SIM:German Galven - Blast From the Past!

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(( Engineering Deck, USS Centris-A - Holodeck 102, Starbase 118 ))
:: Cadet Galven had ejected the core before it went critical, and the blast door had safely closed to prevent any backwash, but with no engine, the ship wasn’t going anywhere soon. ::
Sevo: Well. Now we’re stuck here.
Galven: Sir, we may be stuck here, but I doubt we're alone either.
Kriss: What was that thing? It looked like a Breen.
Sevo: Cadets, get back to those consoles and see what you can do to stabilize the ship. I doubt that was the only Breen they sent down here.
Galven: Yes, sir. 
:: Ayiana waited for their reports as they moved to consoles and checked the results. ::
Kriss: Commander, showing several lifesigns on this deck that aren’t tied to a Starfleet signature. It could be Breen, or it could be crewman who’ve lost their badges. ::She glanced to Galven.:: Cadet Galven, is there anything you can do to give us a better picture?
Galven: Commander, now that there's no warp core I'm going to have to stabilize the ship by restarting the engines. I'll be able to do it without hopefully damaging anything further.
:: Ayiana nodded. ::
Sevo: Those lifesigns are most likely Breen. Reconfigure the sensors for thermal imaging. 
Galven: I'll be more than careful. It'll only take a few seconds. 
:: After a few moments, the lights returned to full power, along with consoles. ::
Kriss: Whatever you did, thanks Galven. Can confirm, there are Breen lifesigns. They’re moving this way.
Galven: It looks like there's five Breen coming our way... Plus there's people trapped near the cargo bay 
Sevo: Weapons ready, Cadets.
:: Ayiana pulled out her phaser from her waist and set it for maximum stun. She wasn’t sure how much their suits could absorb. ::
Galven: Commander! I have an idea! If I get these wires, we can use them as tripwire and trip the Breen as they're coming in from that door! At the last minute, I'll unlock the sliding door and then Kriss pulls up the wire and..
:: Galven paused a minute, probably thinking of the rest of the plan. :: 
Galven: I can use both Kriss' phaser and mine and slightly have them face towards each other. The energy and physical properties of the lasers should make a sort of a cannon blast and hit all the Breen at once! 
Sevo: Good thinking, Cadet! How long will it take to set up?
Galven: Kriss, could you square in on the Been? :: Looks at her screen. :: It'll be close, but I can get it set up in half a minute. They'll soon be knocking on the door. 
Sevo: Do it. 
Galven: :: In a manic hurried voice. :: Kriss, here take this wire! :: rips wires out from under the desk :: Wrap the end of it around that pole next to the door! :: He looks at her pointing towards the door. :: And then go to the other side of the door! When I say pull, you pull this sucker with all your might and I'll slide the door open at the same time! Get all that? 
Kriss: Most of it
Galven: I'll need your phaser, Cadet. :: He extends his hand out towards her own. ::
Sevo: I’ll set up back here with my own phaser, just in case it doesn’t get them all. 
Galven: I'll face a little off to the side so I can also see their thermal images from the screen. Also just in case the blast from the phasers knock me backwards. :: He looks at the screen :: Almost ready... Cadet Kriss, you might want to get out of the way! Almost... PULL!
::Galven reached for the doors to unlock. At the moment the doors slid open, Kriss had pulled the tripwire with such force, that it looked like she had almost knocked herself down. The Breen were running at full force as if they were going to break the door down and were unable to stop in time and tripped not only on the wire, but onto themselves.::
Galven: This is what happens when you come on board uninvited! ::He slightly faced the phasers toward each other and pulled the triggers with his feet standing firmly on the ground:: ARLIL!!! ::yelling his sister's name in vain.::
::The energy of both lasers was so strong a burst of red light balled itself into each other and shot a blast so massive at the Breen and completely incinerated them and knocked Galven back several feet.::
Galven: ::Propping himself up with his arms, still laying down.:: Now that's what I call "Having a blast!"