like a insect, they have six appendages. Obviously not a humanoid, but their xenophobic behavior reminds me of an isolated group of humans that weren't discovered until the late 19th century. Oo
:: He downloaded a type of super anti-spyware into the PADD so he could have a better look on the screens in front of him. That way if there was any type of virus in his PADD, it wouldn't affect the ship's system. ::
:: After the download and analyzation was complete, he transferred the data to the computer screens in front of him. He wanted to cross reference the Tholian DNA provided by the files and human DNA to see if there was any match. ::
Rahman: Shouldn't you be getting some rest, ensign?
Galven: ::Still looking at the screens inquisitively with right index finger on his bottom lip :: Yes crewman, this does seem like it'd be tiring for anyone else 
Rahmen: Anyone else but you.
:: German then realized he had heard that voice before, he looked down at the desk and wondered where. :: 
Galven: ::pauses:: Wait.. ::turned around completely:: Captain Rahman! 
:: He quickly stood up at full attention remembering not to salute like he did when he met Lt Cmdr Delano in the Briefing Room. ::
Rahman: At ease, ensign! Please.
:: He eased his body a bit and was sorta embarrassed that he almost knocked her over. 
Galven: ::stammering:: Sorry, sir. I::beat::didn't expect::beat::it was you
:: German saw that she laughed a little so he calmed down a bit and was able to gather his thoughts, ::
Rahman: I just was surprised to see another member of my senior staff still up.
Galven: Right. Well, my species doesn't sleep that often during the year so I decided to do a little research. ::pointed to the screens::
::She nodded, crossing arms and tucking the PADD in her elbow.::
Rahman: I see... and what have you learned then?
:: He turned around to pick up his PADD and turned sideways to see the screen and also talk with the Captain. He minimized the Tholian DNA and Human DNA to show what came up on his PADD first after extracting the data from Three of Ten. ::
Galven: Well sir, after I deactivated the drone from the Borg collective and extracted some data files, my PADD started to update itself and this popped up. A map of the Shoals with three subcategories: Klingon Territory, Tholian Assembly, and DS3.
Rahman: It's a tactical analysis. So what? Nothing I wouldn't have expected from the Borg.
Galven: That's the thing, sir. At first, I figured the Borg was just getting a wide angle shot of the Shoals, but I remembered the Klingons and Tholians have always had skirmishes with each other. 
Rahman: And?
:: He then brought the Tholian information back up when his PADD updated a second time after he came back from Sickbay. ::
Galven: Perhaps the Borg is trying to figure out how to get through the Tholian defenses by adapting to the tactics used from the past to better themselves against them.
Rahman: You believe the Borg are planning an incursion into Tholian space? For what purpose?
Galven: ::shrugs:: Mindless Tholian drones? Of course, this is all hypothetical, sir
::He looked back at her and saw that she frowned at his hypothesis. ::
Rahman: What made you want to take a look into this?
:: Quite frankly, he didn't know other than it was something that came out of the drone once deactivated. His curiosity got the better of him. ::
Galven: It seemed like a good idea at the time, sir. 
::She pointed towards his PADD.::
Rahman: Go back to the Borg map again.
Galven: Yes, sir
::German enlarged the map again and she stepped closer which he quickly stepped aside to get out of her way. She appeared to be studying it. ::
Rahman: This file has ship positions revealed for Klingon and Tholian forces.
Galven: ::confused:: Where?
:: She pointed above where Havley would be on the map and then further east along the Tholian Assembly border. ::
Rahman: The latest intelligence reports have shown a build up of their forces along the far border near the Menthar Corridor, but we've never gotten such a clear view of their forces from this side of the Tholian Assembly due to the tetryon interference in the Shoals.
:: He nodded his head even though he was confused as to what she was talking about. He had a dear in the headlights look. ::
Galven: What does that mean?
::She looked back at the ensign grimly.::
Rahman: It means they're getting ready for war.
:: The color drained from his face. He wanted to ask more questions, but probably now wasn't the best time. They were headed towards Havley and there most likely wasn't a way to convince the Captain to go elsewhere anyways. Like away from the battle. He joined Starfleet for a reason and after thinking about it, he was glad to be on this ship with this crew. Some of them may seem nutty including himself, but a crew needs to be nutty to go toward this kind of situation. ::