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((Bridge, Deck 1, USS Astraeus))

As the last of the beings from the surface were transported aboard, the Astraeus disappeared in a bright white warp flash. German had a feeling that the medical teams had a lot on their plate. He was curious as to who might be able to help them and knew just the right man for it as he tapped his commbadge.

Galven: =/\= Galven to Lieutenant Stennin. =/\=

Stennin: =/\= Lieutenant Stennin reporting in. =/\=

Galven: =/\= I’m going to need you to go help in Sickbay. There’s quite a few occupants inside that are in need of your help. I’ll be sending Ensign Awatto down there as well. =/\=

Stennin: =/\= Affirmative, doctor. I presume Doctor Solok is present there. =/\=

Galven: =/\= Aye, you’ll most likely find Dr. Solok and Lieutenant Munger there. Report to the doctor.

Stennin: =/\= Understood, commander. =/\=

Galven: =/\= Appreciate it, Lieutenant. I’ll inform Mr. Munger. Galven out. =/\=

As the comm closed, he turned to face the Denobulan female and inclined his head.

Galven: Ensign, they’re in need of all the help they can get right now. Great job on the bridge. Fine job. Report to Doctor Solok. I’m sure he’ll be back in Sickbay as prompt as the man is.

Awatto: Aye sir. Thank you sir.

Once the ensign Denobulan went towards the turbolift and noticed that there was a bit of chatter between her and Elzizabath, he turned back towards the main viewscreen watching the multicolored streaks of color go by as they headed towards the Cardassian planet.

Galven: One heck of a mission, sir. What do you think we’ll find once we head back to Cardassia Prime?

Delri’ise: I certainly hope so, I think we’ve had enough fun for one mission. Cardassians, Son’a, whatever, they can all be a real handful.

Mei’konda: Mister Galven, you have the Briidge. I’m going to check in with Engineering, and head to Sickbay. Please alert me if there is any chaange in the status of the Son’a who were pursuing us.

Well now this was now the second time that Mei’konda gave the bridge to German. He remembered very vividly when the Caitian allowed it the first time. German nearly stumbled over his own two feet.

He turned to face the Captain with the hint of a smile and nodded, approaching the man and stood at attention. Before he spoke, German adjusted his uniform.

Galven: Aye, sir. I’ll definitely let you know.

Mei’konda: Thank you, Commander. Carry on.

German waited for the Captain to exit the bridge and then turned his attention towards the viewscreen. There, he saw the Ops officer hard at work manuevering the ship and soon, he’d have to wonder when Hamasaki was coming back.

Galven: Ensign Chatva, how’s the away team and Bajorans survivors holding up?

Chatva: ::studies the transporter room records:: It looks like everyone beamed aboard safely enough. The transporter chief’s report confirms that anyone with serious enough injuries was either led or transported directly to Sickbay. All members of the away team are accounted for, sir.

Before he could reply, the security officer’s station began to make some rather unsettling sounds from the types of chirps it was making. Whoever designed that should’ve at least made it a little chipper. Why not have some happy music to cancel out the sense of doom and despair?

Delri’ise: Hmm. ::Melody looked back down at her console with an alarmed stare.:: Sir, I’m detecting rising spikes in tetryon particles, should we hail our reinforcements and remind them to be careful upon arrival?

He did not like the sound of that and headed over to where she was. He folded his arms behind himself and narrowed his eyes taking a glance at her readings. He arched his eyebrow momentarily, then lowered it. The Denobulan spoke up without much hesitation.

Galven: ::nods:: So two Son’a ships behind us and 2 Federation ships heading our way. What do you think about those odds, Delri’ise?

Delri’ise: Well, from what I’ve seen in the past, sir, I think they’re tryin’ to put the fight on their terms. They know by now shooting at us won’t do them much good.

Now it was pretty much experimental time. German nodded and walked over towards the center chair and tapped a few buttons trying to determine the destination point and it seemed that everyone would be meeting at the Cardassian planet. Then as if his own thoughts from earlier were answered, the Chief of Operations’ voice came through.

Hamasaki: =/\= Hamasaki to Bridge. I've put the shuttle on an autopilot course direct to Cardassia Prime. =/\=

Galven: =/\= Thanks for the heads up, Lieutenant. Once you’ve been cleared to leave Sickbay, I’d appreciate it if you could come up to the Bridge, please/ =/\=

Hamasaki: =/\= Acknowledged. I'll report in after I go to Sickbay. Hamasaki out. =/\=

Once the line went quiet, German was curious as ever and walked over to the science station and transferred the data about the tetryon particles that were detected earlier over to where the security officer was, then headed back to the center of the bridge.

For a few moments, there was not much that had gone on until the Chief of Operations came aboard the ship. German turned his attention toward her watching to she if she was at all still hurt from the after effects of being shot. The Dokkaran at the helm position stood up from her chair.

Hamasaki: Hamasaki reporting for duty.

Galven: Good to see you in one piece. How are you holding up?

Hamasaki: I'm doing better now that I'm out of sickbay ::wryly:: Don't get shot if you can help it.

Galven: Regardless, if there’s any sign of discomfort, I bet Ensign Chatva wouldn’t mind continuing her duties.

Hamasaki: I appreciate it. I'd like to see the end of the mission, though. ::Tiria frowned. :: Or at least us to Cardassia.

Galven: ::nods and turns to Delri’ise:: As we get closer to Cardassia Prime, let me know if there’s any kind of communication coming from the planet also if there’s any Son’a lifesigns nearby.

Delri’ise: Aye sir, I have no doubt of a welcoming committee from the proper authorities. ::A hint of sarcasm resounded in her voice.::

Galven: I just wouldn’t put it past them.

Before he could finish his sentence, he heard the familiar swish of the doors open and he turned to see who the newest entrant into the room was. In came the Al-Leyan first officer with her hands folded behind her back as she walked towards the center of the bridge which made German stand up to meet her gaze.

Rosek: Report, Mr. Galven.

Galven: Of course, ma’am. There’s really nothing significant other than it seems the Son’a are slowing down their pursuit and we should meet up with the other Federation ships in… ::glances over at Hamasaki::

Rosek: ::nods:: The captain should arrive shortly. ::to Hamasaki:: What’s our ETA, Lieutenant?

Hamasaki: 9 hours to Cardassia Prime.

That seemed way too long to even think about as German srunched up his nose at the viewscreen. He didn’t know if he could send out an order now that Lael was on board the bridge so he remained quiet.

Rosek: ::to Delri’ise:: Given that Mr. Shin and Mr. Wrader are busy with the prisoner, I plan to suggest to the captain that you accompany us to speak with the Cardassian government. Do you think you’re up for it?

Delri’ise: Are you sure sir? I mean, I’ve only been on the Astraeus for a short time, but I’d be honoured to take up the opportunity.

The sound of excitement was loud and clear coming from the security officer as German grinned as he started to walk over towards the helm station and saw that they weren’t really taking appropriate speeds since the Son’a were still trying with little effort to keep up with the Astraeus.

Rosek: ::smirks:: I’ll never forget when I led my first away team. I wasn’t fully prepared for what I was getting into. ::expression softens:: Whether the captain agrees or not, I know potential when I see it, Lieutenant

Delri’ise: Thank you sir, I’m just doin’ my job ::Melody smiled gleefully.::

German sighed a little and then tapped his ridged chin and then finally spoke up. He learned that if there was something he wanted to say, he should just go ahead rather than just mull over what he could’ve done. Too many missed opportunities became of just being in the background which was mostly dark and gritty.

Galven: We should go a little faster than that, don’t you think? Engage the throttle and push to warp 10. Or use your best judgment. Your call, Lieutenant.

Hamasaki: We can increase to warp speed eleven point seven. Doing so now, updating ETA to five hours.

Rosek: ::turns to Galven and motions to Hamasaki:: You have the bridge, Commander.

Oh, well that was unexpected. He turned around and presented Lael with a nod as he straightened his uniform. He certainly had to prove himself in the past with the command team.

Hamasaki: The shuttle has already converged with us, and I confirmed it had landed before increasing speed. ::wryly:: I think the battle data of those jelly bean launchers will be interesting.

Now that was something to behold. He heard a huff come from Lael and he wiped the corners of his mouth to suppress his smile. He knew he had to come up with something in return from such a line.

Galven: Yes, well hopefully your reports don’t come up a little chewy, Lieutenant.

Rosek: Dare I ask, Lieutenant?

Hamasaki: I saw it in some report somewhere, and the name stuck. Especially after seeing them fire so many so quickly. In any case... the Son'a are no longer pursuing, and it looks like between the approaching Cardassian forces and the Federation forces they have veered off deeper into Cardassian space.

Delri’ise: Sir, no signs of the Son’a on sensors. Should we inform our reinforcements to stand down?

German turned toward Lael who in return was glancing back at him. It appeared that she was waiting for him to make the call. There were moments like this no matter how big or small that the Denobulan wanted to make a video recording so that he could look back on and reflect. He was certainly glad to be on the Astraeus and just before he made his decision, he noticed that practically everyone on the bridge was looking back at him.

Galven: ::breathes:: Let them know they can ease off a little, but I’d like for them to still be in the area in case anything arises, Lieutenant.

Delri’ise: Aye aye. I’ll inform you of any messages from the Cardassian patrols.

Lael simply nodded while German allowed his mind to keep himself from going overboard with the freedom he’d been given on the bridge so far. He didn’t want it to go to his head so soon. He was still a scientist, but hopefully soon a change in color for his collar would be a rather appreciated achievement.